What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm

What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm.

What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm

People are always interested in sex and secrets associated with it. Orgasm is a logical completion of sexual intercourse, but we always look for something unusual and catchy even in the most familiar events. The most vivid female discharge, which is known as “Squirt”, is able to bring the girl to a breathtaking ecstasy. This word has long been in hearing, but still for the majority the jet orgasm remains a mystery. At best, experience is drawn from cheap porn, where squirt is similar to urinary incontinence.

In real life, a squirting woman looks completely different, but in order not to be unfounded, let’s learn all the features and secrets. What is squirt and how to do it – The theme of our article. The girl in the process of climax erupts a certain amount of liquid and experiences crazy pleasure. We will finally find out how to bring the lady to the gate of paradise, and what is actually “ejaculates”, thrown out of the genitals.

What is squirt, basic concepts

Not all women can end so actively and brightly. Some of them could, but a high degree of shyness and uncertainty prevents him from getting gorgeous pleasure. In principle, both the absence and the presence of the ability to squirt among the fairer sex is considered the norm.

What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm

The released liquid, transparent or muddy white, has nothing to do with urine. It is thrown out of the urethra and is produced by the specific glands of the skin (parauretral glands) – do not confuse with bartolin, responsible for the production of lubrication for excitement and sexual intercourse.

For a long time, the secret, going to Squirt, was considered urine for the reason that during the approach of the all -consuming orgasm, many ladies feel a strong urination for urination.

In terms of composition, the liquid secreted during squirting resembles male sperm, because it is called “female ejaculate”, and parauretral glands – an analogue of the male prostate. It turns out that this secret is distinguished by the young lady before the upcoming pleasure or immediately with it. In a common situation, its volume is so scarce that you can not notice as such. Squirt discharge, occasionally exceeding 5 ml of transparent fluid, does not allow orgasm to become an object of close attention. At the same time not to notice about 50 ml of the material being produced is simply impossible.

There is an opinion that the glands are acted due to the excitation of the point G and its prolonged stimulation. Just finding it is not enough. The pleasure zone must be correctly stimulated, with the desired intensity and the required rhythm, so that the girl reaches the peak of erotic excitement. According to women themselves, physical and emotional discharge from squirting is much stronger than any other type of orgasm.

How long it lasts the pleasure of squirt

Girls who have experienced squirting share their impressions of the experienced sensations, saying that more colorful experiences have never known before that. From the moment of the peak of excitation and release of the first drops of the liquid until the end passes from 30 seconds to several hours. The fact is that in this process the exact localization of pleasant sensations is absent – the whole body covers the nonsense, the mind is turned off. In an euphoric state, a person can walk for almost a day, and pleasure will also be felt on the physical plane, and not just as psychological relaxation.

The degree of excitement and satisfaction will depend on how much the partner knows how to own fingers and member. The time period from the last sexual intercourse to the current. Of course, the new partner always starts more, because with a lover the palette of emotions will be somewhat brighter.

What girls can get a jet orgasm

There are different opinions that the ability to end in this way depends on the structure of the genitals, the ability of the partner to act harmoniously when stimulating erogenous zones and other reasons. These are erroneous errors. Almost everyone can experience an inkjet orgasm if it eliminates a number of obstacles that interfere with sex completely.

The first squirt is the brightest and most unexpected. Subsequent acts become more familiar. There is nothing supernatural in the sensations received – just everything is different.

What prevents the woman from testing a jet orgasm

As always, the engine of female emotions and sensations from sex, as well as the degree of satisfaction – is a combination of confidence in their beauty, female strength, relaxation and at least minimal feelings for a partner (or strong sexual thrust). The causes of bed failures lie in these aspects.

Self -doubt and their appearance

Internal psychological barriers always interfere with relaxing, and without a complete return to the process to end at least clitride – the task is not easy even if there is an ideal lovers. Inkjet orgasm can only be obtained with complete emancipation! Right away your ideas about sex, about the role of your appearance during it – do not think about your complexes. If a man is in bed next to you, then in his eyes you do not have the shortcomings that you attribute to yourself.

Fear of describe

Do not be afraid of what actually cannot happen. With a squirt, not urine is released, but a completely different liquid. For confidence, go to sexual intercourse to the toilet. Exclude a feeling of shame. All thoughts oppressing your psyche must step aside.

Distrust to the partner

Bad relationships between a man and a woman at the household level, mutual resentment and even elementary distrust due to superficial acquaintance prevent the girl from revealing intimately. Perhaps the man behaves rudely and inattentive in the process, because it does not reach the desired level of excitement.

Ignorance of physiology

Your partner is possible, knows the female physiology poorly, but this is excusable. First of all, you must study yourself. Learn to achieve orgasm alone with yourself – the simplest to direct a man in the process of intercourse.

A special vibrator of the anatomical shape, which perfectly stimulates hard -to -reach zones, will help to find a point G and other sensitive vaginal areas. Try to play with him in different poses to understand where your pleasure point is personally.

Inappropriate atmosphere

In order to bring the girl to a jet orgasm, you need to know how to properly prepare for the intimate process. First of all, you should take care of the predisposing proximity of the atmosphere. Nothing should distract partners, and the man should be as focused as much as possible on the sensations of his half.

Be prepared for the fact that you need more than one hour for the corresponding preludes. Choose linen, music, accompanying entourage, hygiene products and just in case, stock up with artificial lubrication – it may come in handy if the girl is not enough for her.

What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm

Lack of prelude

Preliminary caresses should last as much as it may be required in order to excite the lady as much as possible. There is nowhere to hurry, which means you can use all techniques for mutual warming up. Stroke, kiss, caress, lick, bite and suck – you can do absolutely everything, the main thing is that both acts every action.

By the way, one of the popular secrets of long -playing excitement is an erotic massage with special essential oils containing Aphrodisia. It will not be possible to compare the effect of oils on the skin and the sensuality of a woman with something: it is such a prelude that will help to feel the bliss, will arrange it for passionate sex, relaxing as much as possible.

Inappropriate pose for squirt

Not in all poses for sex, the girl will be able to feel the jet orgasm, because the point G is stimulated only with deep penetration and the correctly selected angle of introduction of a member. The most physiological pose is considered in which she lies on her back with wide legs, bent at the knees (you can throw the guy on the shoulders). He is from above. You can familiarize yourself with the posture for squirt and stimulation of point G in our previous article in more detail.

What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm

How to bring a girl to a squirt

In fact, nothing special is required from the guy – just a strong riser or a hard hand. With good erection and confident movements of your fingers, you have every chance to bring a woman to Squirt. First of all, we care about maximum excitation, in which a lot of lubrication is distinguished. When such a peak of excitation is reached, the vaginal muscles begin to automatically compress, and even without additional incentives. It at this moment narrows as much as possible – then you can loosen the effects of fingers or friction with a penis.

The question is as follows: where to look for a cherished point, and which areas can be used additionally? To get to the secret zone in the vagina, you will need the help of delicate male fingers. The search for a point G provides the greatest difficulties for inexperienced lovers, but those men who have repeatedly delighted their halves with a squirt know exactly where to find her. Since the ji-spot is located on the upper wall of the vagina, the man should enter his middle finger so that the back of his palms looks up. Having felt a few centimeters at the entrance to the vagina, the partner will find a small tubercle – this is the same point of relaxation and heavenly orgasm in women.

Try to stimulate the clitoris – cunnilingus to help you as additional caresses! Do not forget that the chest and nipples are also a special area of sensitivity in the beautiful half. Kiss, suck, bite delicate halo or use special vibrators and massagers for the chest.

If you try to bring the woman to Squirt a member, then at the next entry-withdrawal, try to tap them slightly on the clitoris or touch it with your fingers. Do this with every new pulling out.

The main idea is that while bringing the partner to the peak, the guy pulls a member or fingers from the vagina several times and again introduced them. When you feel that the girl is ready to finish, smoothly and deeply introduce her “tool” into it. Try to move powerfully and quickly, pressing the pubic bone on top of the clitoris or processing it with a tongue with manual influences.

In this way you act on the treasured hillock and stimulate it. As a rule, the male penis is in an excited state is bent up, so it is not difficult to reach the cherished zone. If the anatomy of a particular guy is different, the problem is solved by the correctly selected poses, special vibrators, squirting nozzles or skilled hand technology. To understand that he managed to bring his partner to Squirt, a man will be able to by his feelings. Before the onset of the climax, the entrance to the vagina is noticeably narrowing, it becomes swollen, as if swelling.

A feature of the onset of wet orgasm experts in the field of sexual relations consider clearly expressed urge to the girl’s toilet. When she wants to urinate, you need to endure. When relaxing, a secret will come out of the vagina – female ejaculates.

The clear harbinger of Squirt is the involuntary pushing of a penis or fingers of the vaginal muscles.

What is squirt and how to do it, bring the girl to a jet orgasm

Manual technique of squirt

We immerse the index or middle finger (you can both) in the vagina and make sliding progressive movements, alternating them with circular and wave -like, while pressing on the tummy or pubis with the palm of the second hand. Gradually increase the speed if you see that the woman is satisfied and responds to caresses. You can increase the pressure on the vagina – it all depends on the sensations of the girl, and it is better to voice them. You can start with light stroking movements, so as not to frighten it with ardent pressure.

For ladies prefer hard sex, apply Sheker technique, from which any female will sprinkle. The brush is completely immersed in the vagina, and the rest of the hand is recorded in one position. Fingertips are strongly rested on ji-spot. Pressive or alluring actions are performed with the help of the whole arm, and not just fingers. Be sure to send a lady to the toilet before this – in this technique there is a strong pressure on the bladder.

To obtain deep pleasure, we recommend that girls work with the muscles of the vagina, reducing them when moving fingers (member) inside. Rhythmically “retract” and “pour out” them, respectively, the chosen pace.

A woman can help a partner and massage the clitoris on her own hands to achieve the severity of sensations. The guy should not stop when muscle tension is as much as possible, otherwise the orgasm that has been working on for so long, let go of “walk”. Stimulation is produced only by fingertips, other options give pain.

A pleasant bonus can be a feature of a refractory (recovery) period after such an orgasm. The girl remains in an excited state a very long period of time, so the next orgasm (not squirt) can come in a matter of minutes. Do not lose the opportunity and bring your chosen one to clitoral or vaginal discharge.

Tips for high -quality squirting

  • Do not wait for the stream to beat the fountain like a whale. This is a porno myth. Fluid will be from 5 to 50 ml.
  • Do not try to knock a jet orgasm out of it if it is evil and tense. Useless attempts and no exhaust.
  • Use an open and closed type of signal reading. In the first case, she herself talks about her sensations. In the second option, you will have to monitor its reaction (movements to the beat, isolation of lubrication, swollen vagina and rough G-Bugorok).
  • Cover the bed in the bed so that it does not hesitate to stain your roopes.
  • No need to emotion and throw vulgar words immediately after squirting. This behavior can push it away. Do not know the reaction yet, act neutral.
  • First achieve the simplest types of orgasm. If a girl does not know how to end from your caresses clitter, then she can’t see Squirt.
  • Buy sex toys to study her body. The fact that something more forbidden and “mystical” is happening by many.
  • Turn on the corresponding videos – visual images always cause a behavioral response during sex. We are all a little voyeurists!

Feelings that cover the young lady during squirt cannot be compared with experiences from clitoral or vaginal orgasm. New vivid sensations and the greatest pleasure – this is the price of love experiments. Give your women unforgettable nights and be on top!

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