Female mistakes that prevent you from enjoying sex

Female mistakes that prevent you from enjoying sex.

Sex in the minds of people is inextricably linked with their self -esteem. If a woman is not confident in herself, does not believe in herself and does not consider herself attractive, then it will be very difficult for her to surrender to sex and receive pleasure, doing it. In order to rectify the situation, it is better to rid ourselves from bad sexual habits that we will list below.

Error No. 1: To consider that the desires of a man in bed are more important than his own

Some women consider granted the fact that sex always occurs according to such a scenario and so that their partner wants them. If a man likes to take oral sex, but does not want to give pleasure to a partner, if he always chooses poses and affection, as well as the duration of sex – In this situation, you need to change something. Perhaps your own model of behavior, or maybe – and partner.

Error No. 2: imitate orgasm

It is extremely unreasonable to mislead a partner, forcing him to think that you are an orgasm. The man gives a false impression that he does everything correctly, and subsequently he will adhere to the same scheme that, in his opinion, leads to the orgasm of the partner. Instead of, in fact, lying to your partner, it is better to honestly discuss everything that is happening in bed, share your desires to tell how and what is better to do.

Error No. 3: Do not refuse a partner to realize fantasies, even if they are frankly unpleasant

For the sake of their man, women often make concessions and victims, agreeing to do such types of sex that cause their rejection, disgust and even fear. Instead of unconditionally agreeing on everything, it is better to discuss in detail with a partner every thing that he and you would like to realize and find a compromise that will not injure anyone.

Error No. 4: Silence if something is going wrong during sex

If during sex you want to go to the toilet, and you can no longer focus on pleasant sensations – It’s better to interrupt, although, of course, the degree of passion from this may decrease a little. If during sex you feel pain, discomfort, or in some position, your hand, leg or pinches your back – you need not to be silent, but offer to change the pose.

Error No. 5: rejection of intimacy due to the fact that she did not make depilation

If only your legs, armpits other parts of the body do not resemble their furryness about a snowy man, do not worry. If you and your partner have a real passion, then he is unlikely to notice that the insidious hairs somewhere hang around somewhere. In the end, the best sex often happens exactly when you do not expect this, you should not miss such an opportunity!

Error No. 6: To be shy about reporting your menstruation

All men know that in women once a month begin menstruation and lasts some time. Instead of inventing strange prepositions for refusing sex, it is better to tell the truth. In the end, you can have sex in the shower, have petting or even just lay a towel and do not worry about anything.

Error No. 7: Afraid that you look bad during sex

If it has come to sex, then the best rhenium at the moment will discard all unnecessary thoughts. To think that somewhere on the body there is excess fat and cellulite, whether your hair is disheveled, whether you look beautiful in this pose and whether you have a skewed face – A big mistake capable of preventing sex with soul and spark, because in bed is not the perfect styling and figure, but the ability to deliver and receive pleasure.

Female mistakes that prevent you from enjoying sex

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