Weak orgasms – why is this happening and how to deal with it

Weak orgasms – why is this happening and how to deal with it.

Weak orgasms – why is this happening and how to deal with it

Some women face a weakened and non -intensity orgasm. This does not happen over the years for everyone. The problem is hidden somewhere inside, and it can be solved.

Periods of the appearance of weak orgasm

Both adults and young women may encounter the problem of ate of noticeable orgasm. And there are no specific statements that at some age this happens more often. Absolutely any woman can get into such a situation.

Weak orgasms – why is this happening and how to deal with it

Eat 3 main periods, in which the thicket of all there are such changes:

  • Marriage. After marriage, love and passion is replaced by everyday life. The desire to have sex is gradually disappeared. In particular, after several years of life together, when the partner shows all his shortcomings that irritate the female gender.
  • The birth of the baby. After childbirth, women change hormonal background, body and new values appear. During this period, many completely lose interest in an intimate life. But over time, everything falls into place. In this case, an orgasm may remain weak. And some sensations can be many times stronger.
  • Menopause. During this period, women are weakened by libido. And in order to restore bright orgasms, you need to turn on imagination, look for ways to stimulate.

Faced with the problem of weakened sensations, you must not give up and think that it will always be so. You need to fight and look for internal causes.

Health problems

Some diseases can reduce body sensitivity. First of all, it is necessary to check the genitourinary system and visit the gynecologist to exclude gynecological diseases.

Hormonal background and disturbed metabolism also affects the brightness of sensations with orgasm. Therefore, you should consult an endocrinologist.

Weak orgasms – why is this happening and how to deal with it

Psychological obstacles

Often the causes of a weakened orgasm are hidden in the head. Some may be obvious, and some play the subconscious.

They can influence the emotional state of a person:

  1. Stressful situations. Heavy work, lack of sleep and all kinds of experiences turn into a barrier, preventing him from focusing on interaction with a partner and involved in an intimate process. Sometimes the body itself refuses to fully respond to what is happening due to severe fatigue. This problem is solved by a quality vacation, which will help put thoughts in order.
  2. Negative and resentment can completely ruin sex. The built barrier does not allow the woman to relax, the body remains constrained and clamped, and the orgasm may completely disappear.
  3. Fears. Some are afraid to get pregnant, others are left after sex, and others, on the contrary, want a partner to leave. Any fears interfere with intimacy.
  4. Depression. Lack of good mood weakens the sensation. A qualified specialist will help to choose drugs that normalize the condition.

How to return past sensations

If sex has become monotonous and simply uninteresting, you need to add new colors to the intimate life with the help of experiments. You can play role-playing games, buy interesting sex toys or some accessories in the style of BDSM.

For example, vibrators help to actively stimulate the erogenous zone, which enhances sensations with orgasm. In modern toys, you can increase power and receive new effects on some areas.

And yet, if there are health problems or the emotional state is broken, you need to find out the reason and look for ways to eliminate it. Then the strength and brightness of orgasms will return, as well as pleasant sensations during the most intimacy.

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