How to simulate an orgasm and do not get caught? Tips for women how to simulate an orgasm.

How to simulate an orgasm and do not get caught?.

How to simulate an orgasm and do not get caught? Tips for women how to simulate an orgasm.

You can say for a long time that the orgasm is bad and dishonest in relation to the partner, well, or something else in that spirit. But for sure almost every woman at least once had to arrange this performance, so as not to offend her man. To answer the question why women pretend, we will not, we will better tell me how to do it efficiently so that the man does not guess about anything. After all, there is nothing worse than if a man notices the insincerity of feelings expressed in bed. In order not to make excuses and convince him of your honesty, from the very beginning everything needs to be done flawlessly.

The main points on which a woman can «get caught»

Too loud

The fact that it is customary to moan or even scream during orgasm, probably every adult knows. Beautiful erotic scenes in the cinema, where the heroine Yaro demonstrates her vocal data, only confirm this fact. In real life, everything is a little different, monotonous cries throughout the process will be a big mistake. A sense of ecstasy goes on increasing and, accordingly, the sounds made should differ in frequency and volume.

Even breathing

Breathing correctly with orgasm is also very important. Sex is a great physical labor, having done which you cannot remain completely calm. And if, after the climax, the partner notices that you are not at a loss, and your breathing is completely even, then this will definitely doubt the naturalness of your behavior. Intermittent breathing will be more correct.

– We lie «log»

It is impossible to experience vivid emotions and at the same time remain almost motionless. Body movements at the time of the peak of satisfaction become almost uncontrollable. In order to simulate them, you have to make a lot of effort. There is only one advice – take an active part in the process or at least maintain the rhythm set by the man.

How to simulate an orgasm and do not get caught? Tips for women how to simulate an orgasm.

– Facial expressions

Smile sweetly when passions boil, agree, ridiculous. The facial expression also needs to be monitored. Rather, a confused look is suitable. In the body, at the time of orgasm, there is a large emission of adrenaline, the cheeks are pink, the pupils narrow. All this is not reproduced artificially. Although, the partner is unlikely to consider your blush or pupils, it is better to play it safe and play with your eyes closed.

According to statistics, about 80% of women simulated an orgasm at least once, and more than half of all women of the planet regularly do this. The main reason is the fear of loneliness and the loss of a partner, while 10 women out of 100 (10% of the female population) have never experienced an orgasm and relate to this indifferently.

– Silence in an intimate place

At the time of orgasm, not only body movements, but also the movement of the vaginal muscles become involuntary – they begin to contract, and since at this moment the partner is directly at the scene, he will definitely feel them. It is quite possible to control intimate muscles, you just have to practice a little.

– All poses are good

It rarely happens that a woman is very good in any pose – She should have some kind of favorite. Do not wait until the man begins to seek the right through the samples, and maybe he will not pay attention to it at all. Tell us about it yourself and be ready to behave more emotionally when you begin to implement it.

– I got up and went

Run to dress or fly a headlong into the bathroom immediately after sex will also be a shortage on your part. Since, try an orgasm for truly, you would have departed from it for a long time. Therefore, relax a bit, lie down next to him, tell him what a wonderful lover he is, and only by making sure that the man is satisfied, you can assume that this time the performance succeeded.

Imaging an orgasm, knowing about it only in hand, a very difficult task. It is much easier to reproduce already experienced sensations.

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