Golden rules of sex three | Psychology of relations

Golden Rules Threesome.

Golden rules of sex three | Psychology of relations
Threesome sex is not only a process of receiving pleasure, but also a piquant situation in which it is important to observe some rules. They will help maintain good relations, make the proximity bright, exclude jealousy and boredom. Use these rules all together or choose some for their own use-this decision is made by participants in love together together. But if they are taken into account, the probability of negative experience is reduced several times.

Does not want to – don’t

. If for some reason one person from the couple doubts or expresses a direct refusal of the intended classes, then in a coma it is necessary to force him to do what he does not want. Forcibly forced or bowing a partner for group sex, it is categorically not worth.

It is worth understanding and motivation. If consent is an attempt to please a loved one, and not a sincere desire to participate himself, then this is also not the best reason to arrange a similar experiment. With this approach, jealousy, inadequate behavior and disappointment in such experiments are possible.

List of participants

As soon as all doubts are dispelled, it is necessary to discuss the composition of the participants. Here you should also come to mutual and acceptable compromise for both. If the desires of partners in this matter vary, and the man wants to try sex in the “man-man-male” format, and the woman gravitates more to the “woman-woman-woman” or vice versa (there are a lot of possible options), you can first try the optionarranging one of the partners, and then satisfy the desire of the second half. Comparing the sensations and emotions, you can decide which format is suitable for a couple and satisfies the fantasies and desires of both partners.

It is not recommended to have group sex with partners, which, for one reason or another, are unpleasant for one of the halves paired. The presence in the process of such a person may prevent one of the participants in the action, which may affect the appropriately negatively to receive pleasure.Golden rules of sex three | Psychology of relations


Before having group sex, you should immediately discuss questions regarding confidentiality. If any of the people participating in group sex, I want to preserve their name and appearance for one reason or another secret, then such desires require respect and observance by all participants in the orgy. In the end, there are a framework of human decency that should not be entered, especially in such an intimate and scrupulous question as group sex.

Given that photo and video shooting, followed by posting results on the Internet, has recently been very popular, the acceptability of the recording of their sexual pleasures on the camera should be discussed in advance with partners. In case of refusing at least one of them, it is better to refrain from such experiments, so as not to allow uncomfortable and even more conflict situations.

Types of sex

Before starting the three of us, it is necessary to determine in advance and discuss what types of sex, pose and actions in bed are acceptable for all participants in the process. If there are no restrictions on this issue, then forward to the conquest of new peaks! But if one of the partners has a taboo for a certain type of sex (anal, oral, lesbian, etc.D.), then force it in the process of the orgy is clearly not worth. A negative reaction to such an action can nullify all the efforts made to receive partners of pleasure, or lead to non -realization of sexual fantasies or desires.

In order not to arise curious situations, it is necessary to come up with some stop-word, meaning unacceptability of further actions. Having pronounced it, the partner will clearly make it clear that something is going wrong or he (she) does not give permission to further develop the situation.

Participation in the orgy of some sex toys for adults should also be discussed with all participants in the team. Everyone should say what is acceptable to him and what is not.Golden rules of sex three | Psychology of relations


Although sex is a pleasant activity, you should still not forget about the protection from various diseases transmitted sexually. The risk of getting infected with various sexually transmitted diseases in group sex increases at times. A more reliable means than a condom, humanity has not yet come up with, the poet of latex products must be prepared in advance. It is also worth remembering to protect against unwanted pregnancy, because to control, for example, interrupted sexual intercourse with one partner will be much easier than several. Save the condom again.

Before having group sex, it will clearly not be superfluous and a trip to a doctor who can conduct an examination and confirm the absence of diseases. It is advisable to make such a campaign to all orgies. And if there are doubts about the “cleanliness” of a person, it is better to refuse sex with him.

Using lubricants

The use of intimate lubricants, various gels and lubricants in sexual contact during group sex is extremely desirable. After all, the lubricant released in a woman at the time of excitement is designed for one partner, and if there are several? And even more so the use of a lubricant will be necessary with anal penetration. The presence of intimate gels and lubricants in the process will help not only facilitate the process, but also make it more pleasant for all participants.

Respect and state control

Sex is a process that requires activity. And in the process, different situations can occur. It is important to monitor the state of the participants. You need to pay attention to the physical and emotional state. If there is discontent, some pain, doubt or something else, it is recommended to discuss it at once.

As in sex together, it is important to try to give pleasure to people who were nearby in bed. If everyone strives to please the other, the sensations will be many times more than if everyone strives to get only his pleasure.

Threesome sex is an interesting practice. Not everyone is ready for such experiments, but if you decide to try, do not forget about these simple rules. And add lightness to communication, for example, play exciting phantes, tell us a couple of piquant stories to smoothly go to intercourse.

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