How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

Can a man end without hands.

How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

Over time, traditional sex becomes boring. And the guys begin to search for something new. Making a note of variety can be introduced into a sex life. Hands free technique. She will help a man to finish without hands. Sometimes you can’t do without it when there is no partner nearby. A typical situation is a long business trip.

Why is it necessary?

“Cam” masturbation is the very first sexual experience of many representatives of the stronger sex. If in adolescence the bright orgasm was guaranteed, then after ten or two years there is no trace of past sensations. Massage of the penis becomes a routine. A quick way to relieve voltage.

It comes time to expand sensory horizons. Technique helps:

  • Remove accumulated stress.
  • Get a long, intensive orgasm.
  • “Pump” imagination up to 80 levels.
  • Keep family relationships without prejudice to yourself and wife.
  • Learn to end in situations when 2-3 people live nearby on a business trip.

Imagine the situation: the native office sent you to another city and paid only a double room in the hotel. Where will you hide from prying eyes? It happens even worse: the watchman, where 8 people each in one boxing vagar. Playing Pocket Billiards will not work.

And in an apartment with a family, sometimes catastrophically few free space. Spouses are constantly in front of each other. There is no desire to talk about sexual problems directly. Satisfied normal relations turn into a nightmare.

Ways to achieve contactless orgasm

Let’s go from complicated to simpler. In the first positions we will touch the options when hands are not needed at all. Then we describe the technique where the fingers and palms participate purely technically, without a strong influence on the result.


How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

The method appeared with a light hand of practicing sexologists. Here “e” denotes energy. Bring the member to a state of combat readiness, and then reach the final of thought. The main thing is regular training. The first time to finish is unlikely to work.

First of all, we must remember that abstinence enhances excitement. Take a pause for 3-5 days. During this period, it is better not to have sex and abandon masturbation. Then follow the recommendations:

  1. Remote. In the room – a ringing void. Extraneous sounds should not be distracted from the process.
  2. Turn on porn. Or look at your favorite photos. Erotic stories will help someone.
  3.  Lie down comfortably. Dress and cover a blanket. The fabric should fit the nipples and the member.
  4. Squeeze the head with two fingers next to the bridle. It is important to remember the sensations for a long time.
  5. Launch the most vulgar erotic fantasy in the imagination. Anal, incest, group. Without hesitation.
  6. Concentrate on the sensations in the head. Feel light tickling or tingling.
  7. Mentally move the “tickling” zone to the base of the penis. Then to the prostate.
  8. Repeat the procedure 5-6 times. Feelings should become maximum, pulsating.
  9. Fix the “bliss ring” on the member’s head again. Imagine imagination brighter.
  10. Tighten your will and try to finish from the sensations without helping your hands.

At first, you can barely marked the head. But with each attempt “physics” must be reduced. Only imagination plus concentration. Did not work out? The first time they achieve the success of the unit. Continue training. The result will certainly be. Most men claimed that full ejaculation came only 8-9 times.

Erotic hypnosis

How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

It so happened that a person under the guidance of an experienced hypnologist is able to immerse himself in a trance. This applies to suggestible people. There are a lot of videos on the Internet, where girls in an erotic voice try to send the listener to a meditative state.

After a couple of minutes, the fascinated man is ready to do everything that the mysterious stranger will say. And she can play the mistress, with an orderly tone to force the subject to anal under the arm.

But we are interested in psi-technologies. Erotic hypnosis will perfectly complement E-technology, improve the result. The main thing is to fulfill a number of conditions:

  • Completely relax. The tension kills excitement.
  • Give the will of fantasy. Vividly imagine the image of a hypnotist.
  • Forget about morality. Sex – feeling. Logic is not appropriate.

An experienced girl is able to bring to orgasm in minutes. At the same time touching the head of the penis will not be needed. Everything will happen by itself at the highest point of excitation.

Kegel exercises

How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

Yes, women usually use this technique. They strengthen the muscles of the vagina and after a dozen sessions become the goddesses of sex. But nothing prevents men and to adopt such exercises. Physical training is necessary for the implementation of another method, we will talk about it further.

The British conducted a study and proved that 40 % of men who had problems with the erection coped with it completely. In 33 % after “training”, dysfunction became less pronounced. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find the desired muscle. It is easy to determine: try to raise a member above or stop the stream during urination.
  • To focus on. No need to strain the press, buttocks or hips. Only the area that was found in the previous step.
  • Tighten the muscles for 5 seconds and relax again. Make 10 approaches.
  • Take the same thing, only quickly and rhythmically 10 times. We need 2-3 repetitions.
  • Lie on the floor. Bend your knees. Raise the pelvis up. Shoulder blades, shoulders and head should stay in place.

If you repeat the warm-up 3-4 times a day, the muscles will become strong. Erection will improve. You will get the opportunity to end only with the help of muscles voltage. The maximum effect will occur after 6 months of exercise.

The stress of the pubic-codes of the muscle

How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

This muscle connects anus and penis into one “system”. Therefore, voltage simultaneously allows you to stimulate two erogenous zones. The first is located around the anus. The second is somewhere between the prostate gland and the urethra. With the proper level of training, you will learn to rhythmically strain and relax the muscle. To do this, you need to regularly repeat the exercises:

  • Stop urination. In the toilet, try to hold a stream for 10-15 seconds, then relax. So 2-3 times. Turn into a habit.
  • Strain the muscles in any situation. They remembered the technique? Make 9-10 approaches. So you will strengthen the muscle as much as possible.

So, what is next? Everything is simple. Relax, run your favorite imagination in the imagination. When the erection becomes maximum, strain and relax the pubic-coconut muscle (LC). This will help to finish.

Exercises for compression of muscles during ejaculation causes false retrograde ejaculation. This is a dry orgasm. Sperm does not go outside, but gets into the bladder.

Such a skill will help prevent an unwanted pregnancy of a partner. Just remember, this is not a guaranteed way. Part of the seed fluid can leak. It is better to use a condom.

And for secret masturbation “reverse” sperm is very useful. You do not blur underwear. Only acquired retrograde ejaculation is considered the disease. Pathology does not allow the child to conceive. Seed fluid due to violations constantly enters the bladder. This is not our case.

Prostate massage

How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

Here you can resort to the help of a partner or do everything yourself. There will be technically touch. But not to a member. There are a pair of points, the pressure on which is theoretically capable of leading to orgasm:

  1. Crotch. Plot between the scrotum and the anal opening.
  2. Prostate. Bugor on the front wall of the rectum.

The crotch can simply massage your fingers under porn films or webcam shows. Any toy with vibration is suitable for increasing sensations.

The prostate is easy to get a finger. Only first you should go to the toilet, rinse the rectum with a sprint to cleanliness and put on a glove. Yes, and don’t forget about lubrication. The more lubricant, the better. Gently massage the tubercle with your finger or two. This will help to enjoy, reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Want to grab more drive? Ask your partner to massage. Girls can wear a strapon. If there are no prejudices – the ideal option for “diluting” sexual activity with new sensations.

The use of toys

How to end a man without hands: 6 ways to achieve orgasm

Now in any more or less large city there is at least one sex shop. There is a lot of toys. To brighten up the dreary everyday life will help:

  • Vibricol. Silicone “mugs” with vibro -pouches. Put on an erect penis, turn on and enjoy.
  • Prostate stimulants. Miniature “rods” of anatomical shape. Insert into the anus and turn on the vibration.
  • Strapons. Put on the girl. Offer a change of roles. Or allow you to become your mistress temporarily.

Games with a strap -on can spoil relationships. Ladies sometimes consider the desire of a man to take an oblong object in anal with a sign of weakness. It is better to first ask the girl from afar, how she looks at the fact that some men like prostate massage. Two options for the development of events are possible here:

  1. Are you crazy? These are perverts! Then forget about anal with a partner.
  2. Oh, cool! Maybe we will try? A sure sign that you can continue.

If the process went according to the first scenario, no need to be angry. Each person is a personality. Has the right to his opinion. Maybe this woman cooks perfectly and makes a blowjob? And you can do a massage on your own. Let it remain a mystery.

There is spiritual practice – tantra. With its help, you can develop spiritually and take your orgasm under full control. Its intensity and duration. The forums are advised to try to listen to binaural rhythms. These “melodies” affect the brain, include zones responsible for erotic pleasure.


Without competent preparation, the path to obtaining contactless orgasm can be very tight. One mistake can negate multi -day works. To prevent this from happening, we will give a number of recommendations.

Choose a calm place

Silence and peace – this is what a novice practice needs. If the neighbors scream behind the wall, and the ceiling vibrates because of the punch, nothing will work out. The ideal time is when you are alone and the guests are not expected.

Disconnect the phone, skype and all notifications from instant messengers. A sharp sound will instantly knock out from the desired state. The erection will disappear.

Create the mood

If thoughts about a bad boss and a list of purchases that need to be made in the evening are worn in your head, you will have to forget about excitement. Launch your favorite video, open online broadcasting of a pretty model. Better to listen to sounds in headphones.

A light dose of alcohol does not hurt here. If there are no medical contraindications. You can smoke a cigarette, light a fragrant candle, muffle the light.

Breathe correctly

Breathing should be deep. It is also called abdominal. On inspiration, not the upper part of the chest rises, but the diaphragm. This helps to stabilize the work of the autonomic nervous system, get rid of anxiety.

It’s okay if the lungs begin to work faster during excitement. This is due to increased blood flow.

Fantasize boldly

If your roof is blown from how one girl is straponing the other, fix this thought. ZOO, BDSM, Oral and Anal. There is nothing shameful in these fantasies. Suppressed desires cause depression.

Imagine erotic scenes as bright as possible. Feel touch. Try to fill the images with details. Over time, you will learn how to create a real movie in your head, seasoned with tactile sensations.

A man can finish without hands. There are at least 6 ways for this. The main thing is to get rid of prejudices, give free rein. If you want to do new practices with a partner, it is better to first find out her attitude to the “forbidden” sex games.

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