5 interesting facts about male sperm

5 interesting facts about sperm.

Fact 1. Women may have an allergic reaction to sperm. Yes, you read correctly. About 5% of women have an allergic reaction to it during sex. As a rule, such an allergy is not severe, since it gives a woman only a slight feeling of discomfort. Therefore, women suffering from such an allergy, it is advisable to use condoms during sex.

Fact 2. Swallowing sperm promotes pregnancy. You want, believe it, you want, no, but swallowing sperm will help in the future to a woman easier to get pregnant. This is due to the fact that the female body has the opportunity to get used to someone else’s DNA, which is contained in male seed. In a word, the female body will not reject a foreign substance.

Fact 3. Sperm contains a hormone of happiness. There is a reason why a woman feels good after sex. And this is not only because of orgasm. Sperm in the vagina of a woman also has a beneficial effect on the mood. This is due to the fact that it contains hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and prolactin. So, for example, in the research center of the city of New York proved that women who use the condom during sex are much more likely to suffer from depression and attacks of aggression than those who do not use them.

Fact 4. Men will never end in sperm. No matter how often a man has sex or masturbates, sperm will never end! Its amount only decreases with each next ejaculation in a short period of time. Studies have proven that a man after sex needs only 15 minutes to restore the amount of sperm. It also proves that men can get a multiple orgasm! But all these facts do not say that your seed can be scattered left and right. Remember that for the production of sperm from the body, all the most valuable and the best, as it is a source of new life, gets away from the body. Therefore, its frequent discharge can deplete the body of a man.

Fact 5. Cum is nutritious. Surely you have already heard that the male seed contains many nutrients and vitamins. So, for example, one teaspoon (5 ml) of sperm, which is approximately from 200-500 million active sperm, contains:

  • 5-7 calories;
  • 6 mg of fat;
  • as much vitamin C as one orange contains;
  • calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12 and zinc.

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