Is it worth buying sex toys for aliexpress? | Informative

Is it worth buying sex toys for aliexpress?.

Is it worth buying sex toys for aliexpress? | Informative
Today, more and more people are making purchases in Chinese stores. Goods at cost are much cheaper than in ordinary places of sales. The choice is also not small. And with free delivery to an apartment or closest mail, everything is convenient. But is it worth taking sex toys on such sites? What is the danger of such purchases?

How the quality of sex toys is determined?

Adult goods are not just household items. These are things that are closely in contact with the skin and even plunge into the body. These are objects that should be completely safe and comply with sanitary standards.

Modern manufacturers of sex toys not just create phalluses, vibrators or anal traffic jams. They are engaged in the development of materials that are as suitable for intimate caresses. Over the past decade, medical silicone has been adapted. Today they are covered with every third sex toy in the USA, Europe or in the world. This material does not cause allergies, irritation or other negative reactions. It can even be worn in the body until 6 o’clock in a row, without fear of infection.

Large manufacturers try to recreate human skin. Sex toys of realism are very similar to humans. But each company creates its own composition, the recipe of which is kept secret. And again – all this passes for safety tests, compliance with sanitary standards and world quality standards.

Why are sex toys from famous brands expensive? It is not only about the name and transportation, but also in the content of laboratories that develop products. This is a team of engineers, doctors, designers and even architects. They think through every detail so that the device really pleases the owner, and does not interfere with the movements.

Danger of low quality sex toys

Is it worth buying sex toys for aliexpress? | Informative
High -quality materials are expensive. And this greatly affects the cost of sex-tovars. At the end of the 20th century, there was an interesting trend in the production of sex for sex – the companies tried to make their products cheaper. And searched for ways to implement this idea.

At that moment, the active use of flulates began in production. These are synthetic substances that give flexibility to plastic. Thanks to them, PVC was made more supple material. At the same time, the service life of the product increased several times. The number of phthalates in sex toys reached 23-25%.

But in the early 2000s, environmentalists began to sound the alarm. Ftalates are substances that pollute the environment. Since they were used not only in the sex industry, there was a huge release of such compositions into the atmosphere. Serious pollution began to cause health problems. And the era of tests began, in which it became clear that Ftalates negatively affect the reproductive function of a person. Of course, the intensity of exposure depends on the amount of use, age, composition of the goods used. But in general, it turned out that sex toys with phthalates is dangerous. And the negative effect does not appear immediately.

After these discoveries, many large companies completely abandoned this method of softening materials. And today, most of the sex toys of good quality costs a note that there are no fluids.

The danger of cheap sex toys

Is it worth buying sex toys for aliexpress? | Informative
But people’s passion for cheapness does not pass. And on the market today, more and more often you can find goods that do not pass tests, do not comply with the standards. Why are they sold? Because they are bought! And many people are not concerned about the question-why Chinese goods are 3-4 times cheaper than the original?

  • Creating a series of phalluses, having copied the shape of a well -known company is not difficult. But the price in a small workshop will be much higher than that of a huge manufacturer. Ordering materials in small batches, buying equipment will cost a huge amount. And such production are not beneficial. But you can go around the system: use the cheapest material. And although it does not meet all the requirements, it turns out very similar to the appearance.
  • And you can save on inner filling. Instead of a complex design that has been working for several years and has a guarantee, you can apply a less powerful and reliable motor. The main thing is that he works at the time of purchase. And the fact that he will fail in 3-4 months is not a problem. The complexity of the shipment and its high cost provide the minimum number of appeals for the exchange under the warranty.
  • And you can do not pay attention to details or save on the amount of material. Visually, this is not noticeable, but the thread in the battery compartment breaks very quickly, moving parts fail, contacts are torn inside the device.

The average person does not turn to the exchange of sex toys. It seems shameful, uncomfortable. So, you can produce low -quality goods. And this very often use adult shops with Aliexpress.

How to distinguish a poor-quality sex toy with Ali?

Is it worth buying sex toys for aliexpress? | Informative
How to distinguish an original sex toy from a fake? It is easier to do it when you hold the goods in your hands. But some points should be alerted with remote choice of goods.

  • The price is below the market. It is worth watching the average cost of similar goods in online stores. If the price is lower than 30%, this is a negative sign. Of course, there are sales, promotions, but if the regular cost is very different, then the manufacturer has saved on materials and mechanisms.
  • There is no warranty from the manufacturer. Large companies for their sex toys give a guarantee of at least 6 months. Premium goods can be replaced for 2 years. And this is described in the description of the products and in the instructions. If there is no guarantee, this is a fake.
  • Strange smell. Bright aroma of rubber, plastic is very unpleasant. If it is present, then the composition is not high -quality. Most of the goods of well -known brands do not smell. Or it is released after 1-2 days. If the amber is preserved, it is not recommended to use this device for contact with the mucous membrane.
  • Fragile structures. All mobile parts should work without problems. The battery compartment should be easily open and close. If, with minimal effort, parts begin to break or fall off, then this is a sex toy with Aliexpress. Foreign language instructions. In the world, goods can only be brought with the translation of instructions for operation. If the information in Chinese, Korean or other language without translation, it is likely that it is of low quality. All famous manufacturers make translations into dozens of languages of the world.
  • Deformation of the material. If at first glance low quality is not noticeable, then after a few months of operation problems may appear. Divorces on the surface, uneven material, rust or other elements on any products indicate a violation of production technology. At the first signs of damage to sex toy, it must be thrown away without regrets.

Aliexpress sex toys can be sold today in ordinary sex shops. Owners are also trying to make a lot of profit, giving fakes for the originals. That is why you need to buy goods for intimacy in trusted stores.

In childhood, mothers always try to buy for the baby only safe things. So why shouldn’t adults take care of their toys the same? The responsible choice will allow you to maintain health and receive pleasure without fears for your own safety. Therefore, choose everything you need for sexual experiments in our store. We have been working for more than 17 years and have been taking care that there are only high -quality models in the catalog.

Buy high-quality sex toys in Only original products from the best manufacturers.

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