6 reasons why men send a photo of their member | Informative

6 reasons why men send a photo of their member.

6 reasons why men send a photo of their member | Informative
More than 30% of women on the Internet received a photo of a naked member in messages. Such images are sent by men, which often cause a violent reaction. Why are they doing this, what goals pursue? There are 6 main reasons.

Studies on this topic are already being conducted, but it is impossible to call them full -scale. Dikpiki (photo of a member) for many people are perceived by something obscene, and more than 70% of men will not send such a photo to a stranger. But the sexual partner can send such images more than 80% of men.

What drives those who send genitals to strangers? After all, this is precisely for many is a mystery.

1. Exhibitionism

Exposing in public excites people. But few people decide to unfasten the trousers in a crowded place. This behavior leads to punishment: from the aggression of the surrounding men to administrative punishment when the police fell into the hands of the police.

But on the Internet There is no punishment. You can send such photos and not be afraid of the consequences. At the same time feel excitement from the very act of sending. It helps Faster to finish. And a person’s reaction in this case may not have values.

2. The declaration of intent

On the dating site, such a photo can speak About the plans of the man. He immediately makes it clear that he is interested in sex. And it is like a test that women pass. Those who are against, will not dare to be close at the first meeting. Those who are interested are ideal for a date.

Using a similar method, you will have to make a newsletter to several people. But it will definitely not be lost much time, waging will occur instantly.

3. Boasting

Penis is a “favorite toy” of a man. And he demonstrates her with pleasure. Someone boasts of a car, home, phone, and someone with his body. In photographs, many people demonstrate a press, pumped buttocks. An excited member is the same part of the body.

More often The person does not understand, why such a photo is perceived by others offensive or inappropriate. So adolescents can send photos to each other, and not understand that this is an ambiguous act.6 reasons why men send a photo of their member | Informative

4. Search for approval

A uncertain person can also begin to send dicks. They are driven by the desire to receive feedback. He wants to know that everything is in order with him. And he expects this assessment from other people, and often receives.

When a woman receives such a photo, most often she stops talking. Just blocks a person. Less often – sends it. But extremely rarely speaks negatively about a member. But there are women who consider the picture and make compliments. And it is the sender who is waiting for such. He does not respond to blocks and negativity in his direction, and negative assessments of the penis itself do not get.

5. Search for emotion

Children’s injuries cause strange associations. For example, shame can cause excitement. And the man is looking for him in any situation. If it was caught in childhood during masturbation, orgasm from a mixture of excitement and shame was very bright. And he begins to strive for repetition, the search for exactly that emotion.

At the same time, a man can understand that he violates social norms, understand what causes discomfort. But interest in your own experiences is stronger. And he is waiting for conviction, so he often sends dicpics to his acquaintances.

6. A way to excite a partner

When a girl sends her naked photo, a man is excited. And he begins to believe that if he sends his own, then the reaction will be similar. But only this is not always the case. The perception of the body in different sexes is different, and a woman does not begin to wish for a meeting from such a picture.

There can be a forwarding appropriate in pairs, which has long been together. At the same time, she agrees to obtain such pictures, they are of interest. But with strangers, this behavior causes the opposite reaction – rejection, not desire.

What else can move a person who demonstrates his cock? A lot of different things: from curiosity to an attempt to start a dialogue.

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