What is myotonic orgasm

What is myotonic orgasm.

Myotonic orgasm is a achievement of a peak of pleasure without the help of a sexual partner, hands and sex toys. The climax occurs due to the muscles of the perineum and hips in conjunction with the work of the muscles of the lower press. The stimulation of the genitals is absent completely.

Orgasm is not mandatory for a woman to fulfill her functions in childbearing, because nature has not taken care of its inevitable occurrence.

Yes, for this, the clitoris was specially created and the peak of pleasure was attached to the psyche of the representative of the gentle sex, which in itself would seem to provide endless orgasms.

After all, a man should just like to have an impact on the clitoris during sexual intercourse, but as practice shows in this simple puzzle, there is always a detail of some detail.

And while approximately half of the women are deprived of regular orgasm, others manage to end without having a man nearby and without even touching the clitoris! Mystic? No, this is myotonic orgasm!

Myotonic orgasm is the final of sexual arousal, accompanied by a strong sense of pleasure and pleasure, which occurs as a result of strong compression or prolonged tension of the leading muscles of the hips without the simultaneous stimulation of the genital organs and erogenous zones.

Simply put a person, most often a woman, in one way or another affects the muscles of hips, for example, as a result of physical exercises, after which climax occurs, orgasm.

In adolescence and childhood, this is perceived as just a strong pleasure, a pleasant feeling.

Yes, myotonic orgasm in children is very common. Parents noticing the girl’s desire to repeat what she felt, try to interfere, scold, ban.

This is a big mistake, since the process of knowing your body cannot be interrupted, and in the attempts the attempts themselves are nothing prejudicial.

Myotonic orgasm in men

As a rule, men are much easier for orgasm, it is more primitive, because its main task is to eject sperm for the fertilization of a partner.

This scheme also has disadvantages. It lasts much less, causes the release of hormones contributing to falling asleep and, in general, a man often feels devastated.

Women have everything different. By the way, for this reason, after sex, the girls want to talk, do something, jump and run, and the man falls asleep. But these are all lyrical digressions, let’s get back to our topic.

Myotonic orgasm is inaccessible to men, since it is tied on emotions, imagination, feelings and nerve endings in the field of hips.

The first part of the plan is almost impossible for men, without stimulation of the genitals to end it extremely difficult for them.

Only in case of neuralgic diseases, representatives of the stronger sex are able to experience myotonic orgasm. If this happens to you, then this is a serious reason to contact a neurologist to get a consultation.

How to get a myotonic orgasm?

Say that with myotonic orgasm there is no stimulation completely wrong. Nervous endings are not concentrated in one place, they spread throughout the body sometimes in the distance from the peak point.

For example, the same clitoris can be influenced not only from the outside, but also from the inside of the vagina. In this case, something similar happens, only with the help of the muscles of the legs, the bottom of the abdomen and perineum.

Knowing this, we come to the conclusion that in order to obtain pleasure we will have to influence these muscle groups, which is done in several ways.

After interviewing girls experiencing myotonic orgasm, sexologists have found out the most popular techniques.

So most often the pleasure occurs as a result of a strong voltage of hips with simultaneous crossing of the legs.

They should be kept straight at this moment. Many people can do this even sitting on a chair or in an armchair, the main thing is the strong compression of the muscles of hips, legs and lower abdomen. Compression can be constant or rhythmic.

The second most popular method of laying between the legs of the object, most often blankets. In this case, the greatest work of the perineum muscles take over, again without direct influence on the genitals and stimulation of erogenous zones.

Clutching the nerve endings occurs from the inside as a result of swelling and tension of muscle groups. The most important component again is an emotional mood, the so -called psychological orgasm.

Myotonic orgasm during pregnancy

During pregnancy, myotonic orgasm can occur involuntarily, when performing ordinary physical actions, or purposefully using the above or other methods.

The main issue in this case is the safety of such an event for the course of pregnancy and the fetus in general.

I am not an obstetrician-gynecologist, therefore, to find an answer to this question, I turned to specialists who gave an unambiguous answer-an orgasm is not able to harm a woman.

He is a continuous benefit. Of course, we are talking about situations where the bearing passes without complications and risk of miscarriage.

If you are not all right, and in any other case, it will not be superfluous to consult with your doctor. Myotonic orgasm this is a common phenomenon, it is not a shame to talk about it!

Corgasm – pleasure from sports?!

Many girls adore training in the gym and believe me, some keep a curious secret.

They do not just get emotional discharge and the ability to make the body tightened, sometimes they literally end from training!

On the forums, I managed to find several messages on the topic and the girls admitted that the easiest way to get Kororgasm is to ride a bicycle, climb the rope or perform exercises related to tightening the legs to the stomach, swings of the legs, crossing and wiring.

Corgasm is a myotonic orgasm that has occurred as a result of physical exercises involving the lower abdomen, hips, legs and muscles of the perineum.

May appear as a result of prolonged tension or rhythmic effects on muscle groups of the listed zones.

Scientists cannot explain in detail the process of Korogasm and its exact causes, but in general the situation is clear.

Nervous endings going from the clitoris inside the vagina are in one way or another in contact or are near the muscles in the groin area.

During the load, physical exercises or stress, the latter swell, are poured with blood and begin to press on the very nervous endings.

If the muscles of the hips are strong enough and pumped up, then the effect is really impressive. Without direct stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones, their hidden, internal stimulation occurs, which ends completely logical – the girl enjoys.

Men can experience something similar, this is mainly due to the prostate. There are frequent cases when, at the moment of severe fright, the muscles of the anus are compressed and affect the prostate, and this, in turn, leads to ejection. However, this is a completely different story.

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