How to bring yourself to orgasm

How to bring yourself to orgasm.

How to achieve orgasm? This question is interested in many girls. Indeed, for a woman, masturbation is not so much a method of relieving voltage (as happens in men), but an additional way to get pleasure. Although the girls often have all the opportunity to get sex from a man even without relationships, for various reasons they turn to masturbation – this is safe, leads to orgasm, informative. Masturbation for women is a really unique way to study your body, its desires and opportunities. Getting sexual pleasure is an excellent remedy against stress and unrest that are inevitably present in everyday life.

Is it shameful to get an orgasm without a man?

According to statistics, 95% of men and 90% of women regularly engage in self -satisfaction, although most do not advertise this. The Society has an unspoken taboo and a complex regarding masturbation. However, the vast majority of people living on the planet are engaged in this.

Is an orgasm harmful without a partner

Many people ask whether it is harmful to engage in self -satisfaction, will this lead to problems in sex with a real partner, whether the habit will form. The answer is not! Masturbation, on the contrary, benefits. In the process you dump sexual tension, study your own body, arouse the sensitivity of erogenous zones and liberate, which positively affects the quality of sex with a real partner.

8 main advantages of obtaining an orgasm itself without a man

Than masturbation is useful:

  • helps to study/know your body and arouse sleeping erogenous zones;
  • allows you to relax (due to the production of endorphins);
  • relieves pain during PMS or headache (for the same reason);
  • reveals sexual fantasies;
  • There is no need to show off before anyone, think about the opinion of a partner (unshaven legs are not a hindrance);
  • 100% safe: you can not get pregnant or become infected;
  • stimulates libido and increases sexual desire (the more you do, the more you want);
  • convenient (you can engage in any pose that you like, and not adapt to a partner).

How to bring yourself to orgasm: the importance of prelude

Women masturbate not only for the sake of obtaining orgasm – masturbation is pleasant, gives a feeling of calm. Even if a permanent partner is and lives in the same apartment, he can not always satisfy the girl 100% due to the difference in temperaments, fatigue, and other preferences in intimate life. If nothing is done with this and abandon self -satisfaction, mutual discontent will be accumulated very soon, which will lead to conflicts. A woman can masturbate next to a sleeping husband, in the morning or evening in the shower. So she gets discharge, and the problem disappears on her own. Remember: the force of female orgasm directly depends on the preludes and the situation.

Why women may not experience an orgasm

Most often, the problem with achieving orgasm is quite banal and is in no way connected with advertised labels – frigidity or anorgasmia. Everything is much simpler: to get an orgasm, we must learn to do it. No one is surprised that we are not starting to walk at once from birth, but we study for several months. The situation is the same with the skill of obtaining an orgasm: he needs to study and open sleeping erogenous zones. Awle clitoris – you will receive a clitoral orgasm, awaken the point G – get a vaginal orgasm with a man or without it. What other orgasms can be obtained?

To what orgasms a woman can bring herself herself

The girl, even without a partner, is able to independently reach up to 6 types of orgasm:

  • clitoral;
  • vaginal;
  • anal;
  • uterine;
  • jet;
  • multiple.

To get an orgasm without a man, you need to awaken sleeping erogenous zones. Read more about how to do this, you will learn from the video below.

The best poses for masturbation

In fact, the best pose, like technology, does not exist. All women are different and have different awakened erogenous zones. Someone is comfortable on their backs, to someone-from the side or on the stomach. An important feature of choosing a pose is the knowledge of their erogenous zones and the desire to awaken sleeping through special techniques. Then masturbation will not only bring positive emotions, but will also be useful. You will become more sensual, which will come in handy in sex with a man.

How to achieve an orgasm for a girl without a partner: are there any rules?

There are many types of masturbation: from banal “children’s” compressions and lifts of the hips to active double or triple stimulation using special sex mass. All these methods bring a lot of pleasant sensations, sexual discharge, even more liberate for bright sex with a beloved man. Therefore, here you will not find the most correct or ideal way. You must try different techniques and their combinations to understand how you like to receive stimulation more. Remember: the better you study and understand your body, the easier it will be to convey this information to your beloved man. After all, he is not a telepath: even if you do not know how best to enjoy, he should not even guess about this from signs from above.

How to get an orgasm to a woman: basic execution techniques

The most common is not penetration into the vagina, but soft circular movements on the clitoris and vulva. Often, girls use a completely “contactless” method – they rub the pubis on bedding, furniture, just squeeze the hips in a lying or sitting position. Additionally, many connect the affection of the nipples, the anus. Of course, penetration also does not give up a position-an excited girl can enter into herself with the help of her fingers or a suitable sex toy. The correct technology does not exist – each woman defines it for herself, and experiments in this area are only welcome. The most important thing is not to use improvised products like vegetables or other non -hygienic objects for masturbation. How to get an orgasm for a girl without experience? To do this, you will have to learn how to relax and catch your body signals. It is best to lie on the bed, having previously undressed, spread your legs a little and bend them in your knees. After that, with the help of hands, study your body, stroking it and lingering in the most sensitive places. It is important not to try to bring yourself to orgasm, but simply to explore, compare the difference in sensations. If you want more, it is worth caressing the clitoris, then enter a finger in your vagina. With the other hand you can stroke the nipples, stomach or hips. It must be borne in mind that the clitoris is better to stimulate around, since its head itself is too sensitive.

Self -satisfaction safety rules

  • Nails are trimmed without burrs.
  • For stimulation, we use vibrators and dildos.

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