The advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous orgasm in partners

The advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous orgasm in partners.

The advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous orgasm in partners

It is believed that the achievement of simultaneous orgasm during the intercourse of representatives of the two sexes is not only bodily intimacy, but also close spiritual contact between a man and a woman. And, despite the fact that many couples, sexologists and psychologists are striving for him in most cases, indicate that there is no need for it.

What give the same mutual sensations during sex: the advantage in the form of maximum enjoyment of sexual intercourse or the harm caused by the process due to the unnaturalness of the pace of its development?

The positive aspects of the simultaneous orgasm in a man and a woman

In fact, the simultaneous orgasm of partners cannot be unequivocally attributed to the positive or negative elements of sexual life. First of all, this phenomenon has explanations from the physiology of girls and guys. Reducations of vaginal muscles, as you know, contribute to the stimulation of the male penis present in the vagina. Often happens and vice versa: an erected solid penis almost at the final stage helps a woman to experience more vivid sensations and “pushes” her to orgasm.

The advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous orgasm in partners

In addition to physical satisfaction, most couples experience psychological pleasure. They are filled with feelings of unity, organicism, harmony and love. The delicate simultaneous orgasm for romantic natures is especially important, because it was about such intercourse that they read in books. Moreover, another category of supporters of synchronous sensations during sex regard a similar phenomenon as a result of their own skill of affairs of love. Supposedly, only by the same way can the greatest heights be achieved in the ability to deliver unearthly bliss to your soul mate.

However, specialists in the field of sexual psychology can easily name the shortcomings of the simultaneous orgasm, which, incidentally, are much more than positive points. Based on what this phenomenon is called (researchers call it synchronous), we can draw a simple conclusion that the main part of the minuses attributed to him has enough grounds for him.

Negative moments of the synchronous onset of orgasm during sex

Firstly, it is not worth striving to achieve a joint orgasm, if only because the risk of forming incorrect expectations from each other increases several times. The unjustified hopes of a man or woman lead to the appearance of far -fetched “troubles” and self -hypnosis disappointment in a loved one. It is often a situation when a couple managed to receive a simultaneous orgasm repeatedly, but as soon as a guy (or girl) has occurred earlier, not synchronously, the second partner is perceived quite tragically.

Secondly, the behavior of loving people in bed is aimed at delivering the highest pleasure to their soul mate. For both a man and for a woman, this factor plays an important role of an element that has a direct impact on self -esteem. It is not surprising that in the race for synchronous pleasure, both partners run the risk of buying a lot of complexes.

Thirdly, no less important point is that most people are delivered by moral and emotional pleasure, the opportunity to observe the orgasm of their partner. It will not be possible to see as a loved one, because the climax of sexual intercourse is a neurophysiological process in which a person completely loses control and self -control. Plunged into a simultaneous orgasm, both partners will focus exclusively on their sensations.

The advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous orgasm in partners

How to learn to have fun together lover

And yet, if the couple does not know how to achieve a simultaneous orgasm, but for a guy and a girl this moment is fundamental and important, they should try. However, to experience such happiness is not so easy.

Several tips will not be superfluous for those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of sexual bliss:

  1. Almost 90% the result depends on the partner. It is his self -control that plays a decisive role here. The ability to hold ejaculation to the approach of female orgasm will adopt the process.
  2. A man should own the techniques of quick excitement and be able to easily bring his partner to uncontrollable pleasure. It will not be possible to achieve such peaks of intimate art right away, the main thing is to remain sensitive and attentive to a woman during sex.
  3. Find the most suitable pose for both. The basic principles of her search are the rapid achievement of orgasm of the girl and the guy’s ability to restrain ejaculation.
  4. If a man needs more time to achieve orgasm, at the same time pleasure can become only when long before the intercourse of the couple managed to find one hundred percent ways to bring the representative of the stronger sex to the “finish”.

It is worth remembering one simple rule: it is much easier for a man to control the onset of the ejaculation. Female orgasm, despite the great difficulty of receiving, is uncontrollable, the ladies will not be able to restrain his coming under any training. So, it is a man who needs to adapt to a partner.

How to achieve simultaneous orgasm, sexologists also say. Experts focus on the features of frictions during intercourse. Different speed and intensity of body movements, as well as the depth of penetration of a member are the main factors that affect sensitive female zones. Sluding or, conversely, accelerating the onset of a wave of pleasure, an experienced partner himself regulates the process and chooses the most suitable moment for mutual bliss.

The advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous orgasm in partners

Physiology and psychology go hand in hand in matters of sexual relations of representatives of both sexes. Hence the importance of trusting relations between both partners, the presence of the dedication of each of them and, of course, the ability to relax. No matter how significant a man or a woman is a simultaneous orgasm, his achievement is not always able to deliver positive emotions. On the contrary, the best feelings are waiting for lovers with the natural development of the process.

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