Multiple orgasm. Like this?

Multiple orgasm. Like this?.

Multiple orgasm is the ability to receive an orgasm more than once during a very short period of time. It seems simple, but it is far from the case. Education of this ability requires you to comply with four conditions:

  • excitement;
  • masturbation;
  • concentration;
  • dedication.

In men and in women, it is significantly different. It is not easy to learn to receive it, but for women it is much easier than for men. This is your special achievement in sex, although if you do not succeed, this does not mean that you are not able to come to the finish line winner. In a sexual game, everyone once wins.

Multiple orgasm in women

Women may not be able to urinate standing standing, although men always do it, but in their ability to multiple orgasms, women undoubtedly take the upper hand. Nature made women in the absence of a “period of irrelevia”, to which she sentenced men after orgasm: women can continue and continue to make love, since there is no such temporary switch in the female function of reaction to sexual stimulation. In women, the ability to them is most likely after their sexual peak (in the region of 35) or when they are in the third month of pregnancy due to an increase in blood flow to the genital area.
Looks, but there is something in this-to be older and more))))!

Streams and waves

Women can experience two types of orgasms: fluid and wave -like.
Streaming – occurs more often than a wave -shaped. Most women can experience only one of these types, and only the most happy-both. Strave is a long one, which, starting, lasts a while, and the moment of its end is not defined. He has maximums and minimums of intensity, but it continues continuously until stimulation stops. It differs from the usual prolonged, since the ecstatic tremors of voluptuous trembling, t. e. “Orgasm peaks” increase and fall, recalling the echo: secondary peaks follow one after another.

When, at the first orgasm, the woman issues exclamations “yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”, This means that it has reached the initial orgasic level. Further continuation of stimulation first supports the woman at this initial organic level, but then the orgasm is repeated in the form of increasing and falling peaks with a period of a few seconds to half a minute, accompanied by exclamations “On!.. About the baby! Oh my God!”, Meaning rise from the first level to a new height. The stream is growing continuously or, rather, periodically.

The wave -like occurs a little different. It is this type of orgasm that most people consider the “multiple”. It occurs in the form of a sequence of orgasms, excitingly the following one by one, each of which can be clearly distinguished and separated from the other. Time intervals between them can be from nanoseconds to minutes. If the intervals between them exceed one and a half minutes, they are already considered as successive, not multiple. These consistent orgasms are considered a variety of multiple. These are individual orgasms that occur at intervals in several minutes, which requires separate stimulation.

In women, they are most common, and all women are capable of them, but their frequency depends on the sensitivity of their vagina: some women after the first are so sensitive that any touch to the genitals becomes painful, and not sweet. To achieve the next, they may take a minute or more. In other women, with the resumption of touch after a lack of stimulation for several seconds, very quickly, sometimes after one or two seconds, the next orgasm is observed. It differs from the wave -shaped, which is a sequence of orgasms occurring during continuous prolonged stimulation. Women who had one orgasm most often after that stop stimulation, or their partner stops it, but if they continue it, they feel the approach of a wave -like orgasm. The first orgasm is usually the strongest, but shortly after its disappearance, another sets in, then more and more, rolling like waves to the seashore.

How to achieve a maximum of pleasure

Regardless of what you want to receive orgasms – wave -like or in -line, the way of training in achieving them is the same: masturbation. At the beginning of classes, it is best to do it without a partner so that you have the opportunity to concentrate. As soon as you learn this yourself, you can teach your partner. Since multiple orgasms in women and men occur differently, the methods of masturbation for the development of the ability to them are also somewhat different. While men need to first train the ability to restrain their first orgasm, women can masturbate before its onset.

After the first orgasm, you begin the concentration of a luggage. From this moment you learn prolonged stimulation.

Women with high sensitivity need to exclude touching the clitoris and continue to stimulate other areas in order to maintain a high orgasmic level. Many women are initially easier to learn to get a fluid orgasm. This can be done with a hand and a phaloemitator or two hands. Treat this as a game on the piano: each hand (or hand and vibrator) plays its own party at various pace. As soon as you reach an orgasm, continue slow stimulation with one hand or a phaloemitator to maintain an orgasic level, which resembles maintaining the engine operation at low speeds. Places of stimulation for these purposes are usually immediately under or above the clitoris on its trunk. While you enjoy this technique, with the other hand or vibrator, you can stimulate your zone of maximum pleasure, usually the clitoris, to repeat the bursts of multiple orgasms. Such “music classes” require practice, and women who do this for the first time often have high hopes for the training process and worry about its result, which prevents the achievement of orgasm. Learn to relax and enjoy the process itself, and in the end you can get one orgasm after another.

In order to learn how to get a wave -like orgasm, you can use the phallimitator, and some women simply need it. The difference in training exercises is small. Some women initially try to get fast consistent, and then train in achieving a wave -like multiple. Masturbate to orgasm, and then stop all the stimulation and postpone the phaloemitator. Then, after about 20-30 seconds, masturbate the clitoris by the phaloemitator or, with its excessive sensitivity, stimulate another erogenous zone and bring yourself to orgasm again. With each subsequent masturbation to orgasm, reduce breaks and masturbate again until the next. Experiment with various speeds and movements of the Faloemitator and determine what is most suitable for you to receive orgasms, so that in the end your orgasms occur quickly one after another even without stopping stimulation. As soon as you select the regimes and the movement of the phaloemitator for this, go to masturbation without it to receive orgasm with hands stimulation.

Women say that a change of masturbation methods often helps them. For example, to achieve the first orgasm, you can use the circular motion with three fingers, and when it comes, go to stimulation of the clitoris up and down to the second, then quickly move on to stimulation of the clitoris of the clitoris from side to side to the third. All women are different, and that is why it is necessary to experiment to determine what suits you the most.

Multiple orgasm in men

Yes, men can learn to achieve their sexual pleasure and receive a multiple orgasm without ejaculation. However, let’s say directly: this is not easy and requires experience. Usually, men have a period of unchangedness, which naturally occurs in them after an orgasm. And during this period they do not have sexual desire and, as a rule, they can be brought to the next orgasm. In terms of duration, this period may vary, due to age, the state of health of a man, and lasts from a few minutes to several hours. Therefore, if a man wants to become multi -organized, he must solve the “problem” of his period of non -wableness.

By nature, such orgasms in men are opposite to female. In men, it occurs in the form of one long process with ejaculation and completes the stimulation process. If a man wants to experience such orgasms, he must train his reaction to sexual stimulation and learn to feel an orgasm before ejaculation. That is, in essence, he must learn to receive a series of orgasic sensations (mini-organms) before the main reaction occurs-orgasm together with the release of seed fluid. In order to learn this, a man must first master his reaction to sexual stimulation. He must always be able to control the moment of the onset of the ejaculation, otherwise he is unlikely to be able to receive multiple orgasms.

So, as soon as a man learns to control the moment of the beginning of ejaculation and stop the process of his excitement up to this point, he can learn what is called “swim in the wake of the plateau”. A wave of a plateau, or plateophase, is a set of sensations that occur before the orgasm, before the sensation “Oh, I finish!”. This is a feeling of ejaculatory inevitability, immediately before which there is a short period of time, which is called an orgasic threshold in men. This is precisely the threshold of orgasic sensations that can be controlled: to extend it, strengthen, weaken and “slide” on the crest of these sensations for a certain period of time. During this end -to -end threshold, the increase and weakening of stimulation is felt in the form of minorgasms before ejaculation. As soon as a man learns to control these sensations, he will be able to remain at this orgasic level not a fraction of a second, as is usually the case in men, but a few minutes. During the “sliding” on this threshold, the level of orgasmic sensations, as a rule, is not what a man with orgasm can have after a lack of sex for a month, but the minorgasms experienced on this threshold are real impulses of orgasic pleasure.


Masturbation – the key to training. And the best way of learning is to do it slowly and gradually. Masturbate to medium excitement, and then stop. Focus on the sensations that arise in your testicles and a member, as well as in the abdomen and groin when weakening an erection. Over the next few weeks, masturbate, reaching more and higher excitation levels (devote more time to classes, study your reaction to sexual excitement at different times of the day and under different circumstances, for example, stress, relaxation, etc. P.). . Stop and concentrate on your feelings.

Experiment with short stimulation techniques and determine their duration and quantity you need to achieve an orgasm. Concentrate on pleasure at this moment and try to determine what levels you can achieve without actual orgasm. Make a short, quick stimulation, then stop abruptly – and so several times in a row. You will feel the delightful ups of your sensations in the form of multiple enjoyment waves. This is similar to swimming on the crest of a wave of pleasure: take off to the very top to the peak of pleasure, a swift throw down to its minimum level, and once again: a maximum of a minimum and so on, until you decide to finish. At first you can experience up to two minorgasms, but with experience you can reach ten.

Men can resort to alternative teaching methods in special societies under the guidance of instructors, such as the gurus of tantric sex or a Tao-sex teacher who teach orgasm without ejaculation. The ancient practice of male orgasms without ejaculation is based on the work of breathing, relaxation and control. Men who are able to control the moments of their ejaculation are at the first stage of qualifications.

The next, more advanced stage of controlling the reaction to sexual stimulation is assigned to men who can receive an orgasm without ejaculation. As soon as a man takes possession of such a technique that it requires more experience and concentration and, of course, not everyone is accessible, he can proceed to the study of the technique of multiple orgasms. It is after ejaculation that a man has an uncomfortable period, which excludes the possibility of such orgasms.

As soon as a man learns to receive an orgasm without ejaculation, multiple orgasms become a completely achievable goal. Apparently, this is not easy. In the West, most men cannot imagine orgasm without ejaculation. In order to extend it or learn multiple, you have two ways: either learn how to get an orgasm without ejaculation, or learn to swim in the wake of the plateau. Most men prefer the second way or even quit this training.

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