How to caress a man’s scrotum correctly. How to stimulate a scrotum?

How to caress the scrotum correctly.

How to caress a man’s scrotum correctly. How to stimulate a scrotum?

The easiest way to get a man – get into his panties. So much attention to the member and his sensitive head, but what about the scrotum? The mysterious bag for testicles is actually also an erogenous zone and deserves personal attention.

The scrotum contains a large number of nerve endings, the density of which increases when the man is excited, because then the testicles and scrotum become denser, the skin wrinkles. With a high concentration of nerves, the scrotum, nevertheless, is little sensitive to pain, which means that it can be subjected to more active caresses than the testicles.

The main rule – It is necessary to caress the skin of the scrotum without touching the testicles or allowing them to glide freely along the scrotum.

Why are the caresses of testicles and scrotum are useful?

Caring a partner scrotum, you not only give pleasure, but also create a certain therapeutic effect – massage enhances metabolic processes and blood circulation, improving the operation of the entire genitourinary system. At the same time, such caresses increase libido and improve spermatogenesis, allowing you to forget about impotence until a deep age.

Itching eggs are useful!

Close linen disrupts blood circulation, increasing the temperature of the testicles above the permissible norm. Then the scrotum begins to deal with it to give more heat, and because of modern panties and narrow pants, the scrotum is squeezed out and cannot fulfill its function. As a result of stagnation, blood clots appear that need to scratch and massage. Causing scrots can also indicate an increase in men’s excitement.

How to caress a man’s scrotum correctly. How to stimulate a scrotum?

How to caress the scrotum?

Elastic and hardy organ, the skin of the scrotum is ready for almost any caresses: compression, massage, tingling, sucking, chewing, delaying and much more. But you always need to follow several rules.

No. 1 – smoothness and tenderness. Any caresses should not be overdoing and observe the reaction of the partner. Even scratching is possible, but the very tips of the fingers and very superficial.

No. 2 – You can stretch the scrotum as much as testicles allow. Scrotum skin is like the skin of female labia – It is very elastic, but do not forget that inside this skin is extremely delicate testicles that may suffer from transit.

No. 3 – Light vibrations and hungry. You can use special toys, or you can take a scrotum in your mouth and create vibrations yourself, singing low sounds, disguising them under moans.

No. 4 – Oral affection after your fingers. The man should relax. And the scrotum is used to a new role, then you can go to caresses with your lips and tongue.

No. 5 – A variety of caresses. Alternate licking with suction and caresses of the head of the member. A special rule – Avoid the caresses of the penis trunk, this technique will bring new sensations.

No. 6 – Freedom to testicles. Caring scrotum, do not forget that the testicles should not experience pressure, freely rolling inside.

I would like to note that not all men can be pleasant to be pleasant scrots, at the same time, some of the lovers of such caresses are able to get an orgasm with ejaculation even without stimulation of a member. The orgasm is different, not so bright, but deep and paralyzing, it will even be difficult to move.

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