Medical fetish, types and causes of its occurrence

Medical fetish, types and causes of its occurrence.

Medical fetish, types and causes of its occurrence
For many, visiting hospitals, clinics or passing therapeutic procedures is almost a nightmare, but there are those who really like it! Moreover, they consider this exciting. Why do people have an erotic attraction to the medical sphere? What are the types of medical pheny, and is it possible to find suitable sex toys for role-playing games?

What is medical fetishism

Sexual excitement that people experience from medical instruments, procedures, environment or situations are called medical fetishism. Moreover, some people can excite everything related to the concept of medicine, others can choose individual aspects, for example, tools or procedures.

Various types of medical sex games

There are three main types of medical pheny:

  • role -playing games related to the medical topic;
  • games where the main topic is the implementation of certain procedures;
  • The combination of the first and second type.

Consider each of them in more detail.

Medical role -playing games

In this option, people like to lose scenes where the main line is the relationship between a doctor and a patient, or a doctor and a nurse. Often one partner takes on a dominant role, and the other subordinating or dependent.In such scenes, you can use appropriate thematic clothes and medical instruments to add reality what is happening. But they are not at the very spotlight. Excitement is more from the fantasy itself.

Game with medical instruments or procedures

Here people like to use medical devices or arrange medical procedures in a sexual context. For example, you can use catheters or sound urethra. Or make more intense manipulations associated with blood fence or overlapping of seams.

In this case, the imagination does not stimulate the theme of the role-playing game, but the inclusion of medical devices in the BDSM practitioner.Combined medical fetish

There are people who equally like to add to their BDSM sessions and role-playing games related to medicine, and the tools themselves.
For example, you can start inventing a script of a role -playing game in which the patient comes to the doctor or nurse, and then conduct an examination or perform a certain medical manipulation.

And although you can like both types of game, one of them will prevail over the second. Therefore, it is worth continuing the experiments until there is an optimal balance between them.Medical fetish, types and causes of its occurrence

Why can people like such games?

There are several reasons for which excitement is experienced from a medical sex game.

Reason No. 1 – exciting medical devices

Some people are being made by medical instruments, even if they are used outside the sexual context. For example, you may experience a desire when you just make your partner an injection if he suddenly got sick.

But others can come into “combat readiness” from the use of devices in the sexual plan. For example, use some medical device to study or stimulate the genital organs of a partner.

Reason No. 2 – I like the manifestation of power

From childhood, we know that doctors must be obeyed and respected, they are considered authorities who need to obey.
Therefore, during medical games, you can enjoy how much strength is in your hands as a doctor. You like this sense of power and control over another person and the situation.

Reason No. 3 – I like the feeling of vulnerability or submission

Another popular fetish is the fetish of humiliation when a person likes to feel subordinate and humiliating.
And therefore, you experience excitement when, in the process of a medical role play according to the script, a partner humiliates you.
For example, the “doctor” forcibly undresses or humiliatively conducts an inspection. Or conducts a “treatment” that makes you feel defenseless and powerless, thus stimulating your fetish.

Reason No. 4 – you like to play with pain

If you like to cause or experience pain during the game, then it is more likely to choose a BDSM-game with a medical theme, since your disposal has many tools that cause pain.

You can touch the anus with a cold probe, or affect the body with an electric stimulator to add a little pain to pleasure.
But it is not necessary to use tools to make the partner unpleasant. You can in a certain way pressure on sensitive points on his body, or pinch, slap to cause pain.

What are the sex toys for a nurse?

Now that it became clear what a medical fetish is, and why people like him, it is the moment to experience it on themselves! We have found several options for sex toys for your fantasies on a medical topic:

  • enemas for the anal shower;
  • urethral stimulants;
  • gynecological mirrors, expanders;
  • Wheel of Vartenberg;
  • a syringe for the introduction of lubrication or purification;
  • Electrostimulators.

Each type of sex toys for a medical fetish has its own features. Be sure to read the instructions and observe safety precautions when using it to enjoy, not injuries. And remember that all manipulations are carried out only with the consent of the partner, and at any time, with the help of Stop-Slovo, he can stop or stop the game.

Medical fetishism is a very subtle and at the same time voluminous phenomenon, as it includes just a sexual attraction to the image of a doctor or nurse (yes, the secret fantasy of many men-a girl in a thematic erotic suit), and enjoying certain medical manipulations with the body.

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