Strengthen male orgasm – methods and tips

How to strengthen male orgasm?.

Some women over time feel that their man began to lose interest in intimacy with her, and they think that the reason is that they are just tired. However, this is far from the case, a man can actually lose interest, but most likely not to the woman herself, but to the sexual joys that arise between them. Therefore, girls do not need to be upset, in this case you can simply bring diversity to your sex life through new poses or role -playing games, or change your sex technique slightly.

Strengthen male orgasm – methods and tips

Earlier everyone believed that male orgasm is some kind of primitive state that can occur without any additional efforts. There was complete confidence that a man in any case ejaculates and strengthening orgasm does not need. But here are women who wanted to be remembered by a man not only with a body, but also with something special, began to study the structure of psychology in order to understand how to extend the male orgasm. Naturally, perfection does not exist, and if you still find a way to strengthen the male orgasm, then your relationship will go to a new level and will be significantly strengthened.

So, in this article we will consider ways to strengthen male orgasm, which will help women make the peak of enjoying their men amazing.

Methods of strengthening male orgasm

Modern women already know that the quality of sex affects the peak of satisfaction, and the pleasure of women and men is significantly different. The sensations can be increased, you just need to know how to strengthen the orgasm.

In this article you will learn some secrets that will help psychologically seize a man. Read carefully on what the extension and strengthening of male orgasm depends on, and immediately apply all the knowledge gained in practice.

Strengthen male orgasm – methods and tips

We list the main methods:

  1. The first way. Deterring ejaculation. When it seems that the end of sexual intercourse on the part of the man is about to stop, the woman must stop on her own and give a breath to her partner so that he simply does not finish. This method will help not only subsequently increase the sensations from sex, but also extend pleasure. And if you can repeat such actions several times, then the partner in any case will receive an unforgettable climax of the process.

Such a technique is used not only in classical sex, but also in many other methods that subsequently lead to pleasure, for example, in an intimate men’s massage. Many women consider this method to be difficult to do, so then we will give you some more options, for example, how to extend an orgasm during masturbation of a man.

  1. The second method. It consists in the use of an additional device for sex, which can be purchased in a sex shop. If you are embarrassed or you are simply inconvenient to go into such institutions, then you can buy any sex toy in the online store. There are many diverse such toys, choose the one that excites you more.

The second method of extending pleasure for your sexual partner is to use an erection lasso. Remember that such a toy can be used for a short time – a maximum of half an hour. Warn your partner in advance what you want to producing with a new sex toy. How to use an erective lasso? At the time of masturbation, you must gradually squeeze the penis, and then weaken Lasso to enhance the sensations, which will lead to vivid emotions.

  1. The third way. It consists in the duration of the prelude. There is the same pattern as with women. Yes, the female floor can get a quick and high -quality orgasm if, until the moment of intercourse, they were a long prelude.

The third method provides for a leisurely attitude to sex, both partners should be more serious about every erogenous point, qualitatively stimulating it. Enjoy each other, study the body of your partner, only this will be able to bring you to heaven during the culmination of the process of sexual intercourse itself.

  1. The fourth way. Here we want to pay attention to the most important thing in our lives – this is our health, namely, leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Naturally, if you feel great, your body is filled with energy, which you constantly want to accumulate on something and give. Thus, you get more satisfaction not only from physical contact with a person, but in general from everything that happens in your life. A good physical form will allow you to experiment at the time of sexual intercourse. This applies to positions and sex techniques. Many poses from the most popular love book – Kama Sutras, are unattainable for most people. And this is all due to low physical activity, including muscle weakness and poor stretching. Professionals are also sure that smoking and alcohol dependence also negatively affect the quality of obtaining satisfaction from sex.

  1. The fifth way. This method consists in taking medications, which, thanks to a certain chemical formula, increase sensations when satisfied with sex. If your partner cannot quickly and qualitatively be excited (a member is sluggish and gets bad), then it will be advisable for him to come for help from a doctor who will surely advise certain tablets that increase libido.
  2. The sixth way. It provides for a quality orgasm even without the participation of a woman. Masturbation is the most effective way to obtain an orgasm that even ancient people used.

Statistics indicate that almost all men masturbate, even those that are in a serious relationship and can have sexual intercourse at least every day. Find out how to get a strong male orgasm during masturbation in a sex shop. It is there that there are many devices to satisfy “alone”.

We list some devices:

  • The lubricant will help to achieve vivid sensations, since it is the wet environment that provokes a bright orgasm.
  • Toy vagina and anus with vibration. From such a toy any man will have an enchanting orgasm.
  • Masturbator for men. Women have a phallus, and men have a stick similar in size, but only with a hole and looks like a vagina. Today, men use masturbators not only for their own pleasure, as well as to train their endurance, which then positively affects the sexual act with a woman.

You can find other types of devices in a sex shop. A professional consultant will tell you more and show the novelty of this industry.

Strengthen male orgasm – methods and tips

So, you already know the most effective ways to strengthen the satisfaction of men, then we want to list the special rules that will also help you in conquering a male location.

Rules for strengthening male orgasm

Speaking of sex technique, this article will be discussed exactly about strengthening male orgasm. If a woman try extend the orgasm of a man, Then he will never get tired of her. To do this, you must adhere to the basic and simple rules:

  1. When a man is in severe excitement and the moment of orgasm is approaching, he begins to move faster. At this moment, the girl needs to enter one rhythm with him and this Strengthen the male orgasm.
  2. If the girl notices that her partner is close to orgasm, then at some point she can squeeze his member with the walls of her vagina, this will certainly increase the pleasure of a man. How effective this compression will depend only on the elasticity of the internal muscles of women. For their development, you can perform simple gymnastics.
  3. Another way to strengthen the male orgasm depends on the attention of the scrotum area. The girl should stroke and slightly press this area, especially this will have the maximum effect during oral caresses.
  4. There is a sensitive point in the anus of the man, so the girl can caress this place with a finger, but before that it is necessary to ask a man about it, since some are categorically against such techniques.
  5. Most of the erogenous zones of the man are around his penis when women have throughout the body. Of course, they have sensitive places in other places, but their affection can only distract from the most important process, so the girl should focus on affection a member and zones around him.
  6. Men especially love spontaneous sex, so girls should not refuse an unexpected offer. An unplanned stormy night will bring more pleasure not only for your partner, but also for yourself.

Despite all the existing techniques of increasing male orgasm, women should not forget that men can concentrate attention not only on sex, but also on the most common things. To, example, it is enough to hug your man and whisper affectionate words in his ear, and this will be enough.

Strengthen male orgasm – methods and tips

Canadian scientists conducted a survey of one and a half thousand women aged 15 to 45 years, who showed that those women who are more stupid receive the most vivid orgasm than smart partners. But we believe that the development of sexual skills, our body, training of the sexual muscles, literature on sexual development – this is what significantly increases experience, and, therefore, makes the pleasure of sex amazing.

Do not be afraid to experiment, feel relaxed in bed, and then you can attract your man!

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