How to have virtual sex: 9 important rules for high -quality sex from the Internet on the Internet

How to have virtual sex?.

How to have virtual sex: 9 important rules for high -quality sex from the Internet on the Internet

Virtual sex or «virtual» It becomes more popular today.

And this is not surprising: a chance to get pregnant – 0%, the chance to get an infection with SPPP – 0%, sexual satisfaction – 100%.

Virtual sex – This is a pure pleasure. However, there are subtleties that you need to know before deciding on the virt.

Of course, we are talking about how to communicate with a partner correctly. What and how to describe, what questions to ask, what to talk about at all? Is it possible to turn on the camera? What to do during virtual sex, and what is impossible? How to make sure that others do not learn about your «hobby»? Let’s figure it out.

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Basic rules of virtual sex

No. 1 – Wrth without prelude – Not virtual!

If you cannot caress each other physically, this does not mean that you should not do it in virtual reality. Banal phrase like «What is the point of you?» — This is not a prelude. Just talk for a while to get closer – Discuss your addictions and interests, find out each other. Start from afar so that your conversation gradually flows to intimate topics.

Do not treat a partner as a product.

Questions like «What is your breast size?», «How many centimeters?» And «Do you have a priest?» They are not excited at all. Especially if you set them at the very beginning of dating.

No. 2 – Is it possible to have virtual sex in video communication?

If you are sure that you want this, then why not? But be prepared for the fact that «Sexy blonde» it will turn out to be half -dead and not so sexy.

Remember that the transition to video communication should be mutual and agreed upon.

The man should be the first to show himself (who may also not be Apollo with the relief cubes of the press), since it is more difficult for the girl to overcome embarrassment. Of course, each of the virtual partners will try to look sexier, so erotic linen and all sorts of intimate accessories will be able to strengthen attractiveness.

No. 3 – virtual sex safety

The only thing the virtual can harm, — This is that the photo, video or correspondence of your pleasant pastime will be made public.

Therefore, special programs for communication on the Internet should be used, which additionally encrypt data and prevent it from entering someone else’s hands, removing the history of the chat.

For example, for this purpose, you can use the program «OTR Messaging».

How to have virtual sex: 9 important rules for high -quality sex from the Internet on the Internet

No. 4 – communication and self -irony

What is the difference between a virtt and watching porn? Of course, in communication! If you just want to experience an orgasm – Take your favorite sex toy and take up masturbation. Virtual – This is much more than physical satisfaction.

You interact with a real person at a distance and enjoy communicating with him, from emotional closeness between you. Therefore, do not be afraid to seem a funny or stupid person, treat what is happening with irony and be sincere in your feelings.

No. 5 – how to avoid publicity?

Let’s understand one thing: you – Not Hilary Clinton, who wrapped a sex scandal for her good. You need to act as carefully as possible so as not to harm your reputation.

Guide the motto «Trust but check».

Do not have virtual sex with an unfamiliar person. At first you must know your interlocutor better. If you have an email address, you can collect a lot of information about it, for example, looking for its profile in social networks.

Both you and your virtual partner should understand that the publication of intimate correspondence can strike a business reputation, and therefore, after the virtu, always remove your chat together.

No. 6 – without the right to error

If your interlocutor is in doubt, behaves strangely or in any other way is suspicious, do not enter the virtual with him. If your partner has shown the oddities or perversions during an erotic video chat, without a doubt immediately disconnect.

Virtual sex should bring you pleasure, not disgust.

No. 7 – gave the word – Hold it

Moral support – This is extremely important, even if you physically help you help. Therefore, do not scatter phrases like «You are not alone (a), I will always be mentally next to you and will always help you in trouble». There should be mutual trust between the partners in the virtual, otherwise the meaning of sex on the Internet disappears.

Also do not give promises that you will not fulfill.

If you promise that you will show how you masturbate using a vibrator-red, be sure to show.

No. 8 – virtual hugs

You cannot touch your virtual partner after an orgasm, but you must say something pleasant. No long speeches, just say: «You looked so sexy today (a) today!».

No. 9 – Fighting smiles

Try to minimize the use of emoticons, emoticons and brackets. Instead of «)» Write «I think it’s funny», instead of «O_0» – «It seems suspicious to me».

Express your real feelings without hiding them behind the depersonalized icons, and you will notice how your interlocutor answers the same.

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