Loss of consciousness during orgasm: norm or deviation? What to do if a girl loses consciousness from O

Loss of consciousness during orgasm: norm or deviation?.

Loss of consciousness during orgasm: norm or deviation? What to do if a girl loses consciousness from O

During orgasm, the strangest reactions may be expected to us. Someone in the peak of pleasure is washed off with tears, someone laughs or wildly growls, and someone flies into heaven. The last option is signed? Loss of consciousness during sex scares and alarms. Is this a normal reaction of the body or it is worth being anxiety and fleeing doctors?

«La Petite Mort»: Little death in the bedroom

It is not for nothing that an orgasm is called «a little death» – In moments of the highest pleasure, we practically cannot control ourselves. Hence some funny or shameful situations, for which then you have to blush, hence the moments that threaten health. Statistics states that in the world annually 50,000 people die during love. Sex can kill – is it true?

First, we will deal with the very orgasm. As you know, sexual discharge occurs after stimulation of erogenous zones or strong psychological arousal. Many experience an orgasm even in a dream, so that we can safely assume that this feeling is born primarily in the brain, and not in «zone of bikini». A certain area is activated, which is responsible for gastronomic addictions. After a portion of pleasure, the hypothalamus begins to active. In addition, during orgasm, a tremendous amount of hormones is thrown into the blood. In women, this is oxytocin, in men also dopamine. The nerve endings are actively involved, with which the genitals are more than enough.

Scientists compare an orgasm with extreme physical activity. Short -term but such a strong orgasmic outbreak leads to rapid breathing and a sharp narrowing of the vessels of the brain. The heart begins to pound in a frantic rhythm, blood pressure jumps up. This is what explains the loss of consciousness in such moments.

Loss of consciousness during orgasm: norm or deviation? What to do if a girl loses consciousness from O

This «dangerous» orgasm – 5 possible causes of malaise during sex

In moments of strong orgasm, convulsions, epileptic seizure and even temporary paralysis of the limbs can occur. Warned, it means armed: it is better to know possible risks and to listen to each signal of your body carefully. Doctors say that the loss of consciousness does not pose a big threat to life if it happens extremely rarely. This condition may arise due to such factors:

No. 1 – diet

Excessive fascination with dietary unloading days, when the menu has only apples or only kefir or constant starvation, improper selection of food products – All this leads to «impoverishment» vitamin reserves of the body. The level of hemoglobin falls, fatigue is felt. At such moments, you can lose consciousness even from the look at the mouth -watering bun, not like violent sex.

No. 2 – stuffiness

What most often say people who lose consciousness? There is nothing to breathe. If the room is too hot, any, even perfectly healthy person can lose consciousness at the moment of strong tension.

No. 3 – long absence of sex

During sexual abstinence, sexual energy accumulates in the body, to control the passion of the suddenly curbing body, how difficult it is. What can we say about the moment when you can finally give free rein to your desires after long fasting. Loss of consciousness from an excess of feelings – One of the most common reasons for such a trance. It is better to solve the problem before its onset with the help of improvised means, partner or male masturbators and female vibrators.

No. 4 – age

No matter how sad it would be to pronounce this particular reason, she skips in the lips of doctors more than often. Those who are over thirty are not worth joking with health. In an experienced lady in sex, such moments are most often associated with neuralgic problems. So with repeated immersion in non -existence, it is worth immediately undergoing an unscheduled medical examination.

No. 5 – alcohol

This «Friend» can cause dizziness even before sex-ethno, so abuse of alcohol on a promising date is definitely not worth. CHAMPANSH BOKAL will warm up feelings and make the mood playful, the bottle of sparkling will at least kill. He will kill romance.

If dizziness is felt during sex, you should immediately slow down the pace: change the pose to more convenient or switch to oral affection. In this way, you can avoid loss of consciousness and not frighten to the death of a new partner. If each orgasm is accompanied by a trance lasts a few seconds or even minutes – It is worth thinking about possible deviations. The visit to the doctors will not be superfluous.

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