Orgasmic headache: what everyone needs to know. Head hurts during and after sex.

Orgasmic headache: what everyone needs to know.

Orgasmic headache: what everyone needs to know. Head hurts during and after sex.

The headache arising during sex is reality, not a myth. This phenomenon is 4 times more likely in male representatives, but girls also often contact doctors with such complaints. Orgasmic (or coil) pain appears at the peak of pleasure. The duration of unpleasant sensations – from 15 minutes to several days.

How the head hurts during and after sex?

► dull pain. Begins some time before orgasm. A man or woman begins to notice strange sensations in the neck and back of the head. As the excitation increases, the pain intensifies, reaching the peak during orgasm. As a rule, the pain is bilateral and compressive. Doctors associate this type with a fairly strong contraction of the muscles of the neck and head. This type of headache is considered the safest.

► explosive pain. Associated with a sharp increase in blood pressure. Manifests itself directly at the time of receiving orgasm. A person experiences quite strong unpleasant sensations. Explosive orgasmic headache is considered dangerous in terms of vascular disasters.

► postural headache. This type of malaise is associated with an uncomfortable body position. That is, in some cases, unusual sexual poses can lead to such a state. Headache usually takes place shortly after the completion of sexual intercourse. For those who are not inclined to abandon virtuoso poses, we recommend using a special sexmebel and sex cacheli. These devices will ensure safety, stability, remove the load from the spine, distributing it evenly throughout the body, and will also help to translate the poses that you previously considered dangerous or impossible.

Causes of an orgasmic headache

  1. Strong muscle contraction.
  2. Stress.
  3. Tendencies to migraines.
  4. Glaucoma.
  5. A sharp change in blood pressure.
  6. High frequency of sexual contact.
  7. Diseases of coronary vessels.
  8. The use of certain drugs, for example, some oral contraceptives.

Orgasmic headache: what everyone needs to know. Head hurts during and after sex.

What to do when such symptoms are detected?

Immediately after the first such episode, it is necessary to contact a neurologist who will conduct a detailed examination. This is especially important if you notice other signs of a violation: a decrease in visual acuity, sensitivity, etc.D. In most cases, doctors do not detect any dangerous diseases, however, serious disorders may also be hidden behind the symptoms described above. Diagnostics includes pressure measurement, eye of the eye day, encephalography. If the neurologist finds out that the headache is benign in nature, he will try to establish connections with psychological or physical stress. Such a clinical picture is often found in people who are prone to excessive anxiety.

When to see a doctor?

  • During the attack, you notice unilateral pain.
  • There was a strong nausea, vomiting.
  • During the exacerbation, body temperature rises.
  • Your age exceeds 50 years.

With these signs, it is necessary to immediately exclude diseases such as aneurysm, meningitis, brain abscess, the presence of neoplasms, etc.D.

Treatment of orgasmic headache

If the doctor does not detect dangerous diseases, then you will be prescribed comprehensive therapy aimed at reducing psycho-vegetative activation and eliminating muscle strain. You will be offered physiotherapeutic methods of treatment, which include therapeutic massage, psychotherapeutic methods, various trainings. The doctor will also prescribe medicines. In some cases, antidepressants are used. The maximum duration of therapy – 1-2 months. After this time, you can again enjoy full -fledged sex.

Thus, when a headache occurs during love of love, you should definitely visit the hospital. Independently treatment can only aggravate an unpleasant situation. be healthy!

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