How to get a vaginal orgasm for a girl on your own and with a partner?

How to achieve vaginal orgasm: tips for girls and guys.

Vaginal orgasm is considered traditional, since a girl can achieve it with the help of ordinary sexual contact with a man, although now Only 30% of women experience vaginal orgasm. But despite this fact, many girls prefer to experiment and receive other orgasms. It is not so simple to get a vaginal orgasm for some girls, so you have to resort to other methods of satisfaction.

How to get a vaginal orgasm for a girl on your own and with a partner?

What is the difference between vaginal orgasm?

To achieve vaginal orgasm for the vast majority of girls is not difficult. But if you analyze all the sensations in detail, then the vaginal orgasm is very different from the clitoral. Of course, you can experience satisfaction with both ways, but only a vaginal orgasm will allow real pleasure to deliver real pleasure.

During the clitoral orgasm, the girl experiences mild feelings of bliss. It is great to quickly relieve stress. The duration of such an orgasm is often small, since only the muscles of the clitoris are reduced. If you really want, but there is no man nearby, then why not?

But the vaginal orgasm is very different, because during it a girl can experience a huge number of different feelings:

  • The tips of the fingers on the arms and legs begin to become numb;
  • The stomach stomems;
  • Only a rumble or ringing can be heard in the ears;
  • The hips begin to wriggle involuntarily;
  • Inside, everything pulsates and is reduced.

All this happens because the vaginal muscles begin to contract during orgasm. The girl experiences great pleasure. Vaginal orgasm can last for several minutes, Unlike clitoral.

How to achieve vaginal orgasm yourself: tips for ladies

To bring the girl to a stormy vaginal orgasm, a man is far from always needed. The absence of a sexual partner will not allow the girl to be left without pleasure. Is there a variety of options how to achieve an orgasm on your own? Of course yes!

Most of the girls masturbate, even if they hide it. Those who do this most often lack one nail.


If you want to enjoy and vaginal orgasm, then you can use your fingers. But before starting to caress yourself, you need to choose two fingers on one of the hands. This is very important, since it is on these fingers that you will need to remove the nails and smooth out all the irregularities and roughnesses as much as possible.

Often this is the index and middle finger, but Some girls who like to masturbate in their free time prefer to cut their nails on medium and nameless. They determine this by the fact that, with vaginal masturbation, you can involuntarily caress the clitoris in the inside of the palm, which certainly enhances the sensations and a sense of excitement.

And so, everything is extremely simple:

  1. Choose for masturbation those poses in which you will be more comfortable for all. You can lie on your back and put a pillow or a blanket rolled into a pipe under your lower back.
  2. Spread your legs and begin to caress yourself along the labia, Periodically affecting the clitoris. This will allow your body to develop a natural lubricant that moisturizes the vagina from the inside.
  3. As soon as you feel that the vagina has already grilled enough, Start gently and gradually enter one of your fingers.
  4. Unpracting the hole and stimulate the internal walls with progressive movements.
  5. When excitement is intensified, you can add the second finger and slightly speed up the process.
  6. The main thing is to choose the right pace of movements and with uniform effort to stimulate the walls of the vagina so that the vaginal orgasm does not force itself to wait long.

The procedure is extremely simple, so a woman who longs sex intuitively can cope with her.

Sexy toys

If there are few fingers for you, then you can always use sexy toys in the form of a rubber or latex penis. The whole charm of such toys is that the size of a member, every girl will be able to choose from her preferences. If she had guys with small penis in real sex, then during masturbation she will be able to get the size that she always dreamed of.

How to get a vaginal orgasm for a girl on your own and with a partner?Vaginal sex toys
Sexy toys at a subconscious level start girls, since they will not be able to meet some dimensions of the penis in real life.

  1. Here you can choose any poses, since the rubber penis can be held in the hand and make progressive movements.
  2. For greater comfort, it is best to use special lubricants, which will mitigate friction and deliver more pleasure.
  3. You can choose various forms of penis to diversify the sensations.
  4. In this case, the girl will be able to reach a stormy vaginal orgasm when she wants. The main thing is to choose the correct force with which the penis is introduced into the vagina and control the speed of progressive movements.
  5. For the most sophisticated girls, there are options for sexual toys with vibration and additional clitoris stimulation.

There is nothing complicated in such masturbation, since the whole role here is played precisely by the correctly selected penis.

Vaginal orgasm during sex: tips for girls

Lovely girls, there is nothing easier for you than getting a vaginal orgasm. The most important thing is to be completely liberated and try to surrender to the will of feelings. If you do not have much experience in sex, then give up to your man. Let him make progressive movements and controls the whole process. You only need to move to the beat with his hips and help in every way. But there are several practical tips that will never be superfluous:

  1. If during sex you feel uncomfortable, you can change your position. Do not be shy to stop the process, even if at first glance it is clear that the guy is just delighted with what is happening. You must think about your pleasure, so choose the pose in which you will feel comfortable.
  2. If the guy comes in very deeply, you can limit his actions. If you have sex in a missionary position, then you need to turn your hips as if you put your ass backward. This will limit him the space and the depth of immersion of the penis will become less. If you have chosen a pose on all fours, then the ass, on the contrary, must be lowered down. So a man also cannot enter deeply.
  3. Ask your young man to stimulate your clitoris or do it yourself, to get more pleasure and excitement.

It can be very difficult for many girls to get a vaginal orgasm, but in this case you need to remember the rule No. 2. You limited the guy the depth of immersion, but for vaginal sex, sometimes it is rudeness that is needed. Relax when the peak of excitement is reached. A man will be able to enter so deeply that he will get to the uterus. Such stimulation will allow you to get a vaginal orgasm very quickly.

How to bring a girl to vaginal orgasm: tips for men

If a girl does not receive a vaginal orgasm, then the man does something wrong. You need to know only a few rules:

  • Move at a speed that a woman wants. You can understand this if you constantly listen to the language of her body.
  • In every possible way stimulate the chest and clitoris, to excite his partner stronger.
  • If you see that the girl is already starting to wriggle in your hands, and the groans are becoming louder and longer, then you need to stop making long progressive movements. It is enough to immerse the penis as deep as possible and make movements with your hips, as if you are trying to push it deeper.

All these tricks really work, the main thing is to observe the sequence.

The best poses for vaginal orgasm

Of course, each person has his own preferences, so the poses for vaginal sex need to be chosen depending on his own desires. But be that as it may, there are several main positions in which a vaginal orgasm can be obtained much faster.

How to get a vaginal orgasm for a girl on your own and with a partner?Vaginal orgasm poses

  1. On knees. The girl stands on all fours and spreads her legs a little. The guy attaches behind her and inserts the penis into the vagina.
  2. Missionary position. The girl lay down on her back and spreads her legs bent at her knees. The guy needs to sit between her legs and insert the penis.
  3. Standing. The girl rests on the wall or door and protrudes the ass. The man hugs her by the hips and chest, and the penis carefully inserts her into the vagina.

It is in these poses that the stimulation of the walls of the vagina will be the strongest, so it will be much easier to get a vaginal orgasm.

Kegel exercises

To increase the chances of vaginal orgasm, you need to resort to Kegel exercises. In this case, it is necessary to strain and relax the LKM muscle, which is located between the vagina and the anus. You need to strain it constantly, regardless of where you are, at work either at home, or even in public transport. According to Kegel’s exercises, there are entire books and courses, but it all comes down to this simple action.

Why it is not possible to achieve vaginal orgasm?

Unfortunately, some girls cannot experience vaginal orgasm due to the physiological characteristics of their body.

According to statistics, almost every eighth girl cannot get a vaginal orgasm.

All the fault is the uterus, which is located very far from the vagina. Due to this feature of the structure, a girl cannot fully feel stimulation. The only option to enjoy the process remains the clitoral orgasm. During sex, you can independently stimulate the clitoris, or ask to do this your boyfriend.

If, due to any circumstances, you are not able to achieve vaginal orgasm – it does not matter, because there is a huge number of all kinds of orgasms besides this. You can find out about which from articles from our site.


As it turned out, the vaginal orgasm is considered the most violent and long, but you can get it not only with a man, but also independently, using fingers or special toys. If the guy decided to take part, then you do not need to be shy if you are not comfortable. Tell him about it right away. Try to choose a few poses in which it will be comfortable for you to have sex. If possible, try to do Kegel’s exercises. If it is not possible to achieve vaginal orgasm, then the problem is possible not in a man, but in the physiological structure of your body.

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