Crossdressing: what is cross -reserving? How to choose the right clothes?


Crossdressing (from English. Cross-Dress, literally “dress differently”) – a well -known term in the West, which is practically a synonym for the word “transvestite”. This is the desire to wear and wear the clothes of a representative of the opposite sex. It is worth noting that with this dressing, many experience sexual arousal.

Crossdressers love sexual and exciting images. How to create a similar image? Everything is extremely simple: you will need erotic women’s clothing, and to complete the image – various accessories.

Clothes should be chosen standardly, even female for men – in their own volumes and growth. Stockings or tights with a neckline – an integral part of the image of an amateur to change clothes. Tights are needed with a neckline so that a man is more comfortable in them, as well as a standard plus of such tights is that during sexual intercourse it is not necessary to remove them. Also, the sexual image will help create dresses, stockings on the body and peignoire. In a word, all women’s erotic clothing is suitable. Do not forget to lay things correctly so that the image turns out to be integral.

There is also special underwear for men who will help to transform into a charming representative of the opposite sex, for example, a special bra, thanks to which a man will feel like a real woman. This bra was created specifically for the crossdressers, taking into account the physiological characteristics and desire to look sexy. If a man wants to put on a bra, intended specifically for women, or clothes with molded cups, then he uses special liners or even breast prosthesis, which can be small, medium or large.

A man can also replace the bras of a brawler presented in a large assortment, which will allow everyone to choose an accessory to their taste and help create a more extravagant image. You can use various chest stickers or body appellations for body. Separately, it is worth mentioning gloves. Thanks to them, male hands will become more feminine, and the image – more sophisticated.

Crossdresser can supplement the image with various accessories that will help to transform beyond recognition. Thanks to a wig, a man can become a blonde and a brunette, and even acquire an unusual hair shade. The length of the hair, like the color, is not fundamental – it all depends on the preferences of the dressing person.

Of course, it is necessary and to make up. At the same time, also do not neglect the use of accessories – for example, overhead eyelashes, and overhead nails will make the image even brighter and allow you not to waste time on manicure.

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