How to learn to experience an orgasm? What to do if there is no orgasm? | Questions about orgasm

How to learn to experience an orgasm? What to do if there is no orgasm?.

How to learn to experience an orgasm? What to do if there is no orgasm? | Questions about orgasm
Not all women get an orgasm. There are those who have never experienced such sensations, others stopped getting pleasure after childbirth, and someone just lost interest in a partner. All this can be fixed. Orgasms can be learned and they can be returned if they were before, but it will take time and desire to experiment. Simple tips in this will help.

Interesting facts about orgasm

Every year the number of women who regularly receive orgasms is increasing. At the beginning of the twentieth century, many ladies did not know that sex was able to give pleasure. Today, 53% of women regularly receive sexual discharge. And interest in achieving pleasure is growing.

Most girls First orgasm experienced from the age of 17 to 19 years. Not all of sex, some of masturbation. In 40% of women from the moment of the first sexual intercourse to the first orgasm, from 6 to 18 months passes.

Only 19% of women begin to experience orgasms with a partner immediately after deprivation of virginity, The rest of this skill has to learn. And if there were no peak sensations yet, this is not a reason to be upset, study your body and find the path to bliss.

What prevents you from getting an orgasm

There are many reasons for the lack of orgasms, we highlighted the main of them. It is important to figure out what exactly affects each case in order to cope with the problem faster.

  • Pain. If there is pain during sex or masturbation, it is difficult to enjoy. It is not always possible to eliminate sensations yourself, you need a doctor’s consultation. It is necessary to exclude medical causes, for example, inflammation. If the pain is caused by the inconsistency of the genitals, it is important to find a suitable pose in which all movements are pleasant.
  • Fears. Distrust of the partner, fear of intimacy, shame – these are enemies of orgasms. The formation of such states occurs in different ways, this is often a consequence of physical and psychological violence, the influence of relatives on the attitude to sex, low self-esteem. Psychologists help to cope, you can go through barriers yourself, but it’s difficult. It is important to identify what exactly causes horror, to figure out whether it can really happen and whether the consequences will be so terrible.
  • Voltage. Orgasm is a reaction to relaxation and excitement. If the body cannot relax, it’s hard to enjoy. Doubts, experiences are the cause of stiffness. At the same time, attention is concentrated not on the sensations of the body, but on obsessive thoughts. There is also a reason for stress, if it is not possible to get enough sleep, take a break from everyday affairs. Have to learn how to switch, concentrate on the body.
  • Expectation. Long expectation and non -armament causes a huge tension. If you think all the time about orgasm, then there will be the opposite effect. It is important to enjoy the process without concentrating on the result.
  • Inexperience. Have fun. It is important to develop your own system for achieving pleasure, and this comes with experience. And the more practice, the faster it turns out to achieve the desired. The path to this lies not only through sex in a couple, the main discoveries occur during masturbation.

The reasons for the lack of orgasm are thousands, and each they have their own. It is worth determining them to fix everything. Many of them are psychological, it’s easy to deal with them if you talk with a psychologist or sexologist. Self -elimination of the problem takes more time.How to learn to experience an orgasm? What to do if there is no orgasm? | Questions about orgasm

How to achieve orgasm. Important tips

A few simple tips will help you enjoy. If you adhere to them, almost every woman will be able to learn orgasm.

  • Correct situation. Not every sex gives an orgasm, sometimes circumstances interfere. For everything to happen, a woman must be relaxed, not think about problems, not worry about children who have rested. Therefore, the first pleasure will require the creation of a special atmosphere. Not necessarily flowers and candles, it is the emotional state and trust in the man who is important.
  • Long prelude. Excitement in a woman begins in her head. Flirting, long flirting, and then long arms and kisses – this is very important. Explain this to the man so that he is in no hurry. And there should not be guilt for the fact that he has to try. After all, an orgasm is a joint victory. If the experiment is alone, then excitement should also reach a peak, and you can stimulate yourself with fantasies, films or something else.
  • Convenient pose. There is no universal council – in what position it will be possible to experience an orgasm, this is only clear for an experimental way. But you need to try different positions, pay attention to – in which sensations are brighter.
  • Adaptive masturbation. These are independent caresses during sex. For example, during vaginal penetration, you can caress the clitoris with your fingers. Do not trust the partner, the Veda does not understand the feeling of a woman. You can massage nipples, neck, anus – the choice of erogenous zones is huge, and only the lady herself knows that she gives her maximum pleasure.
  • Hipples to the partner. If he does not know how to read thoughts, then the words will be very useful. It is worth saying when you need to accelerate or slow down when it is worth continuing in the same rhythm. Still say what touches they start most. But to give him the right guidelines, it is important to find out what you like better.

You can find the way to orgasm together, especially if a man wants to give such a feeling to the companion. But it’s easier to find the treasured path alone, and then tell his partner. Many women learn orgasm, masturbating. They open their sensitivity, this helps to find not only the first orgasm, in the future the same way will be found to detect a multiple and jet orgasm.

The technique of obtaining orgasm alone

Start with clitoris caress. More than 70% of women receive the first orgasm from such stimulation. This is a simple and effective way to learn how to have fun.

Use improvised items. Caress yourself with your hands, shower, but better sex toys. Choose vibrating things, they give more pleasure.

Combine the caresses of two areas. For example, lean the vibrating little thing against the clitoris, and enter the phallus into the vagina. Or use clitoral stimulation and anal plug. Exposure to two zones simultaneously increases the likelihood of achieving the result. But what areas to choose? This is very individual.Increase speed. Whatever you massage delicate areas, gradually change movements. Let them be faster and faster, but it is important that the excitement increases.

Do not get down from rhythm. There is nothing worse than changing movements at the moment when an orgasm has almost happened. But sometimes arms or legs flow. Therefore, choose the right pose and use intimate toys, they do not get tired over time.

Use grease. The delicate composition will make sliding very sensual. The sensations will become brighter. And the movements of the fingers or toys will give more pleasant moments.Practice regularly. Drive several hours every week of masturbation. Once every 2-3 days find moments to study yourself better. Do it in bed, in the bathroom, even at work, so far no one sees. Sensitivity develops gradually if it is given enough time.

These simple tips will help you learn to get an orgasm. And the techniques of “activation of erogenous zones” and “voltage reset” described below will help.How to learn to experience an orgasm? What to do if there is no orgasm? | Questions about orgasm

Activation of erogenous zones

Many erogenous zones on the body are not activated. A person does not even realize that this is his pleasure point. You can explain the example: around the anus there are thousands of nervous endings, and if they “turn it on” them, the affection of this area will bring great pleasure. But many people never concern this area during sexual caresses, and do not even suspect that they lose many pleasant moments.

To activate erogenous zones, they are looking for them on the body. To begin with, using the tips from the Internet. And at the next masturbation, these places are caressed in different ways. Just light massage, tapping, pressing will give some response. This may not happen immediately, but with 5-10 experiment. And when the pleasant sensations appear, try more options for exposure.

The inclusion of the zone rarely occurs instantly, It will take time and patience, To make it pleasant. But the action is irreversible, if it turned out once, this area will always give pleasure. It is important to understand that some areas simply contribute to excitement, others give orgasms. And the more you know the points on your body, the easier it is to get pleasant experiences.

Accessories helping to get an orgasm

Erogenous zones can be activated not only with caresses. Special drugs are capable of helping in this. They cause a surge of blood to the right place and special sensations on the skin, giving pleasant experiences.

  • Exciting creams. Applied to genitals just before sex. There are options that can serve lubrication, there are gels that are absorbed and do not help to slip. The effect is different, but the excitement is always more distinct. And every touch seems more intense. You can even apply on the nipples.
  • Cooling gels. Give the effect of cold on the skin. Unusual experiences complement the usual caresses. The effect of a light chill to an intensive cold – depending on the chosen remedy. Lasts up to 40 minutes, then you can repeat the application.
  • Warming lubricants. Warmth spilling over the body is pleasant. Lubrication sometimes even “bakes” at the place of application. Tingling, bursting – this is all a type of warming action. It is permissible to use both pair and masturbation.

Any lubrication makes stimulation more comfortable. And the lubricant with a special effect gives unusual experiences that will definitely help to achieve orgasm.

Technique of obtaining an orgasm “Stone discharge”

How to learn to experience an orgasm? What to do if there is no orgasm? | Questions about orgasm
Often a woman freezes in the moment, when an orgasm is already close, but it does not come. This is balancing on the verge, which then may not end with a pleasant ending. It seems that before achieving something is missing, but it is difficult to understand what exactly. Council – to continue stimulation – often does not work. Adding new caresses or acceleration can only be shot down.

What to do when there is not enough last step? We need to relax. This is a special technique – voltage reset. The muscles inside the body tense in front of orgasm. For example, the vaginal muscles are compressed, this occurs involuntarily. Sometimes even the muscles of the fingers come in tone. And at that moment it seems that there is still a little bit.

To the orgasm happen, At this peak of tension, you need to relax the muscles. This is a volitional effort that is given not just. It is better to focus on the vagina and artificially relax muscles. As much as it will work.

What will happen next? Relaxation will last only a couple of seconds, and then there will be voltage again. And again the feeling “Almost it is already”. And here again it is important to try to relax. And then the next peak will bring a wave of bliss. Usually it takes only 2-4 times to do this trick, and it takes a few seconds, and this feeling of “something is missing” suddenly disappears, and the girl experiences an incredible experience of experience.

It will be possible to use the technique not only during vaginal sex, it is appropriate during clitoral stimulation, anal sex and any type of masturbation. To master it is very simple, it is available and easy to perform.

Sex toys to get orgasm

It is much easier to achieve orgasm with intimate toys than without them. Vibration, rotation, pulsation specially designed to stimulate delicate zones. These influences allow any young lady to learn orgasm for a few moments. But which sex toys are better suited for this?

  • Cliter vibrators. Vibrating babies gently massage the clitoris. Different speeds allow you to choose the intensity of exposure, and change it in the process. Often such things are a great addition to sex in pairs. The perfect solution is a waterproof vibrator with many speeds.
  • Wave stimulants. Affect the clitoris, but not by vibration, but by waves. This involves not only the external part of the organ, but also the nerve endings inside the body. These are sex toys that cause orgasms very quickly. It is such a thing that is needed for those who have not experienced pleasure in sex before. Stimulation is very powerful, and it is difficult to compare it with other influences. Be sure to try every girl.
  • Submissive vibrators. They caress erogenous zones inside the body. Curved can massage point G on the front wall of the vagina. Suitable for vaginal, anal penetrations. If there is a barrel, but there is no vibration – this is a phalloimitator, it is also suitable for masturbation, but the sensation with movements is brighter.
  • Vibrators-Rub. Several zones caress at once: the clitoris, the vagina inside and the entrance to it. Two processes are perfectly fit, but you can almost always control them separately. It is this effect that helps to get maximum pleasure a lot. But such sex toys are better suited for games alone than in a couple.
  • Anal sex toys. Vibrating cork can be worn in the body for a long time. They are invisible under clothes, activated by a remote control or smartphone. With such things, masturbation is possible even in a crowded place, and no one around will guess about such a bold game.

There are a huge number of sex toys that help learn to get an orgasm. Be sure to try wave stimulants, rabbits will help well. And having studied the entire assortment of a sex shop, it will be possible to come up with a lot of experiments that will give not only an orgasm, but also emotional delight.

Questions about female orgasm

No, not all. Anorgasmia is a disease in which an orgasm never happens. But it occurs very rarely, less than 1% of women suffer from such an ailment. Often the lack of pleasure is associated not with the disease, but with the lack of relaxation skills and sexual discharge, they are easy to get.Simulation is a game for a partner. Does it need a difficult question. If he understands that you have not finished, the next time he will try better. And if he is sure that everything is fine, whether your assistant will be on the way to pleasure?If it suits you, then it’s okay. The concept of “norm” is very blurry. Each body is individual, reacts to its stimuli. And erogenous zones are different. If you like everything, enjoy. If you want other orgasms, study your body, activate other points.What are the reasons for this situation? For example, you do not really trust your partner. This causes constraint, tension during proximity. Then you need to improve relationships or change a man. Or the partner does not act as you want. Its movements do not correspond to desires. In this case, he needs to show how to caress you, what to do so that the finale happens. The prelude is short – this is a common cause of the lack of orgasm. And then it is important to extend preliminary caresses. There is no single answer, you need to understand each case separately.They go to these specialists in order to remove blocks that prevent you from experiencing pleasure. It is better to go to a sexologist, he specializes in such problems, will recommend a lot of interesting techniques. But if there is no sexologist in your city, or you don’t like options, choose an ordinary psychologist. He will also help to eliminate barriers.

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