How to bring the girl to orgasm quickly what the guy needs to do

How to bring the girl to orgasm quickly what the guy needs to do.

How to bring the girl to orgasm quickly what the guy needs to do

The guys with the achievement of carnal pleasures have no problems, which can not be said about girls. Half women do not receive orgasm from sexing even with regular sexual life. Some men in every possible way deny their guilt that the ladies do not end, but in fact they simply do not know the elementary rules, How to bring a girl to orgasm, After all, this is a blow to male self -conceit and confidence.

Today we will discuss the reasons for female dissatisfaction in bed, interesting excitement techniques, psychological techniques for bringing a partner to ecstasy and tell you, dear heroes-lover, which is definitely not worth doing on the bed of love! We do not limit ourselves to classic tips on kisses in the neck and massage before sex. You will learn all the subtleties of female excitement!

How to bring the girl to orgasm quickly what the guy needs to do

Why the girl does not end and what is anorgasmia

The reasons that a woman does not receive an orgasm from sexual intercourse, there may be several factors. And, most likely, some psychological barrier will become leading-well, such ladies are psychological creatures! They always spin something in their heads, which prevents them from relaxing and enjoy. The most frequent reasons why the girl cannot finish are the following points:

  • The partner does not attract physically;
  • There is no normal emotional contact;
  • You just have different temperaments and needs for sex;
  • She suffers from a whole bunch of complexes;
  • She does not know how to relax;
  • Between you there is a rivalry in the spirit of “who is cooler in bed”;
  • She is more interested in your orgasm than her.

We immediately want to please, such problems are solved by common efforts, and partners achieve harmony!

Anorgasmia or frigidity

Sexual satisfaction is equally important for male and female health, and psychological including. Anorgasmia is often confused with frigidity, which is much less common. The difference between these two phenomena is colossal.

With anorgasmia, the girl experiences attraction and excitement, but for some reason cannot achieve the climax for certain reasons. Frigid ladies to sex are indifferent in principle. They will calmly live without him and do not feel the craving for this process. It is impossible to start such a woman with preliminary caresses and eroticism, which can not be said about a girl with anorgasmia.

Young girls cannot end most often due to their inexperience. They have not yet expressed their erogenous zones, preferences in poses and preliminary caresses. The immaturity of receptors and sexual illiteracy do not at all say that in their future life they will suffer from the lack of orgasms. If a woman has reached an age line with a 30 -dial, and clitoral and vaginal orgasms remained inaccessible to her, it is better to contact a sexologist or study her reactions to incentives in bed in detail.

What needs to be done so that the girl ends during sex, psychological subtleties

And no matter how the men say that female orgasms do not depend on their behavior, though not always in this case on their side. To bring the girl to orgasm, he should remember these points.

  • Correctly configure the lover psychologically. Uncertainty of their attractiveness, doubts about your feelings for her, mutual resentment prevents her from relaxing.
  • A feeling of embarrassment and awkwardness prevents many women in sex. Try to give her a complete feeling of relaxation.
  • It is important to create comfortable conditions for sex. So that the girl can enjoy, do not resort to sex immediately in extreme conditions or its hard option. Not everyone loves BDSM!
    Be patient and pay attention to communication with her before pulling off her panties.
  • If you like to speak in the process of intimacy, then it is better to strain the vocal cords for whispering compliments, and not questions about your favorite poses and its preferences. Girls adore when a man shows intuition.
  • Do not overdo it with compliments – it looks false.
  • Do not praise your sexual abilities – it’s funny and stupid. No need to convince her that you have a huge penis that will satisfy her in a couple of minutes. Such fables usually repel, and the guy gets the opposite effect. If you are a master of your business, prove in practice.
  • Keep visual contact. Girls love passionate eyes of the eyes-in-eye and languid sighs.
  • Do not set yourself instant multi -ore, do not amuse your pride. For a certain time, forget about your needs, because women require more time to warm up.

There are very responsible women who set a goal to satisfy the man as much as possible, which is why they themselves do not relax and literally clog on their orgasm. Tell her not to adapt to you – you will get you after.

We will not talk much about the significance of the bunch of bashful violets or proud pompous roses. We will keep silent about sweets that most women love madly. We will not say a word and glasses of half -dry cartoon and aromatic candles. You yourself know everything.

How to bring the girl to orgasm quickly what the guy needs to do

How to bring a girl to a clitoral orgasm

Clital orgasm is a gift of nature that is a sin not to use. Even virgins experience it! Every man can help her girlfriend. What to do to make the girl finish?

  • We already wrote that tenderness and patience play your favor.
  • Listen to the sensations of a partner, feel for her erogenous zones in addition to the clitoris.
  • Do not use direct stimulations – this is unpleasant.
  • Apply different affection techniques: sliding, light friction, bite, kisses, alternation of kisses and warm breath.
  • Caress the clitoris and labia with your fingers, tongue, draw a penis on them.
  • Be sure to moisten this area well. You can use the gel grease from a sex shop.
  • “Juggle” with erogenous zones in different sequences so that a woman gets a different sensation. Everything new always excites. Different combinations of caresses give a new tributary of pleasure.
  • Do not stimulate the same way for a long time. Overexcitation leads to the opposite result.
  • Do not stop after the first climax. The second wave, more powerful, will come 1-2 minutes after the first.
  • Do not focus on the reciprocating movements of the penis-there is no orgasm from monotonous poking. Fronty frictions in different sequences.
  • Do not put her in your favorite poses, in which only you are good. Look at which poses girls get an orgasm more often.

We wrote a lot about the prelude, relaxing massage and high -quality cooney – these are your main assistants in bringing the girl to the clitoral orgasm.

How to bring a girl to vaginal orgasm

More complex and less often the resulting orgasm is vaginal. You will have to try so that the girl quickly ends vaginal. Although it is quickly better not to try – haste is good only in pursuit of fleas.

The main assistant in your hard business will be the point G – its stimulation leads the woman to peak pleasure. A man just needs to know where she is, and how to with her help bring the lady to discharge.

So, without excitement, you do not feel this point. First we caress the girl (breasts, nipples, clitoris, ass, other erogenous zones), and after she reaches the maximum excitement, we are looking for the coveted tubercle.

  • It is located on the upper wall of the vagina, literally 3-4 cm from the entrance. You can feel with the index or middle finger, introducing it into the vagina and holding the palm with the inside to the pubis.
  • If you feel a rough swollen tubercle resembling a walnut, then you are on the right track.
  • Massage it with light pressure and alluring movements or use a vibrator that helps a woman to achieve a peak sensation much faster.
  • Groans, bending and calling to urination are obvious signs that it is close to a bright orgasm.
  • You can experiment with your fingers. Explore the responsiveness of the partner’s body at different angles. Alternate assertive and delicate movements.
  • Try to turn your palm clockwise when your finger is in the vagina.
  • Do not think that the girl should finish the first time. To do this, you will have to puff more than once so that it is used to the sensations and stops being shy (if it comes across too bashful).

Continue to stimulate the clitoris and point g at the same time – this often gives a double orgasm! Imitate the member of the penis with your fingers. Reinforce the actions with delicate muttering in the ear. Dissolve in the process with a partner.

Keep in mind that the size of the penis is not as significant as they say about it. If you are the owner of a miniature penis, use different techniques and additional caresses during the prelude before its introduction to the vagina. Alternation of frictions will also help improve sensations.

If you want to compensate for the small size with special sensations, buy an anal plug and have sex when it is inserted into the ass. It narrows the vagina and will make it pleasant to both partners. Take a neat clitoral massager and act on the treasured point during a vaginal act.

A true orgasm in a better position or how to understand that the girl finished

I so want all male efforts to be rewarded with a bright orgasm and indescribable bliss on the face of a beloved. How to understand that she did not simulate him, but really finished?

All girls are actresses. So they can enter the role that the murder of Princess Diana will take on yourself! However, there are some symptoms that help distinguish a true orgasm from pretense.

  • Breathing becomes more frequent, becomes deep and intermittent.
  • Before the climax, the vagina squeezes, tightly wrapping the penis into the ring. It is difficult for a man to feel it.
  • Before the cherished denouement, there is always abundant secretion of vaginal lubrication.
  • The face and neck turn red with excitement, the eyes are closed or rolled up.
  • Body and limbs can make unusual movements resembling cramps.
  • Someone pronounces inarticulate sounds, others swear or just moan.

How to bring the girl to orgasm quickly what the guy needs to do

What is not worth doing

No matter how much time was spent on prelude and preliminary affection, the girl will not be able to get an orgasm if they are with a partner Choose the wrong pose. In principle, a woman can achieve cherished pleasure in any position, but for young ladies with the problems of anorgazmia, it is more priority to be “from above”.

The pose of the rider will stimulate the clitoris with your hand (or entrust this to the partner) or correctly influence the point g. Doggi Stayl also provides deep penetration and good friction of the penis against the wall of the vagina. Not only men like this position, many girls are easy to enjoy sex precisely in the “man behind” position.

Do not perceive sex as a military charter or a course of a young fighter. Look for a compromise, do not follow the hard instructions. The girl should not feel like a tool in the hands of a craftsman. You need eroticism and romance, not a clear set of rules.

Use practice adaptive masturbation, in which both look for your erogenous points, and then study them together. Such actions help to feel mutual trust and get rid of complexes.

Do not say rudeness and do not criticize the girl if you can’t bring her to orgasm. Do not push her into an even greater hole in the embarrassment and uncertainty. Do not compare with other sexual partners. And in general, less stories about “how great Masha sucked”.

Do not concentrate on the genitals and their affection. Expand not only the geography of sex, but also bed anatomy. Member of the intimate process, make all her body.

Do not silence erotic fantasies And thoughts. Often it turns girls and brings faster to the climax. Just do not parry from the first minutes that you want to invite a girlfriend to WMW – with such desires, more carefully at first.

After the girl finished, Do not stimulate the clitoris directly – Such touches are annoying, since in moments of the highest pleasure this zone becomes a supra -sensitive.

Do not fix your partner with your body Or hands. Let her move freely. Pay attention to what parts of the body it is pressed, and which is removed. Pay more attention to “close” zones.

Well, we told you a lot about what to do so that the girl finish! And what do you know? What methods do you use to bring the girl to orgasm? We are waiting for interesting comments and exciting stories!

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