Squirt – the whole truth about the jet orgasm of the girl

Squirt is the whole truth about the girl’s jet orgasm.

Squirt – the whole truth about the jet orgasm of the girl

In this article we will talk about a topic that has recently very often rises in various sex forums and social networks. Today it is perhaps the most requested topic. They want to hear about her and know in detail literally everything. And so squirt, squirt or Russian jet orgasm is the most mysterious, mysterious and unfortunately the most unanimous aspect of female sexuality.

Someone believes that this pleasure is available only to “chosen women”. Others have never heard of him, or are deeply convinced that he does not exist in nature at all. On the Internet, dozens of different definitions of this phenomenon and hundreds are walking, if not thousands of all kinds of legends and rumors, including in the video form. What is squirt, why it is happening, what is its peculiarity and value? We will try to answer all these and other questions today.

What is squirt?

Squirt – This is a special type of female orgasm, characterized by incredible strength and depth of orgasmic sensations. Its offensive is accompanied. The figure below shows a photo of a squirt girl.

In addition to her visually impressive effect, Squirt frees a woman from negativity and allows her sexuality to truly reveal. Such orgasms are actually amazing spiritual experience for both a man and a woman, as well as the deepest experience and an unforgettable adventure that the girl and her partner will recall again and again. Recall that the word “squirt” in English means “spraying with a stream”, from here comes the Russian name – jet orgasm.

Photo by Squirt – what does the jet orgasm look like

I understand that for most girls the concept of “jet orgasm” is something from the field of fantasy. Many have never to see, even to hear about such have never had to. Therefore, for those who do not know at all what it is and how it looks like we have prepared a selection of 64 photos of Squirt.

It is worth noting right away that since these photos are taken mainly from porn sites, everything is somewhat exaggerated there. All those incredibly spraying fountains that you will see in these photographs for the most part are a product of acting. In more detail about how they do it, I talked in article 4 myths about female jet orgasm. But this does not mean that in reality it does not happen – it happens and possibly even cooler!) Then what am I saying that?

So that you do not mislead these photos and did not think that real squirting is when a large amount of liquid is thrown out. By the way, this is the popularity of the 2nd myth of squirting.

How squirt differs from other types of orgasm

Continuing to disclose this topic, it is probably the time to talk about the most exciting question, the answer to which the majority want to know in the first place. Now we will talk about the features of the girl’s sensations that she experienced in squirting and find out how they differ from the sensations of other types of female orgasm such as clitoral and vaginal.

  • External manifestation. Firstly, squirt is distinguished by its special external manifestation. No type of female orgasm has such a pronounced external manifestation – fluid emission.
  • Feelings and sensations. In addition to its external manifestation, it is largely distinguished by a palette of sensations experienced by the girl. The main distinguishing feature is the extraordinary strength and depth of orgasmic feelings. Moreover, they cover not only the genital area, but spreads throughout the body. It is like a nuclear explosion inside a woman, an explosive wave that goes in all directions, absorbing everything around. Many girls note that when they have a squirt, their body absolutely ceases to obey them. Arms, legs and the body itself begins to frantically contract from powerful orgasmic impulses. That is, all other orgasms look like flashes against the background of a nuclear explosion that occurs in a female body during squirting. Often, it is this power of sensations that is the main reason that the girl cannot test it, or more precisely unconsciously, it does not allow him to come. Below I will explain what it is connected with.
  • Duration. Unlike other orgasms, the jet lasts a lot longer. If the clitoral, as a rule, lasts on average from 1 to 5 seconds, and the vaginal is slightly larger, then with a squirt a girl can orgasm to a minute or more. If we compare the clitoral and vaginal with jet on a temporary scale, they will look like instant heaps compared to a large wave of jet orgasm, which fades very slowly.

Squirt – the whole truth about the jet orgasm of the girl
The figure shows a comparison by the duration of 3 types of female orgasm: jet, vaginal and clitoral.

  • Plurality. As a rule, for example, after clitoral orgasm, most girls have the so -called refractory period. This is a phase in which the sensitivity of the clitoris to its excitement is reduced. That is, the clitoris itself can be sensitive, but its stimulation will not bring the woman again to the orgasm. It takes some time that this sensitivity is restored. By the way, men do the same. Everyone’s recovery time is different – who has more slowly. Now we are returning to squirt.

    The peculiarity of squirting is that after it there is no refractory period. The girl experiencing the first inkjet orgasm, he can soon experience the next, and after him and more. And for this, with each next time, a man has to apply less time and effort. The main thing to test the first jet orgasm. All this is due to point G and its unique properties, but we will talk about this in more detail below.

  • Condition after. If, after a regular orgasm, the girl quickly comes to his senses, that is, quickly departs from the enjoyment received, then with a squirt everything is different. The effect of experienced sensations can be felt for several hours after sex, and sometimes even a few days. In principle, this comparison is also perfectly expressed on the schedule of the duration of orgasm.
  • Emotional discharge. In principle, this is characteristic of any female orgasm, but here is a slightly different picture. Only squirt, in addition to everyone else, frees a woman from negativity and allows her to truly relax. Some girls unconsciously even begin to cry and at the same time cannot explain why. The effect of such a discharge is amazing. Feeling how much life began again.

It is also worth noting that the most general idea of the feelings is given here, but you should not forget that all the girls are different and accordingly each squirt is also worried in its own way. In some, it can be very bright in others less, but the only common thing for everyone is that it is more powerful than any other orgasm in the totality of its properties and sensations. You can learn more about what the girls feel from the girls themselves by reading the article Features of sensations with an inkjet orgasm – girls’ reviews.

Why and how squirting occurs

In order to answer this question, we need to remember (and someone to meet))) with the structure of the female reproductive system. We look at the picture below.

Squirt – the whole truth about the jet orgasm of the girl
1. Paraunsetral glands, 2. Urethra or urethra, 3. The mouth of the pawsetral gland, 4. Vagina

We are interested in the front (upper) wall of the vagina. This is exactly the place where the point g is located. By the way, it is very important in this context to clarify what this point is, since it is thanks to her that the girl most often experiences an inkjet orgasm. Point g is actually not a point at all, but an area. Even the man himself (Graffenberg), who opened her, never called her point. This bugrous area on the front wall of the vagina is a parauretral glands or as they are also called the glands of the skin, which surround the woman’s urethra, passing just above the front (upper) wall of the vagina. In the figure, this area is highlighted in a red circle, and an increased version of this area is presented on the right. With a certain stimulation of this zone (G), the skin of the skin begins to swell, and swell due to the fact that a certain secret (liquid) begins to actively be produced in them, which, upon reaching a certain degree of excitement of a woman, shoots from the holes marked in the figure with the number 3. These holes (the mouths of the parauretral glands) are located on both sides of the urethra. It is the filling of these glands that creates a feeling of a girl, as it were, she is about to describe. But the girl should not confuse these feelings, because if she holds back them, then the squirt will not happen. Now I think it is clear that the girl does not urinate at all, as it might seem at first glance, this sprays the secret of parauretral glands.

What girls are capable of squirt

On this occasion, you can find a lot of opinions and often they even contradict each other. Someone says that only some women with certain features in the structure of the genitourinary system are capable of this, others say that for Squirt it is necessary to train a girl for a long time, others say that this is not possible at all. And what is the truth? In fact, any girl or woman is physiologically capable of testing an inkjet orgasm – she has everything for this. That is, it is an integral part of female sexuality. But why then only units experience him? You will find the answer to this question in the next section of this article.

Why do many girls do not succeed

As you understand one reason, it cannot be here. Below are the most common of them.

  • Partner illiteracy is the first and perhaps the most common reason that the girl is not experiencing a squirt. Most men know so weakly the nature of female sexuality, as well as the features of the structure of its genital organs that they can not always bring the girl to the usual orgasm, what can we say about squirt. Everything is much thinner here. In addition to good knowledge of female physiology and sexuality, you still need to own certain techniques. There are a lot of nuances and subtleties in this matter, without the knowledge of which, to achieve the desired results is unlikely to work out. Of course, someone may object that without any knowledge there, and the technician forced the girl to squirt. But this is most likely due not to the boy’s abilities, but the girl’s location to this type of pleasure in principle. Yes, it happens of course. As for the main part of the girls, it is unlikely that everything will work so simply with them. You need to definitely own special techniques.
  • Distrust of the partner – we talked above the power that squirt has and that this is what the girl prevents him from reaching him. The fact is that when this orgasm on the onset of this orgasm, the girl feels that she is covered by something very large and strong, which she cannot cope with, that is, it is not possible not to control herself not her body. Therefore, if a girl does not 100% trust her beloved or partner, then she will intuitively restrain the squirt and prevents him from happening.
  • Internal psychological barriers – we are talking about internal prohibitions like: I cannot, I should not, I do not, I can’t. It may seem ridiculous to someone, but human psychology is subtle, especially the psychology of a girl, which during sex can easily be preoccupied with the fact that her hairstyle is not quite sexy or that her nails are not painted. Such prohibitions are most often the result of education, especially for families where sex was considered something dirty and not decent.
  • Fear of describing is quite often, or more precisely, almost always a jet orgasm is preceded by a feeling like the one that the girl experiences when she wants to write. Above, when we figured out why the squirt occurs, I explained why these feelings arise. Girls who are not familiar with such orgasms naturally confuse these sensations with calls to go to the toilet and, of course, intentionally restrain themselves, thereby preventing orgasm. Well, what a normal girl would like to describe during sex, and even on a guy??)))

How to bring a girl to a squirt

Already knowing quite a lot about the squirt, making sure of the uniqueness and undeniable advantages of this type of female pleasure, you are probably already smiling slyly and rubbing the pens, you are going to ask the following quite logical question: “And how to bring the girl to the jet orgasm”. We know how !!))) But this is a separate topic that is disclosed in detail in this course.

Squirt – the whole truth about the jet orgasm of the girl

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