How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques.

Hot disputes about what a jet orgasm is and whether it exists in nature does not subside to this day. At our disposal materials and articles for every taste, a lot of thematic videos, a thousand advisers from around the world – and still the jet orgasm in sex remains the topic of the ambiguous.

We will try to solve this issue once and for all, but at the same time tell, about the methods of stimulation and special squirting techniques. Unless, of course, it exists.

A man who knows how to give such a strong pleasure is worth its weight in gold. During this experience, the girl experiences unrealistic emotions and sensations that diverge throughout the body. Squirt differs from the usual orgasm at the physiological level and it can be obtained several times in a row. Plus everything, this is also the longest view. Just imagine what gift you can make your faithful. How the jet orgasm looks like on the Internet, it will impress you.

Wet orgasm – myth or reality

No one will remember where this endless dispute came from. But here is a fact: if every girl was capable of a regular orgasm with a squirt, there would be no doubt and disagreements. Many sincerely believe that this phenomenon happens only in the imagination of cunning filmmakers who try to surprise an excited and impressionable audience.

Sexologists say: squirt is as real as clitoral or vaginal, only to achieve it is more difficult. The girl’s body should be well prepared, and the mind should be liberated and open. A lot depends on you too. The partner should know special techniques and techniques, as well as use them in practice. By the way, if you want to get a visual aid, then watch our video course “Techniques of inkjet orgasm” or read further.

In words, every girl wants to learn how to get cool orgasms, and every man does not mind delusing them. In fact, only a few are ready to give training several evenings. After all, you need to study techniques, read more about them, watch Squirt’s video learning, which, by the way, is best done on our website, and go through other components of the educational program. Accordingly, in the vast majority of couples about this form, only they heard. It is in this that the unraveling of the mysterious phenomenon is an orgasm that no one has seen.

What does the female squirt look like and what it looks like

Women’s jet orgasm is unique in its kind. It does not look like other species in appearance, sensations, nor a way of stimulation.

Successful squirt is the process in which a colorless fluid is released from the girl’s parauretral glands. At the same time, it does not necessarily break out of a stormy fountain, filling everything around and turning your bedroom into a continuous Great Flood. This is a popular stereotype, because this is how squirt looks like a video. In fact, it can be released quite a bit of liquid. It’s good that you and I know very well: it’s not in quantity, but as.

Of course, the aforementioned stormy discharge is also. True, they most often happen in the studio in front of the camera. Coincidence? Hardly.

Physiology. Gaku principle

G, a, k, u – designations of erogenous points that need to be stimulated. In fact, these are concentrated bundles of nerve endings. Each point is responsible for a certain type of orgasm. Only the point G is still known to most, and then-in absentia.

Awakening of all points is an important, pleasant and necessary for couples who want to live a bright sexy life. If the girl has difficulties in this part – this will also affect you in the form of a bad mood and an indifferent attitude to sex. In this case, first of all, take up the awakening of the points.

  • Point g = vaginal. Is in the vagina relatively shallow, but completely inconvenient for stimulation during sex. But to awake it is easier than the rest. To use G during sex, you will have to find the optimal pose by trial and error.
  • Point A = uter. It is deep, it is impossible to get a member in most cases a member. You can stimulate point A with your hand, using fisting technique, or vibrator. Before experimenting with this point, make sure that the girl is ready for large volumes and has nothing against. Sudden “surprise” she is unlikely to appreciate.
  • Point K = anal. Contrary to logic, the point K is in the vagina. It is located in such a way that the member does not touch it during vaginal sex, but stimulates with anal penetration.
  • Point u = jet. If you are interested in how to make a squirt correctly – you are at the address. Unlike all other erogenous points, this one is located on the outer part of the genitals, so there will be no problems. For the search there is a guideline – point U is located next to the opening of the urethra.

By the way, if you suddenly think that you need to pay attention only to the point that is responsible for the chosen type of pleasure, then we hasten to promote you. Without the awakened ji zone, point U will not please you, that is, the girl is able to experience a jet orgasm only if she knows how to experience vaginal.

Comparison with other types

There are two extremes of common misconceptions: to represent a jet orgasm of women with a crazy fountain or deny its existence, claiming that all this is like incontinence of urine from pleasure.

Let’s agree: the process that we discuss has absolutely nothing to do with urination. These are two different liquids that are released from one hole, but have two different purposes. The nature of the fluid from the jet orgasm is when the parauretral glands swell from strong excitement and release the alkaline secret into the urethra. Because of this, by the way, the myth appeared that this type of pleasure is urine.

The sensations from different types of discharge are generally similar, but from the jet they are brighter and more prolonged, because in order for a woman to receive a jet orgasm, she needs to be very excited, and the prelude should not be three minutes.

Women’s reviews about the jet orgasm describe it as “the heat coming to the body” and “a languid expectation, which at the same time wants to and immediately stop, and continue as long as possible”.

The moment of the peak point is all the same magic waves that rise from the inside. The jet type is characterized by a depth of emotions and truly exciting sensations in the body. Surely, you watched more than one video with jet orgasm and women’s experiences at that moment are known to you.

A liquid that is released in the process is a kind of analogue of male sperm. Of course, the female body throws it off with other goals, he is definitely not going to fertilize anyone. Usually the liquid has no color does not smell of anything, but sometimes it can be slightly muddy, white, with a slight specific smell.

Indeed, it may contain urine. True, in a meager amount – up to 5% of the total volume. She appears due to the “neighborhood” of two channels. 

Do not worry: behind the foggy formulation, the “specific smell” is not hidden anything unpleasant. Just a tart subtle aroma of the female body. By the way, many men who know how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm, note that the smell resembles spices or spices. That’s really – with a spark.

Preparation – half the case

In this case, it will not be possible to just “come-see-whiten”. Future orgasms arise in the early stages of communication. You still watch a disgusting film on the first date, and until you plan to be in the same bed, and it already unconsciously “draws conclusions” that will affect your sex in the future.

The pleasure of a woman comes from the brain, the genitals and points only transmit signals to him. The brain takes into account dozens of little things, and not just what a thing you have and how cool you can use it. To experience unearthly pleasure, the girl needs attention and trust, comfortable conditions, even emotional state.

Even if you are a virtuoso pianist, and your fingers are magnificent not only on black and white keys-everything else is also important. Just do not rush with conclusions: everything is simpler than it seems. Just be yourself and remember how important the psychological factor is for a girl. All that girls need is to one small list. Even if some points seem to you as insignificant as possible-just read and take note. A video tutorial on a jet orgasm will help to better understand what is happening to a woman and how to influence it.

Create an atmosphere

Candles, champagne, delicious dinner, muffled light – this is how the scenes look in the cinema, in which it is definitely clear what will happen next to the plot. This is the romantic situation in the female performance. By the way, romance is not very believable to the cinema.

In life, the rolls are sometimes late, a cork is buzzing behind the ajar, and at the most inopportune moment the phone rings.

Just try to add to the atmosphere of thematic little things. Aromatic oils and candles are quite suitable. Let your space have closeness and trust, a bath with champagne for this is not at all required.

You also need to establish feedback with a partner, that is, you must understand what your partner is currently likeing, and what is not, follow her facial expression, breathing, your body language – whether it lies calmly or begins to turn it somehow somehow -All this is very important.

Remember, women do not say that they like or do not like it, so you must see it yourself.

Also, observing, you will understand which areas awakened, and which you still need to work on and more intensively stimulate. By the way, to understand which areas are more erogenous and which are not, you can use the edible colors of Shunga: the bottom line is that you begin to paint on a woman’s body with paints and watch her if you see that somewhere breathing is more frequent or goosebumps went through the body, orIt starts to bend – it means you found an awakened erogenous zone, if it doesn’t react in any way, it means there is something to work on Ca walhes with pleasure licking with pleasure, for that they are edible, but you can, by the way, also make the “skin awakening” technique,that your partner will awaken very quickly, watch a special video tutorial on this topic on our website.

The prelude is above all

In men and women, “triggers” of sexual excitement work a little differently. You are ready for battle in a minute of affection or flirting, and after another three – no longer able to restrain yourself. She only feels a slight excitement in the first 10 minutes.

Of course this is not a terrible problem, and if you take up violent sex spontaneously, in the end you will be quite satisfied with them. Only you will not know how to achieve a jet orgasm and the next attempts will have to be postponed the next day.

For a girl, excitement to intercourse is its basis.

It should be soft, but inevitable, to grow smoothly so that there is not the slightest desire to get out of it. An ideal combination – a prelude smoothly turning into an erotic massage with an orgasm, will help you with this a massage candle mystim with the aroma of London or Paris.

To make the prelude bright and expressive, use several different stimulation techniques. Carefully follow the reaction – she will instantly give out what the girl likes and what is not very.


Massage excellently excites, relaxes, sets up in a playful and intriguing way, erases the boundaries between partners. Massage is always relevant: you are married for 5 years or just met in Karaoke bar? If the goal is to come closer psychologically and physically – you can’t find a more convenient preposition.

Massage is not only innocent stroking. Below are the most diverse and amazingly hot techniques.

Massage of the whole body

Erotic massage will help create healthy trusting relationships and overcome the girl’s constraint. If she closes the door in the shower to the latch, turns away, changing the t -shirt, or densely pulls the curtains before sex – you just need it.

You consider her naked body in all details and relish it, not being distracted by anything else, and you both understand it. Here it is, an ideal recipe for emancipation, it is easier to relax and have fun, than to worry about folds or pimples for half an hour in a row.

The process and technique are extremely simple: you need massage oil at room temperature, for example, Shunga, and steel exposure, so as not to finish the prelude at the very beginning.

First, you need to relax and calm the woman with massage and therefore you begin to influence the zones of calm:

  1. We put 2 palms – on the neck and on the tailbone – these zones are responsible for pleasure and make circular movements, so you make 10-15 seconds, after that you take either a massage candle or intimate massage oil Shunga and spread a woman through the body, start with the buttocks along the spine.And you go down the sides. Pay attention, what amplitude, and that stimulation goes completely with the whole palm without separation.
  2. After that, you rest your fingertips into your partner’s skin and stimulate in circular movements – also no more than 20-30 seconds.
  3. Next, you remember the sacral -kopchikov zone – this is generally the projection of the genitals of a woman, and there are a lot of nerve receptors here, make a “hot point” technique. Watch our video tutorial on the art of erotic massage, in it you will find a lot of techniques for men that you can use to excite your favorite and massage with squirting.

Your task is to make the excitement grow gradually. Do not rush to move on to intimate parts of the body, first it is a little tease. With the help of massage, we catch blood to the pelvic organs so that the excitation of a woman before receiving a squirt is maximum.

A couple of tips:

  • strokes will be enough, other manipulations may interfere;
  • There are interesting places on the female body on both sides – the girl can lie both on the stomach and on the back;
  • Try not to make sudden movements;
  • Always keep the tactile connection-even if you need to take something or do something, one hand should still touch the body of the partner’s body.

Breast massage

A mass of nerve endings is concentrated in the chest, and not all of them are in the nipple. Be careful – this part of the body is as sensitive as possible. Do not squeeze it if you are not 100%sure that the girl will like it. Maximum – very gently squeeze the nipples or twist them between your fingers.

Octopus technique

Put your palm on the chest and grab it with your fingers. Palm should be in the shape of a dome. Now make a scrolling wrist around your axis and up to the nipple. Pillows of your fingers, while you stimulate your chest in a circle and up.

Push-up technique

Massage the chest from the bottom up with your palm and fingers, as if raising it up. The starting point of movement is in the area of the ribs under the chest. Just do not strain your palm, let it be soft.

Technique Infinity

Picture a symbol of infinity on her chest with fingertips. At the same time, the halo will be in the center of each loop, they should not touch them – this will create a languid expectation.

 Do not save on a lubricant, oil and a stimulant

Good, fragrant, high -quality cosmetics – this is important. Oil and lubricant should be within reach, so as not to be distracted right before bringing a woman to a jet orgasm. Leave intimate moments to intimate events. The massage candle PLAISIRS or DONA massage oil is well suited.

Stimulants also do not neglect. In the case of a jet squirt – especially. It comes from point G, it is almost impossible to get a member to it, and manual stimulation may not be enough.

Vaginal massage

When the stage of external caresses and chest is passed – move down to the treasured points. By that time, the girl will already be beside herself from desire, but do not succumb to her tricks. The force of excitement should grow evenly.

In this state, the girl will easily end from the clitoris in just 30 seconds of its stimulation, but your task is to find out how to learn how to make a squirt. quote

Caresses need to be concentrated at point G, it is this method that is the most correct and simple. Here are a few more techniques tested by hundreds of steam.


This is the stimulation of the side of the two palms. Before causing squirt, you need to apply a lubricant to the ribs of your palms. Then place them in the area of the labia labia parallel to each other. Move gently forward and backward, distributing grease.

Come here

This technique is the finish line. If a girl lies on her back, bring a finger into the vagina so that your palm is directed upward. Find the point G – it will be approximately 2/3 of the length of the finger and will be just under its pillow. To the touch, this point differs from the surrounding smooth surface. She is soft and as if rough. Now just bend your finger, as if calling someone with a gesture. The tip of the finger will stimulate the erogenous point exactly as it should.

How to finish

Right before testing squirt or other type of discharge, any girl and woman expects only two simple actions from a man. Yes, really any – this is probably the only thing that has in common with millions of women from around the world.

Don’t stop and don’t change anything. That’s the whole secret of success. When you see that the girl is about to have an orgasm-just continue in the same spirit, no matter what you do. You can, if desired, accelerate and make movements a little more intensively. But even out of good motives, you should not change the direction or nature of movements – in most cases it will prevent you from finding out what wet orgasm is.

Men’s mistakes

The main errors directly follow from the previous points. Once again, we denote them:

  • too short stage of the prelude;
  • Clital affection, instead of a point G – when a girl is excited, even a couple of random touches can lead to discharge;
  • not enough lubrication – it is better to take more than less. This is not the case when it is worth saving;
  • Changing movements right before the final – if it is about to finish, then you are doing everything perfectly. There is no reason to change something right now.

A little more about trust: almost all girls are shy about their body in one way or another. When she first encounters Squirt, accidentally or intentionally, it can confuse her. Try to understand this embarrassment-she worries if you decide that “something is wrong with her”. It is impossible to guess that the girl thinks about it herself. So it’s better not to comment on what happened until you both calm down or until she herself speaks about it.

How to make it a member

Because of the position of points G and U, bringing a partner to a squirt a member is not so easy. In fact, the problem is that when you bring to wet pleasure you will need very frequent frictions that not every man is capable of. It is better to use your fingers or a special vibrator, for example, Lelo Ina – it has a clitoral process and strong enough vibration to do everything for you. Regular training will sooner or later lead to the “very” result. Do you have something against such exercises?

There is one important point after all: if for a girl this is the first acquaintance with the “wet” technique, first you need to “teach” her body to this sensation once. Let her experience a jet orgasm from cunnilingus and skillful hands. Techniques from the article will help.

The main rule is mentioned above: excitement should increase gradually. Start with the prelude and preliminary caresses of “harmless” parts of the body. Gradually go to the vagina and, finally, inside. There will be a lot of lubrication here, do not regret it. Play your finger on the technique “Come here”, warming up the point g.

You can change your finger to a member only when a girl stands out for a crazy amount of grease, and she flows and wriggles.

To achieve the peak, a pose in which the maximum possible effect on points G and U is suitable. But the girl is unlikely to be able to get a squirt from sex, since you will have to make frictions very quickly a member, not every man will do this. On the Internet they often write that the best option is a knee-elbow post: you are behind, a partner under the stomach has a large pillow, to which she can transfer weight almost completely.

But so that in this position she gets a squirt, she will come in handy for gymnastics. Stimulation will be stronger if it shakes with breasts to the bed so that the difference and bend of the back be maximum. But it is better not to mock her and yourself, but simply to use a vibrator with strong vibration and clitoral process, for example, Fun Factory Miss B or Lelo Ina.

In the final stage, let the girl finish, increase the pace to maximum. Right before making a jet orgasm, the depth is no longer so important. If everything is done correctly and today is your day – a minute later a powerful stormy peak will occur after a minute.

How to achieve a jet orgasm itself without a partner

A little information for girls will not hurt.

To find out how to bring yourself to a jet orgasm, you do not need to learn this in advance in advance. It is quite possible to cope with this task almost alone. Although one silent assistant is still useful-this is a vibrator with a clitoral process and a powerful engine, for example, mystim.

You need to prepare a lubricant, a stimulator of a special curved shape and tune in to pleasure.

Before masturbation, it is important not to be lazy and look for a moment in the restroom. The full bladder can cause discomfort, because of which the pleasure will fade into the background. 

You need to act immediately on two points at the same time – g and u.

Excite yourself with light caresses, you can play with the clitoris, but do not get carried away, otherwise you can’t refuse yourself to be seduced to bring the matter to the end. When you will be excited enough, go to the stimulant – enter it inside and act on point G with rapid circular movements, gradually increasing the intensity of frictions, the process of the vibrator is placed on U.

The correct squirt occurs by itself, the body must be relaxed. Right before reaching squirting, you will feel the urge to urinate. At this moment, you should not “clamp”, otherwise the squirt will not happen. Do not worry, these sensations are caused by the approaching peak and exclusively to them. Assign the pelvic floor muscles down to accelerate the peak. If your muscles around the vagina lacks tone, which is very often among girls over 22 years old, watch our video course “Training and development of intimate muscles”, in it you will find a 21-day system in order to put the muscles in order.

Formula 100% squirt

So that the girl finds out how to get an orgasm with a squirt and could constantly experience it, you need to arouse this skill in the body. A lot depends on you – if you wish, you can help your partner reveal a huge sexual potential. And, yes, let the internal egoist be calm – this investment will bring dividends in the form of amazing regular sex.

The most difficult thing is to do this for the first time, because, in fact, this is overcoming your own barrier. Each time it will be easier until in the end it will go into the category of conventional managed phenomena.

What to do if it doesn’t work out

If the methods are tried, and the goal is not achieved – figure out why. Perhaps the technique suffers, and someone does something wrong. Openness will help each other and regular practice. Be sure to watch our video course “Techniques of the Jet Orgasm”, in it our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya gives full instructions and the best techniques for bringing a woman to Squirt. Plus you will get the most cool poses that you can use to give her this peak of pleasure.

Sometimes the technique and experience has nothing to do with it, and the real reason lies in constraint – the girl knows how to get a humid orgasm and what you should do for this, simply does not dare to say or is afraid to offend.

In other cases, she cannot enjoy the reasons – conscious or not. Low self -esteem, poor experience, insufficiently close relations with a partner – all this can affect the quality of sex. Sometimes, before learning Squirt, you should chat with a psychologist or sexologist (you can do it online on our website), or better watch our video courses to awaken female pleasure – “100% vaginal orgasm”.

Toys and creams to strengthen female pleasure

There is no need to consider sex toys with its competitor in a married bed-believe me, a vibrator or dildo can greatly improve the quality of an intimate life if you use it correctly. This means not just to give a toy to a woman, but to connect her to your bed games and increase the sensuality of a partner, giving her and herself pleasure.

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques


A wonderful and stylish masturbator that any lady will definitely like. It is very simple to use it – the device does not need to be moved, just place it on the clitoris and wait until satisfaction comes. Discharge will not be long in coming. Yes, clitoral, but multiple!

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques


A wonderful toy made of medical silicone is already much more like a male penis. In fact, it is an analogue of the penis, only she can pulsate, creating axial impulses. This mode of operation differs from a conventional vibrator radically, since it is it that helps to imitate sex – reciprocating movements. This thing will come in handy for you to awaken the A zone A (it is located at the cervix), where the member will not get out almost a guarantee.

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques

Miss BI from Fun Factory

A small compact vibrator that is more like an element of decor from the future than a real sex toy. But in addition to its mimicity, this little thing is really capable of a lot – two engines actively stimulate the most important erogenous zones – the clitoris and point G. A powerful friend will definitely break even the most insensitive area of the most anti -sensitive girl.

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques

Lelo Ina Wawe

We have already written about him a hundred times, but more details. A great toy from Lelo, which is ideal for female anatomy and physiology. The developers thought out almost everything – the toy trunk is moving in exciting, which creates a feeling of real sex, it is possible to change the speed and intensity of vibration, turn on one or two motors at once. The diameter and length of the barrel are perfect – the toy stimulates everything that is needed, but does not cause inconvenience. Visually, Ina Wave is similar to a classic vibrator-red, but at the same time very stylish and high-quality. And by the way, Lelo is Maserati among vibrators.

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm or squirt – video techniques


The unique invention from Gvibe is not much like a realistic phalloimitator or even a classic vibrator – rather it resembles a process divided on one of the sides in half. It turns out a kind of fork (or a bunny, as you like), which is ideal for stimulating the G zone, and it can also be used for vaginal anal or clitoral-vaginal stimulation, or when you make a blowjob it. Plus a great design, three powerful motor – in the barrel and each of the processes.

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