How long can not end: medical facts and scientific methods

How long can not end: medical facts and scientific methods.

How long can not end: medical facts and scientific methods

This article will not have unreasonable facts of extension of sexual intercourse, dubious methods of traditional medicine to delay ejaculation and other stupidity, which is teeming on the Internet. We have no right to deceive readers, so we will tell you the truth about how long to end and increase sexual endurance.

How long does normal sexual intercourse last

From a human point of view, it is not necessary to judge the quality of sex by time. This is silly. The main measure in sex — The pleasure of partners. And it is not always connected with the minutes.

Medically — 7-13 minutes. This is the desirable and satisfactory time of sexual intercourse without taking into account the prelude. 20-30 minutes — It is more like a porn movie plot than pleasure. A man does not enjoy sex if he puffs in bed for about half an hour. And the old survey of men in Reddite confirmation (this is a post on Redte about the duration of sexual intercourse).

How long can not end: medical facts and scientific methods

Premature ejaculation — less than 60 seconds

Problems begin where sexual intercourse lasts less than 60 seconds. Or ejaculation occurs without penetration. Some men can finish from one touch of a partner.

What to do if you finish in 1 minute?

Urologists distinguish 2 types of premature ejaculation:

  • Life -life — From the first sex.
  • Acquired — arises later due to deviations.

Why do men end in 1 minute?

Life -long premature ejaculation occurs during the first sex. And continues with every new sexual experience.

These are the reasons for life -long ejaculation:

  • Psychological factors. For example, children’s injury that is associated with sex.
  • Upbringing. For example, parents with dialing views from childhood explained to the child that sex — This is dirt, shame and disgrace.
  • Masturbation. Many adolescents in youth get used to masturbate quickly, so as not to be discovered. This leads to premature ejaculation with a partner.

Acquired premature ejaculation — These are prints from stress, anxiety, depression, problems in relationships, diseases.

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