5 myths about the dangers and benefits of sperm | Informative

5 myths about the dangers and benefits of sperm.

5 myths about the dangers and benefits of sperm | Informative
There are many legends about sperm. The man often tell women that she is very useful, so swallowing is necessarily. But is it true? We found several myths about the benefits of this product, and decided to find out if this.

1. A perfect face mask is obtained from sperm

When it was difficult to find a good mask or face cream in the 70-80s, thousands of recipes from different improvised means were invented. Everything that grows in the city or just on the street was used, sold in a store and is produced by a person. Today all this seems funny.

There are useful substances in sperm, but there are much less of them than in a specialized face mask or in a caring cream. And it is better to use high -quality cosmetic drugs than to put experiments with sperm.

Even the taste and consistency are not ideal for the mask, so why try to apply such a dubious idea?

2. Abstinence positively affects the “sperm quality”

If a man does not finish for a long time, then then the probability of conception will become many times more. This is how it was customary to think before. Today, doctors conducted research, and it became clear that long -term abstinence is harmful to health. It causes congestion in the pelvic organs, and this leads to inflammation.

It is perfect to make love 2-3 times a week to conceive a child. And choose the days close to female ovulation. If a man refrain from sex for more than 6 days, the quality of sperm will begin to deteriorate.

3. Personal use contributes to fertilization

If a woman will regularly take sperm inside, preferably through her mouth, then the body will get used to it, and the chance of conception will be higher. This is a legend that helps men persuade a woman to swallow ejaculars.

If there is a “biological incompatibility” of partners, then this is treated with a drug. And no “addiction” for fertilization is required. It depends on many factors, for example, the fertility of each partner. And swallowing it does not change.5 myths about the dangers and benefits of sperm | Informative

4. Sperm contains vitamins that are useful for a woman

Yes, sperm is a liquid with a large number of useful components. But their content is not significantly. In the process of ejaculation, 2-10 ml of ejaculate is released, and this is about 1 teaspoon. 80% of this is water. And the components are not enough to satisfy even the daily need for trace elements.

If you want to strengthen health, choose a course of vitamins, it will be much more effective. The use of sperm does not affect health, but it will not cause harm either.

5. Sperm is an antidepressant

There is an opinion that women who often have oral sex suffer less depressive states. They feel better, less often think about suicide. But this is an illusion, swallowing sperm and mood are not interconnected.

A positive attitude can be caused by the presence of close relationships with a man. Hugs, kisses cause a change in hormonal background. This is what brings more joy. But sperm swallowing sperm is more likely to agree to women in love. And it is their feelings that make them happier, and not the “magic elixir”.

So is it worth swallowing sperm?

You can swallow sperm. It is a safe liquid for health that does not pose threats. This is a nutritious composition, but for the human body it is insignificant fractions of substances that do not affect health.

The process of mining and swallowing itself can carry many pleasant moments to both a man and a woman. And oral sex is able to improve mood. But this is not due to eating something.

But it is important to remember that many infections are transmitted with sperm and even HIV. Therefore, oral caresses without protection are acceptable only with a proven partner. In other cases, it is worth refusing to swallow and use condoms to protect.

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