9 popular facts and fictions about male sperm

9 popular facts and fictions about male sperm.

9 popular facts and fictions about male sperm

There is a lot of information about male sperm, as well as disputes about its composition and properties. It would seem that it is special in it, it is a natural liquid that is released by a man during intercourse, consisting of seminal fluid and spermatozoa.

But the quality of sperm – An important factor in planning a child, because a woman’s normal organism is not enough for conception, you need a healthy, quick sperm that fertilizes the egg, and an amazing miracle will occur in the woman’s body – The emergence of a new life.

There are many fictions and myths about sperm, and you certainly need to know which statements are true and which will remain assumptions. Let’s dispel all myths about male sperm, and find out where the truth.

1. One sperm is enough for conception

This is partly true, since the woman’s egg is fertilized by one, the most powerful and healthy spermatozoa. But in the vagina and uterus of a woman its own microflora, which has high acidity, which does not allow the only sperm to get to the egg. For this, sperm is necessary in large quantities in order to lower the acidic environment and give spermatozoa to achieve the goal freely.

2. Rare sex have a positive effect on sperm quality

This is true, but long abstinations are useless. The optimal time for accumulating healthy sperm – up to 10 days, since stagnation of sperm may occur, which will adversely affect its mobility and ability to conceive.

3. Sperm can be an indicator of infidelity

By the number and consistency of sperm, you can really find out how long a man had sexual intercourse. If the sperm is thick, and its amount is no less than usual – Everything is fine. But if you notice its unusual transparency and small volume during ejaculation – We can make an assumption that a man recently had sex.

9 popular facts and fictions about male sperm

4. The taste of sperm is affected by a man’s nutrition

This is true. Sperm tastes negatively affect smoking, sharp marinads, sweets, coffee and beer use. Sperm with such a diet acquires a characteristic unpleasant taste. For its normal smell and taste, you need to consume fresh vegetables and fruits, which will positively affect not only sperm, but throughout the body as a whole.

5. Sperm is an excellent anti -aging agent

The sperm really contains many necessary, useful substances, but it is not worth applying it directly to the face. This is fraught with the occurrence of allergic reactions and irritations, yet the purpose of sperm is completely different.

6. By sperm, the presence of the disease can be detected

It is a myth. The disease primarily talks about blood tests, but not the consistency and color of the sperm in any way. These indicators are individual, and completely different for every man.

7. Frequent sex spoils the quality of sperm

This is true, since frequent sex reduces the amount of sperm. And small breaks between love making do not make it possible to mature healthy sperm, and they lose their ability to the normal fertilization of the egg.

8. Narrow swimming trunks negatively affect sperm

Yes, it is really better for men to wear free underpants. Narrow swimming trunks reduce blood flow to the testicles and heat them. Therefore, the amount of sperm in men who love narrow swimming trunks is much less than in lovers of wide panties.

9. The degree of sperm quality depends on the lifestyle of a man

This is so, and if you want to have a healthy baby, you need to carefully monitor the diet, not smoke, do not use medicines and alcohol. Then you can not only conceive a child, but also improve your sexual and family life, making it healthy and happy.

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