Feyssiting – how to sit on your face correctly?

Feyssiting – how to sit on your face correctly?.

Today there are many ways to diversify your sex life, Faceing is one of these solutions.

Feyssiting – how to sit on your face correctly?

Faceing is

The question of what Feyissitting is, has become popular recently. This hobby is considered one of the subspecies of the BDSM and implies that one partner sits on the face of another and he satisfies him orally. Here, excitement is achieved by moral humiliation of another partner.

To date, there are three faciting options:

  1. Face to face. The ideal version of face -career for oral affection. In this case, a woman can completely control how and how a man’s language will penetrate her vagina. In addition, she can look him in the eye, that a man’s moral humiliation will exert even more, exciting him thereby. The option can be vice versa, when a man is from above, and a woman from below, but sensations remain the same.
  2. Sideways. Here the situation is clear when the partner sits on the face sideways. This also allows you to observe the actions of the “subordinate”, but you can turn away.
  3. With your back to the face. This facial is suitable for anusling, that is, all attention is aimed at the affection of the anus. A woman sits on the face of her partner and aims her hole on his mouth, while she sits with her back to his face. You can also do farting – the release of gases on the face or in the mouth of a man. For this, the partner’s mouth must completely grab the area of the anus. Most often, a female floor is a dominant here, since not all women can withstand the weight of their partner. However, there are cases when a man dominates and makes his partner lick his back hole.

How to sit on a man’s face so as not to crush him?

Feyssiting – how to sit on your face correctly?

Hard facial facial is recommended only with the complete consent of the partner, discussing all the details in advance or at least seeing his/its readiness. Men who have no prejudices are very fond of Feyissitting in tights and facety in stockings, while they may not be fetishists. It’s just that the fact that the girl sits on her face, they are very exciting and spurring the most corrupted fantasies.

Feyissitting for coercion also takes place, but this is happening directly within the framework of the BDSM community. In this case, hard facial faces may be accompanied by a strangulation of a partner and applying light injuries to him, so if you have never used a sad-mazor of technology, then this is not the safest way to start. We recommend choosing something simpler, for example, springing or spanking, and after some time the preparation of both partners, move on to brutal faceiting.

During facialing, it is important to remember that the lower partner is overlapping significant oxygen access, so you must be careful and not overdo it. However, many people like it when there is a small moment of suffocation, because adrenaline is thrown into the blood, which makes a person experience more vivid sensations. The lower partner is pleasure from his position, he enjoys the smell, taste, warmth and the like. In this case, the dominant satisfies his desire to command a person, and also enjoys affectionate.

Another rule of Feyssing is that after appeasing the anus, you should not engage in vagina’s caresses, as this can transfer intestinal infections to the vagina of a woman. It is worth choosing either one place to caress or rinse your mouth between shifts.

Faceing poses

Here we will clearly show how to sit on a man’s face correctly, however, you should not be particularly wise, because there are only two main facial positing poses:

  1. “Riddle”

It can resemble a traditional pose of a rider, only differs in that the girl sits down with her genitals on her partner’s face. It is best to do this on a flat surface so that the guy’s tongue can penetrate the vagina as much as possible and give the girl pleasure.

Feyssiting – how to sit on your face correctly?

The main advantages of this position are that the woman has all the control, she can direct her beloved. At the same time, he also has freedom for action in order to fully satisfy his “mistress”. Of the shortcomings, only some fatigue in the hips, which may appear with weak physical preparation.

  1. “69”

Another visual example of how to properly sit on the guy on the face that we borrowed from the popular position 69.  True, here in active actions you will be involved in both. However, some partners always want to thank their “male” for affection.

Feyssiting – how to sit on your face correctly?

Definitely “69” is suitable for those who are not in the best sports form, since all parts of the body are relaxed and are in a convenient position. True, not all representatives of the fair sex will be able to open themselves so boldly before the guy.

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