How to use vaginal balls correctly?

How to use vaginal balls correctly?.

The sexual industry is developing very actively, offering customers different accessories and toys, livestock allow you to diversify the intimate life and increase its quality. Vaginal balls belong to the category of muscle stimulants. Products can have different shapes – circles, eggs (standard, elongated).

Their average diameter is 3.5 cm, but there are more models. Materials of manufacture – rubber (strictly medical), elastic latex, safe plastic, metal. There are also models with a displaced zone of severity, increased mass. The type of surface can be even, studded, with ribs, gilded, sustained.

What to choose?

When choosing balls, consider a number of points. If you have never worked with intimate muscles before, they are flabby, weakened by childbirth, it will be better to take a fairly large product with a rough surface (it is easiest to hold).

Start to squeeze, then unclench and squeeze the vaginal muscles again, controlling all the actions performed, and then switch to more “serious” models. When you achieve a certain skill, to consolidate and improve results, you can switch to weighted toys – small sizes and with a smooth type of surface.

It is believed that the harder the simulator, the more effective the classes will be. Models with vibration give the maximum pleasure to the lady, they can be used during training or as a prelude before proximity.

Application rules

The main features of the use of the simulator:

  1. Treat products using an antiseptic, then wash with soap and warm water.
  2. Lying or reclining, enter them into the vagina, the thread should remain outside.
  3. Stand up and try to keep the products with muscles inside for as long as you can. At first, this is usually a couple of minutes, over time the interval can increase to an hour.
  4. When you can hold the balls inside for a long time, start walking with them around the apartment, doing household chores.

After applying the product, it is washed with soap water.

The order of classes

Performing these exercises will help you quickly pump intimate muscles and improve the quality of sexual life:

Correct reductions – First, find the muscles you need. To do this is simple – tighten those areas of the vagina that are usually involved during urination, you need to stop the stream. You will work with these muscles, and not with buttocks or abdominal press.

The introduction of balls – First, this is done by lying or reclining, in the future you can try to enter the simulator in the standing position. Previously desirable processing with lubrication.

Direct training – Tighten the muscles as strongly as possible so that they tightly wrap the ball, and you can feel its size, shape, trace the sensations that arise during classes. Mentally divide the vagina into three areas (lower, upper, middle) and play from each of them separately. Learn to distinguish muscle movements and work with each of them separately. Hold the simulator inside, move it from one part of the vagina to another, block the exit for the ball.

It is not necessary to constantly keep the muscles in tension – much more effective results give them alternate relaxation and compression. Spend the classes in a day or everyone, choose the duration of the workout taking into account opportunities and needs (someone is enough for someone, and someone lacks an hour). The ability to manipulate the simulator will allow you to improve the quality of an intimate life, will teach you how to get the most vivid emotions from intimacy with a partner.

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