How to bring a woman to orgasm

How to bring a woman to orgasm.

Every man who wants to give a partner a real pleasure is obliged to know how to bring a woman to orgasm. However, there are no universal tips or rules here. To help reach a peak, it is important to explore her body, carefully observe how it reacts to caresses.

3 main myths about female orgasm – every man is sure to know!

The size of the penis matters

Many men are used to thinking that the pleasure of a woman depends on the parameters of their member: if he is long and thick, they can satisfy any. This is a very common myth, but nothing confirmed. To bring the partner to orgasm, you absolutely do not need to be the owner of a member of giant sizes. It is important to know some laws and satisfaction techniques. Regardless of the size or shape of the genital organ, you can give it 7 different in sensations of orgasms. Studies were conducted in which more than 500,000 girls participated. Most of them admitted that it is not a member, but the desire of her partner to give pleasure, that is, care, attentiveness.

To get to the peak, a woman needs sexual intercourse

This is also a myth, no matter how strange it may sound. To get pleasure does not always need sexual intercourse in the classical sense. According to statistics, only 15% of women experience the highest enjoyment from the frequent of the penis in the vagina, and the remaining 85% can easily reach the peak by stimulating the clitoris head. That is, you can quickly bring the girl to orgasm without even having vaginal sex with her. The main thing is to own the techniques and the rules of relaxation of a woman, an external vaginal massage, to excite her. But if you want to become a truly cool lover, always bring a partner to the sensations of emotions, it is important to be able to arouse and correctly stimulate the main erogenous zones in the vagina.

Good sex always ends with a simultaneous “finish”

Such situations are only in films, in real life everything is a little different. For discharge, you need to fully concentrate on your own sensations, and at this moment you will not be able to pay attention to the partner. For the lady to experience an orgasm, you must be focused on her sensations in order to reach the peak yourself – completely immerse yourself in your. It is difficult to combine it. A partner may have pleasure before you or after. This is much more convenient than achieving simultaneous discharge. Therefore: Want to get an orgasm – you need to be an egoist at the moment, strive to deliver it to a partner – become an altruist. So choose and act!

What the female orgasm depends on

It is determined by 4 factors. If one of them is violated, this can be the reason for the lack of discharge.

  1. High -quality prelude. Unfortunately, many men do not consider it an important stage. As a result, the partner does not have time to get excited, that is, she does not have an internal erection: there is no rush of blood to the pelvic organs, from which she cannot reach the peak. Therefore, you need at least 15-20 minutes to “cook” a girl for sex. You can start with a relaxing massage, then go to erotic with elements of external genital massage, cunnilingus techniques.
  2. Awakened erogenous zones, Their correct stimulation. The whole body is an erogenous zone, but there are main points on the stimulation of which vivid sensations depend. This is G, K, and. All of them are in the vagina. You can stimulate and arouse them only if the girl is excited enough, and you do everything right. To do this, you need to know a 7-day awakening instruction.
  3. The muscles of the pelvic floor (MTD) should be in good shape. Otherwise, the blood flow to the pelvic organs is not sufficient, the internal erection does not occur, the girl cannot be normally excited. How to understand that MTD is not in good shape? If during intercourse during vaginal frictions a man ceases to feel a mc clearance, he feels that he “fell into the abyss”, MTD is not in good shape. It is easy to fix the situation if you start training them, for example, according to the author’s 21-day methodology for training intimate muscles.
  4. Woman’s ability to switch her head during sex, tune in an erotic way. Many girls during intimacy think about anything, but not about sex, they have no feeling “here and now”. To achieve “complete presence”, it is important to strongly excite a partner (we return to paragraph 1 – high -quality prelude).

Why do many girls imitate?

  • Do not want to offend a partner.
  • Cannot experience an orgasm, since erogenous zones are not awakened. For example, she never was engaged in her awakening herself.

How to bring a girl to orgasm

The process consists of several stages:

  • Excitation.
  • Awakening.
  • Correct stimulation.

A competent prelude is important for discharge, and not 5 minutes, but at least 15-20. First relax and excite the woman: through erotic massage, external vaginal massage, cunnilingus. Then switch to internal vaginal massage and stimulation of directly erogenous zones and points G, K, and. Only when the lady is excited to the limit, you can start vaginal sex – insert a member in the vagina. Consider all points of the previous section. Without their observance, you are unlikely to give your partner pleasure.

What orgasms can a woman experience? The main erogenous zones

In fact, the peak of pleasure is one – from the brain, and the sensations are different: from simple to enchanting pleasure. It depends on which erogenous zones to stimulate. When exposed to the clitoris head, the orgasm will be called clitoral, it is the simplest in sensations.

Want to give a stronger pleasure? Then stimulate the point G – it “is responsible” for vaginal discharge.

Strive to give an extravaganza of pleasure and emotions? You need zones K or A, from which the girl will receive a uterine and anal orgasms.

As a result, the fair sex can experience at least 7 different types of orgasm, depending on the degree of stimulation of erogenous zones and their awakening.

  1. Cliter – The most common. According to statistics, 85% of women receive it. This requires stimulation of the clitoris head, which is located on the surface of the vulva. This is the most awakened erogenous zone, since it often affects the woman itself during masturbation (hand or special vibrator). However, this type of discharge feels the weakest. Therefore, a good lover will try to bring the girl to other types.
  2. Vaginal – stronger in the sensations and release of hormones into the blood, which gives enchanting sensations and a lot of pleasure. It depends on the stimulation of the point G, which is located in the vagina, on the front wall about 3-5 cm from the entrance. It can be aroused and stimulated only in a strongly excited state. Otherwise, the woman will not experience discharge, but unpleasant sensations. Zone G should be able to stimulate and awaken any good lover. A step-by-step 7-day instructions for awakening will help him in this.  
  3. Uterine – Another strongest type of orgasm from which the girl experiences the greatest pleasure. It depends on the stimulation of point A, which is located on the eve of the cervix. This is a more “hidden” point, it is also located on the front wall of the vagina, like G, but deeper. There are different techniques for impact on this point. Knowing certain rules, any man will be able to please his partner with such a delightful discharge.
  4. Anal – Perhaps the most powerful in the sensations. Having experienced such pleasure once, the girls will never forget him. Studies have proven that it is from anal orgasm that the hormones of testosterone and dopamine are released, thanks to them, the sensitivity of a woman in sex and orgasmity increases. If you follow all the rules and laws of anal sex, then the girl can be brought to orgasm. Their ignoring, on the contrary, does not lead to anything but pain and disgust. Anal pleasure depends on the stimulation of point K, which is located on the back wall of the vagina. It is also important to act properly on it, guided by step -by -step instructions for awakening erogenous zones.
  5. Jet, or squirt – The strongest female orgasm with a bonus. They are the liquid released from the urethra, the so -called alkaline secret. This proves that the girl really reached the peak, and did not simulate. This orgasm can be obtained under special conditions. A woman should be strongly excited, she will even need a special erotic massage with elements of external and internal vaginal massage. It is also necessary that the dots of Ji and Yu are awakened. The latter is on the eve of the urethra, under the head of the clitoris. Her man can stimulate during cunnilingus. For squirt, it is important to act simultaneously in the field of ji and yu.
  6. Multiple – Any woman is able to experience it, provided that the man will do everything right. These are numerous peaks of pleasure in a row with an interval of 10-15 seconds, for example, within 10-20 minutes. During this time, you can experience up to 30 disconnection. How to bring a girl to an orgasm of this type? Need to be excited, but not to overexcite a woman. For this, it is very important to own the technique of multiple orgasm, otherwise after the first peak of the partner will no longer want the next, since from any touch it will be either tickling or not pleasant.
  7. Closed – I will tell in detail about him in my courses.

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