How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

In recent years, the media are actively extinguishing the theme of female sexuality, and, of course, orgasms are regularly on the agenda. It seems to be good that the iron curtain was opened, and the girls stopped being only wives-mother-bellows and got the right to pleasure in bed, but at the same time you feel a clear overkill. Increased interest in the abilities and needs of female genitals concerned and men. Poor, they only now begin to understand how many women they brought true pleasure, and whoever pretended to be beautifully, portraying porn.

Some individuals of the stronger sex, having lived with his wife for 10 years or more, are horrified to realize that she had never finished, but they tried, so actively panting … a pore for both sexes, and we will reveal it in full: how to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm, And why she does it! How to split such a “strong nut”, pretending to be for many years in a row? Let’s first answer the question of how often women simulate a vivid climax of sexual intercourse for the sake of a partner.

Simulation of orgasm, how often women imitate in bed

Sad, but the fact – in almost half of cases, ladies pretend. We do not take into account those who are related to the characteristics of physiology, but we are talking about a healthy average representative of the weaker sex who is able to experience an orgasm, but this does not happen. That is, the lady can finish at least clitride, which she successfully receives during masturbation alone, but in bed with a partner this is not at all.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

Even passionately wishing the cherished climax, many do not reach it. Don’t pay attention to the rolling of the eyes and the coveted ahi-sizdokh-this can be easily simulated. British scientists generally came to the disappointing conclusion that not half of the women remain unsatisfied, and all 80% of the sexy females! And they pretend in 90% of cases, with different partners, and not just with a boring legal husband. By the way, 90% of them did not notice the catch and were satisfied with their sexual “victories”. Why do ladies behave this way: for the sake of fragile male self -esteem or with the aim of manipulating male consciousness in their favor? Oh, these women ..

Some experts claim that all the fault is on a man – he finished earlier than she was ready to finish. In order not to offend the beloved and do not continue the “torture” of the vagina manually (it is better to sleep after workdays, if it is not true), some of the girls wriggle like snakes, depicting stormy outpourings. Others simply do not want to ruin the unity that is in pairs.

Female orgasm is a complex reaction consisting of completely different points, sometimes independent of the tactile stimulations of the genital organs. Some ladies describe their orgasm as something that suddenly appeared in the area of the inters -fate zone and descended along the spine below, and there seemed to be no vaginal contractions, but the head flew away from sensations completely.

We have already said that they end in completely different and sensations from the climax may also differ in them. Unfortunately men, many girls during sex, to achieve discharge, represent and fantasize not at all about what the partners would like. In general, in any case, it is difficult for a man to find out whether the girl is orgasm or not, since at the time of ejaculation he is busy with his experiences from the process.

We would say that an imitation of orgasm is not so much a male problem as the care of the women themselves, because regularly pretending and holding partners in ignorance, they doom themselves to rejection of a full sexual life!

To calm men, we can report another fact: a woman does not always want to finish – she does not need it according to her physiology. Sometimes a lady just needs to relax, as, for example, people from massage or 1-2 glasses of wine relax. And sexual intercourse without orgasm, but with a loved one, gives it moral satisfaction. She does not develop sperm, beating in the morning in the brain, does not stand a dick with a stake, and when the energy is exchanged during bodily intercourse, saturation occurs until the next time. If your Virgin does not have orgasms in 2-3 cases of proximity of 10, do not score your head-panic early. Believe me, just enough.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

All the reasons why women simulate an orgasm

What are the reasons for such an insidious deception? There are a lot of them. And most are still associated precisely with the psychology of a woman, her inner experiences and myths that have survived in her head. We list the main factors pushing the ladies to the simulation.

The image of a multi-sore porn star

From all screens and from all the cracks, we hear about the fact that a real woman should end at every corner! The image imposed from the screens of the TV always wants and sensual person, from which all men go crazy, firmly populated in the collective unconscious. Some are afraid to admit to the partner that they need more time to warm up, affection, Koitus himself, because they want to look in his eyes megasex and liberated. And men should admit, they also believe in this picture, carefully outlined to us by Western cultures. Many orgasms are expected from ladies, which they are obliged to give out a series of shots, like Katyusha, only from a slight touch to the labia. So much information merges daily in the general information about the point g, a, k, p, which is just a shame if you have not groped them up yet.

Own complexes

Many women are unhappy with their figure. At the same time, a man can be of a completely different opinion regarding her proportions and volumes, but she diligently drove into the head that her breasts are unexpected and in the Doggi-Stayle pose looks terrible, and the priest is covered with cellulite and looks even worse than the chest than the breast. If the partner likes to have sex in normal lighting, and even in the mentioned pose, the thoughts of his chosen one will be occupied only by the issue of her appearance in this situation, and the body will not even respond to very strong stimulations.

No wonder they say that excitement and orgasm in girls live in their heads! Cannot relax and throw out stupid thoughts, which means that she is like an orgasm like to the moon.

Increase in fragile male self -esteem

The girl loves her man and is simply shy about telling him that he is doing something wrong. She does not dare to accept some poses in which she could finish, because she knows that a partner likes less. In fact, your beloved in this version simply protects your masculine pride. She is very expensive not only your physical satisfaction, but also moral.

You knew that the girl would rather finish with a not very skilled lover, but with a delicate, affectionate caring and experiencing feelings for her than with a cool ladies’ saint, masterfully making kuni and rimming, but not feeding on her of any emotional attachments? For ladies, prolonged promising relationships are important in which they relax in every sense.

If you meet periodically, and she understands that you have everything “for the sake of health”, there may be problems with orgasm, but not every woman will explain the reasons for such a man. She does not want to offend you, but sleeps with you exactly until you are beneficial to her.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

Strict parental education and incorrect installations

Many girls were brought up in anti -second traditions. Moms persistently (without realizing it) instilled in her daughters aversion to sex, talking about the shamefulness of their activities. This is done with good intentions so that the girl does not become pregnant ahead of time, does not spoil her reputation and so on. But many mothers are too hard to do with her daughters, and it turns out. In bed with a legitimate spouse, a young woman is not able to liberate, because in her subconscious intimate relationships between the sexes are associated with the image of something ugly and ugly.

Electra complex

Someone suffers from the Electra complex when dad is on the podium. He is an ideal family man, a husband for a mother, a miner, and is generally a real example to follow in everything. If the image of the husband does not reach my father’s ideality, then orgasms are an unattainable vertical limit.

He just wants to be shot

She feels bad, there is no mood, thoughts are clogged with other things – in a word, head hurts. And here you are with your excitement! In this case, many girls pay tribute to the male desire in order to maintain a relationship, not to make an opponent, etc.D. She just wants to shoot for the benefit of family and love, as a grandmother or mother bequeathed (a man needs to always be given!). When a woman “gives” in order to go to bed faster, she is unlikely to finish – at these moments it is difficult for her to catch a wave of orgasm.

Unfavorable atmosphere

Perhaps to cocked fantasies and concentrate on pleasant sensations. Domestic circumstances interfere? Mom behind the wall, the younger brother runs at any moment, a dream in the same room with her own children, overload daily affairs, etc.D. A woman cannot completely surrender to orgasic experiences, therefore, he is constantly distracted and nervous, respectively, does not receive discharge.

Yes, she just gets tired during the day when you have a full family set. Everyone requires her emotional inclusion and return, but no one replenishes the forces spent, and in the evening the husband climbs with sex. The wife wants to relax, because tomorrow all Katavasia will begin at first and in a circle. This is no longer a one -time “headache”, but a complete overload of the female nervous system and almost the last stage of emotional burnout. In a similar layout of which the body will reject first of all? Of course, the function of reproduction. Not like orgasms, I don’t even want sex!

Inexperienced partner

Sometimes a partner is actually inexperienced or not very trying for his woman. He is more preoccupied with his own satisfaction. Even knowing about the girl’s needs for longer caresses, he will not bother. Some men try, but do not know any subtleties that, for example, with cunnilingus, it is not at all necessary to suck the labia or roughly stick his tongue into the vagina, because the most sensual part of the female organ is the clitoris. His neat and affectionate stimulation leads a woman to a bright and sometimes even multiple orgasm.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

The best helpers for inexperienced partners will be not only new sex techniques, but also modern sex toys from our store! Her orgasms in your hands: buy your favorite vibrator with different vibration modes, and she will always finish. Even without you. Let him study his anatomy, and then tells what position and at what angle an orgal impulse flies to it!


The most vile reason why your lady stopped orgating is her betrayal. Unfortunately, most women stop finishing with a permanent partner when a wonderful “Vasily” appears behind the scenes. Alas, all genital passions boil with him now. There is no gunpowder left in the powders.

All men need to remember that a woman is finishing physically if she is ready to finish mentally, That is, in your head. She needs not only to want, but also to respect a partner, trust him, to be one. You quarreled with her, offended, touched her for the living, perhaps she was jealous – there will be no orgasm. The lady will pretend, and very natural, but will not experience a real buzz, because a brain storm occurs in her head. Almost all men know how to disconnect from external factors and just want to, just get pleasure, just have sex and end from this. Women also know how, but in comparison with the strong floor they are in the minority.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Ways to figure out the deceiver

Of course, it is difficult to suspect an experienced simulator in deception-it will even depict vaginal abbreviations more naturally than you ever felt. But there are units of such “chanterelles”, therefore, according to the main signs, it will be possible to figure out a liar with a liar. How to understand the man that his beloved is shy about to say herself? How to determine that a girl simulates an orgasm?

If you stopped experiencing rhythmic contractions of the vagina with your member

Previously, you could clearly feel how the head and part of the barrel tightly wrap the vaginal muscles and at the same time rhythmically contract with a certain frequency? And suddenly, she groans, wriggles, bends her back, says that she finished, but you did not feel those dense compression … as they say, once – not a camel. Maybe you yourself went through this moment, as you delve into your own feelings, but the repetition of the script should alert. Is your noble?

If your chosen one has given birth not so long ago, you may not feel reductions for obvious reasons: the vagina has not yet returned to normal. The muscles stretched out and did not have time to return to its original position. Wait a bit, everything will work out.

Just keep in mind that modern beauties train the pelvis muscles with vaginal balls, because they can give you such vaginal tricks that the orgasm rests!

Her clitoris does not swell

. If this does not happen, then your dear imitates an orgasm. But for such accurate assessments, you need to carefully study the condition of the partner at the time of discharge. Not all girls apply this criterion.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

The pulse beats in normal rhythm

You knew that at the time of the climax of the pulse, the pulse is almost half, and breathing becomes heavy and intermittent? The second fad of the lady can easily organize, as well as the contraction of the vaginal muscles, but the increase in the pulse definitely cannot be tuned! Lean against her chest after she finishes, and listen to whether her heart often beats.

She no longer wants to soak up

Girls, like cats, want to soak up and stretch, especially after bright sex and insanely exciting orgasm. Such an instinctive impulse is laid down in them so that fertilization exactly occur, and the seed falls into the female sexual paths. If your beauty runs to the bathroom racing with you, which she had never done before, then something is wrong here ..

Just do not take those cases when her plans do not include the birth of a screaming day and night of the cub, and you have just accidentally launched your gene material exactly on the target. Believe me, anyone will run into the shower, ahead of you, as Ferrari furnaces Lada.

She has a little lubrication

This is another factor that will be a definition of the expected climax – an increase in the amount of lubrication. As well as in men, in women, it is much larger with orgasm, therefore, if your Madame has not been very moistened or remained almost dry, but convinces that she finished, know – she is lying.

She ends always and everywhere, without stopping, in any weather, in all poses

You seem to be sleeping with a rubber zina on an unsettled battery. Or you are competently driven by the nose, like a donkey for carrots. Your cunning girl simply successfully positions her “abilities” and obviously exaggerates them, hoping that the media has long been washed with the brain on the topic of female orgasms: only the most valuable individuals of the female can end in 100% of cases out of 100!

Remember, you did not tell her with obvious resentment in the voice that the previous passion could not finish? You often told her about this? If so, then you came across a very cunning and smart girlfriend who made the right conclusions and almost got you like Alena, who loves a juicy and tasty lagel called “Babi Orgasm”.

How to understand that a woman simulates an orgasm. Why do girls imitate pleasure and what to do about it?

There are no non -standard reactions inherent in it

She is sobbing you, choking with happiness and orgasm, and then she suddenly did not take his eye? She usually curses and shouts the wild vulgarities of the mother drunk in the very peak of sensations, and here she modestly dismissed, pulling her eyes? A week ago, she scratched her back with naked claws so that you were ready to exclude this cosmetic procedure from your family budget, but what day it is modestly patting you through the buttocks and waves the butt, hiding the claws? It is very strange. Either the girl was sick, or for some reason simulates an orgasm.

Sharply activated “friend”

If in her stories a certain beautiful “Vasily” appears more and more often, which, uhhh, is how good, and generally a great guy, while the orgasms disappeared somewhere in the bedroom, we can sympathize. Most likely, they ran into a bed to him. Pay attention to the circle of her communication, check where and with whom she spends time. Perhaps a new “girlfriend Masha” appeared on her phone … Type inadvertently and listen to who will answer there.

The girl simulates an orgasm, what to do

Just do not arrange an interrogation with recognition! A rare lady will say that she had just imitated hot passions. It is better to ask what she likes in bed, what would she like to see the new in your performance – in this perspective, the conversation can open for you the completely inconspicuous aspects of your intimate life. You learned for sure that your woman simulates an orgasm, according to the listed signs, and you want to fix it? Then read the advice on what to do in this case.

  • Invite the woman if she does not suffer from excessive shyness, to engage in joint masturbation. Watch how it satisfies itself with your own hands, and you will learn a lot of new. Take all her movements for your note.
  • Bring the chosen one to a frank conversation. If you start the conversation affectionately and insinuating, it may confess. “I see that you are missing something, and I don’t enjoy it myself. Tell me what I am doing wrong or what I do not do at all … ” – this kind of beginning is able to encourage a woman to confessions. A little wine or champagne will not hurt either – a glass of high -quality alcohol will relax your partner and set up for warm communication. In principle, we have already said this above.
  • Try not to offend your companion and not give reasons for jealousy. Any quarrels, reproaches, insults, and even more so hints of an opponent kill a woman’s ability to experience an orgasm.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. If earlier you were always affectionate and tender, then at some point the assertive and hard. Try to arrange spontaneous sex more often. Many women dream of raping Ponaroshka, and even those who, at first glance, seem modest and aid-toothels, want it.

Remember, not all girls orgasm from sexual intercourse, because vaginal orgasm is difficult to achieve pleasure. Cliterneal is much easier to experience. If during the intercourse the partner did not finish, then bringing her with a hand or tongue to the climax is easy and simple, because she is already so heated.

Learn to talk with the chosen one frankly, more often sincerely make her compliments, show interest in her desires, make changes to the usual sex life, and her orgasms will be your merit!

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