Sex in a public place – causes and consequences

What is public sex.

Sex is an intimate rapprochement that is purely personal and remains behind the curtain of the relationship of the couple and not everyone is ready to find out in practice what public sex is.

Sex in a public place – causes and consequences


Dogging – sex in the eyes of passers -by

Typically, couples keep their sex life far from prying eyes and do not disclose its details, but this has already become the specifics of conservatives. Public sex has not been shocking and unknown for a long time. And it doesn’t matter what people say about him, he is gaining great popularity around the world. Sexologists look differently at sex in a public place, sometimes their opinions not only diverge, but for the most part contradict each other.

In the meantime, psychologists argue on this subject, doggers (amateurs sex in public) note that public sex is already ceasing to shock the audience. Quite ordinary, a couple can have sex in front of the crowd of people and even wait for the moment when someone else joins them. Such sex makes people try more and expose themselves just an Apollo sex. At the same time, avid fans sex doging simply cannot be excited if they are not watching the eye of a passerby. In order not to be left without the public, such people even give ads on the Internet that something hotter is planned soon.

Sex in a public place – causes and consequences

Some for the variety of their sexual life begin to visit sex clubs and parties, for a beginner a feeling of novelty and drive is guaranteed. But what to do to those that have already completely tasted the advantages of orgies? In addition, it is one thing to get into a connection among the same as you, and completely different do this in front of a passing crowd. By the way, exhibitionists pursue the same goals, only in many cases they have a psychological deviation, and not just a hobby.

Extreme sex in public can contain completely different options. This can be an intimate act at the top of a high mountain or in a dressing room of one of the large theaters. However, sex in a public place cannot be compared in sensations with everyone else. It always makes you feel tension, because they are watching you. Sex in public for money is quite popular, some are simply high from such pleasures.

Of course, not everyone will enjoy watching this, but there will be those who will be interested in Sex in a public place. If we talk about the psychological side of this hobby, then psychologists put forward various hypotheses. All of them agree that it is difficult to deal with this hobby, since a person simply cannot feel the joy of sex or even be excited if everything will happen alone. From this he begins to feel depression and apathy.

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