How to make Cooney right: girls will definitely like it

How to do Cooney?.

How to make Cooney right: girls will definitely like it

Unfortunately, not every man wants to learn how to make kuni, although the clitoris is considered the most erogenous zone. And usually during sex, the girl does not receive an orgasm from penetration and only 20% of all ladies can boast of the reverse.

Only if a man knows how to do cunnilingus correctly, it may be completely sure that his partner definitely gets pleasure from sex with him. Unfortunately, many men believe that only those men who do not know how to use the main “tool” should do, although this is not so. Oral caresses allow not only to diversify sexual intercourse, but also to deliver an orgasm to the girl, which she may not get without cunnilingus. If the lady remains satisfied after sex, then the man will be satisfied. Proximity will occur much more often, and its quality will improve. That is why a man must deliver an orgasm to his girlfriend with the help.

What can not be done at the time of the cooney?

A real man must certainly satisfy a woman, and it will be better if in several ways. Then the girls will like him more or most importantly, his beloved woman will be satisfied. But before you find out the main techniques of cunnilingus, you need to figure out what is better not to do at all with this process.

What to do Not worth it:

  1. Men often think that one touch of the tongue to the sexual organ of the girl can deliver an orgasm and then you can do anything else. But this is not so important that the man understands where the clitoris is located, and what needs to be driven with a tongue for a reason, but in special techniques.
  2. It is also considered a mistake to do as you saw in porn. But most often in a porn girl, they just fuck her tongue and lick so carefully, as if a dog caressed water. If it seems to you that you make a partner pleasant, then let the girl bites and scratches your cock during a blowjob during a blowjob. Then you will definitely understand how unpleasant it is and stop doing this.

This is a general description of the most common mistakes, but let’s figure out in more detail what you should not do.

  1. Swing your head with animal passion. For you, this may seem like a real passion, but the girl wants to enjoy and your actions will be annoyed, especially since you will not be able to focus on a certain zone.
  2. Do not make smacking and champing, because it is not sexy at all and certainly does not excite the girl. If you want debauchery, then use handcuffs or a whip.
  3. It is not necessary to put the whole face into the girl. Firstly, this is not necessary, and the girl will definitely not get more sensations. And secondly, if a man even shows thoroughly, then still on his face there remains stiff bristles, which, when contacted with delicate skin, completely eliminates excitement. Only lips and tongue need to be used, do not break the chin.
  4. No need to look at the girl during cunnilingus to understand whether she likes. It is better to listen to her moans and breathing, but certainly not look from below.
  5. If you can caress the girl during the cooney, the anus and just the body, then, of course, do it. But if you can’t combine everything, then it is better to focus on the process itself. The girl knows very well how to enjoy and be able to cope with this herself.
  6. Cooney can serve as a prelude or complete sexual intercourse, so that the girl reaches an orgasm. But if you caressed her for a couple of minutes and then immediately decided to enter her, it is better not to start cunnilingus at all.

Correct technique

After we dismantled the errors, you need to learn how to do Cooney correctly.

  1. It is important that the girl is comfortable.

This applies to a partner who should comfortably and comfortably lie so that nothing interferes with her. If her back or neck starts to flow, then she certainly will not be able to enjoy and will think how it would end faster. You should not try different poses from porn or kama subshtra, because it can be traumatic and will not bring to orgasm.

  1. Relax.

It is important that the man’s language is relaxed, because tension and pressure can only make worse. You need to carefully and gently caress the clitoris, labia and pubis. But still pay more attention to the clitoris. But do not immediately start cunnilingus. First stroke the crotch a little, kiss and touch a little tongue. You yourself can understand when it’s time to start the main actions.

  1. Balance is important.

If a man feels a partner, then there will be no trouble. If there is no connection, then only the clitoris should not stimulate, otherwise the girl will stop feeling anything at all. The clitoris is simply numb, and it will not be possible to get any orgasm. Sometimes go to other parts of the vagina.

But vice versa, do not change parts of the vagina too often. If you caress the clitoris for a long time, and then sharply move to the labia and again to the clitoris, then the girl will first feel excitement, and then it will sharply change irritation. This is another matter when you specially bring the girl to the peak of orgasm, and then stop any actions so that she beg you to complete the you started.

  1. Add variety.

If you have learned one technique, and the girl liked it, then do not repeat it again and again. Drive your tongue in a circle, from top to bottom, lightly suck the clitoris or even blow it on it. The vagina is also an erogenous zone, so kiss it, caress your tongue in a circle. Also pleasure will bring caresses of the labia. Cling to them, press slightly with your tongue and drive in a circle.

  1. No need to be shy.

If the girl is already close to orgasm, then she will begin to move from side to side and will push your head. Of course, with this behavior it will be difficult to maintain the rhythm. Do not be afraid to show a little strength, and the girl will definitely like it. Try to hold her legs and arms so that she could not move them.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it. If you really want to excite a girl and give her pleasure, our recommendations on oral affection should help.

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