Female orgasm is achieved by practice

Female orgasm is achieved by practice.

How to understand that the girl experiences an orgasm

It can be difficult for a guy to understand what a girl feels with an orgasm, because the sensations with an orgasm of a female and male are very different. Nevertheless, Do not think that your man does not feel false when you try to pass signs of orgasm for orgasm itself. If a girl acts an orgasm, she experiences complete relaxation and pleasant pulsation in the lower abdomen, and sometimes throughout her body.

The sensations from sex can be different for everyone, but the physiology of orgasm is the same. Such signs of orgasm can be distinguished:

  • The vagina begins to contract involuntarily;
  • A very large amount of liquid lubrication is released;
  • The body makes convulsive movements – wriggles, trembles, beats;
  • Sobs, groans, incoherent phrases break out;
  • Nipples become large and solid.

During orgasm, your man feels vaginal cramps, because it covers his penis. If you have not gave birth to a child and regularly do exercises for the tone of the vagina, it will be possible to distinguish 2-4 strong spasms and many weak. Older women and those who gave birth are characterized by the appearance of 1-2 harsh strong cramps and several weak.

A man can understand what happens during orgasm, only from his observations, but what a woman feels with an orgasm, only she can tell. Often they talk about warm waves in the stomach, a feeling of pleasant blow, slow sweet spasms that both want to prolong and finish.

Why do we imitate an orgasm?

Female orgasm is very pleasant and useful, Why do we have to portray pleasure instead of getting it? If we already know how an orgasm manifests itself, then we portray it when you don’t really want sex. Girls who do not yet know what a woman feels at orgasm, draw their knowledge from films or books, trying to please a man.

Researchers are sure that an orgasm is experiencing how many women are experiencing, because some of them are not ready to admit the inability to have fun during sex. In addition, a psychological factor plays a role – It is believed that a man will be upset and will feel like a loser, If his partner does not experience an orgasm. This is partly the case, but the female orgasm gives indescribable sensations – we suggest you learn to experience an orgasm and delight your man with real moans and screams.

Types of female orgasm

  • Most often girls experience Clital orgasm – He is probably familiar to you by independent masturbation. The fact is that this erogenous zone is most accessible anatomically, and it is also easier to awaken. In fact, when the girl explores her genitals out of curiosity, she just gets the first pleasant sensations from touching the clitoris. Of course, signs of orgasm will appear much later – as a rule, by adolescence. How the clitoral orgasm occurs, it is not difficult to understand – this female organ is essentially a small analogue of a male penis, saturated with nervous endings.
  • Physiology of orgasm vaginal It is more complicated, because to stimulate the point of the point G, a male cock or a special sex toy is necessary for it. You cannot get a vaginal orgasm without penetration, but the symptoms of orgasm may not manifest itself even with prolonged sexual bonds. To find out what a girl feels during an orgasm of a vaginal type, it will be necessary to study her body better and make some efforts. Signs of vaginal orgasm – a deeper level of pleasure, localized inside, pleasant vaginal cramps.
  • How an orgasm occurs uterine, You can only find out next to a partner who has a relatively large penis. However, the genitals can temporarily “replace” with an anatomical toy or even hand – point A, thanks to which the girl receives an orgasm. It is located on the eve of the cervix and needs to be awakened.
  • How is it Inkjet orgasm, Few people know – admit, you also consider it a fiction? In fact, the physiology of an orgasm of this type is associated with the work of point U, which is located on the eve of the urethra.
  • Sensations with sex anal may not be the most pleasant if it passes without appropriate preparation. In fact, you can fully find out what is happening with an orgasm from the point K – for this you need you to be very excited, and the partner act tenderly and carefully.
  • Sensations with orgasm multiple and looped strengthened several times, but before a woman to bring herself to an orgasm of this type, you need to learn how to receive simpler types of sexual pleasure, that is, arouse various erogenous zones.

Female orgasm is achieved by practice

How to experience a real orgasm

The description of orgasm does not give a complete understanding of the process: you can thoroughly know what the girl feels during orgasm, but when he comes, the sensations will be completely different. Girls often ask a question – how to understand that I experienced an orgasm? We repeat once again: everyone’s sensations are different for everyone, but the orgasm is characterized by complete relaxation and saturation: you experience satisfaction and sexual desire slowly come to naught. At the same time, symptoms of orgasm can be different: bright unforgettable experiences or pleasant waves in the stomach. If you have not yet experienced an orgasm or he left mediocre sensations, we recommend that you do practical preparation of the body for orgasm.

It is interesting that the study of your body and the study of your own sexuality allow you to deepen sensations with orgasm, make it truly bright.

Flexibility in bed

Remember what happens during sex with a little -minble partner? That’s right – a man has to work for a long time in order to get an orgasm himself, and what a woman feels during orgasm, he will not find out. In order not to be a log in bed, you need to gain important female quality – bodily flexibility. It is flexibility that will bring itself to orgasm, taking poses that best stimulate erogenous zones. Just compare your feelings when you stand in the pose of the “cats”, gracefully arched your back, or lies trite on your back. A man feels your sexuality and starts himself, and from there the signs of a vaginal orgasm are already visible.

By the way, working with the spine is needed not only to bring itself to orgasm: a flexible back is also the prevention of osteochondrosis, diseases of the female sexual sector. We advise you to do dancing, yoga, pilates or strip plastic-everything that is focused on women and allows you to achieve flexibility and plasticity.

If you still do not have the opportunity to attend such classes, but I really want to know what the female orgasm looks like, take place at home – this will still give your results. Moving your hips and a basin, you adjust the movements of a man to your needs, make him move more or less actively.

How to bring yourself to orgasm change of posture

An experienced woman to bring herself to an orgasm is completely easy – She knows how to tune in to the sensations of her body and feel signs of vaginal orgasm, which are his harbinger. The new poses that look aesthetically on the part of a man rarely allow you to immediately get an orgasm, since the body feels somewhat uncomfortable in them. To see how an orgasm manifests itself, take a familiar pose in which you are most convenient for you. You can learn about the best poses for orgasm from our video:

However, to achieve an orgasm, every trifle in the pose is important: the position of the legs, depth, angle and power of penetration. Trying to catch the symptoms of orgasm, focus on the fact that it brings you the greatest pleasure – if it is a deep and slow penetration, ask a man to move just like this and choose the optimal pose for this. By the way, one does not need to be ashamed to discuss with the partner their sensations during sex – men really want to see how the female orgasm occurs and feel like his “culprit”. In the person of a lover, you will definitely meet the hot support of any of your initiatives related to orgasm.

According to anonymous statistics, almost every girl receives an orgasm easily in the pose of a rider that allows you to control all movements. This is very convenient: you do not need to synchronize with a partner, think about how the female orgasm and your movements look like – everything happens very naturally and pleasant.

Additional bonus: a man is very interested in what a female orgasm looks like, so he will gladly agree to be in the role of “lower” and give you the brothers of the board. About female orgasm, the couple is shot quite often – pay attention to the fact that the pose of a rider is often mentioned there.

Orgasm: sensations and proper breathing

There is an immutable law: if a girl received an orgasm, then she breathed correctly.

There is a direct dependence between muscle contractions, what a woman feels during orgasm, and proper breathing. Before you start to set up on the sensations of sex, remember about the right breathing: even if you are very pleased, you do not need to hold your breath. On the contrary, it is worth breathing in full chest, trying to get as much oxygen as possible – only this is the body can bring itself to orgasm. Before you understand the female orgasm, you need to deepen a little in physiology – it is simply obvious that without oxygen tissue cannot function normally, and in order to experience an orgasm, you need a lot of resources.

Before? how to bring yourself to orgasm for the first time, practice breathing exercises. Yoga helps, other types of respiratory practices. If you do not want to attend special classes, but a simple description of orgasm no longer satisfies you, try to make sure that you breathe as deep as possible all the time, preferably with the stomach. Female orgasm, the physiology of which has already been considered above, is closely related to the uterus and genitals. If you learn to practice low uterine breathing, it will be easier for you to focus on your pleasure and strengthen its waves.

Female orgasm is achieved by practice

Breathing for concentration and relaxation

  1. Breathing with a stomach. With a deep breath, the stomach “inflated”, falls on a leisurely exhale. Inhale is carried out for 3-4 seconds, then it is necessary to hold your breath for 2 seconds, exhale-4-5 seconds. The interval between breathing is 2-3 seconds.
  2. Breath of the chest. On inspiration, the ribs are “revealed”, on exhalation – “compressed”. The execution time is the same as in the first stage.
  3. Breathing with clavicle. On inspiration, the collarbone rise, on the exhale – fall. Intervals and time execution of the same.
  4. Wave -like breathing. Inhalation goes from the bottom up: stomach, chest, collarbone. Exhale – from top to bottom: collarbone, chest, stomach. The final stage should be carried out especially measuredly.

    Breathing to reduce mental activity before sex

    1. Having made a complete breath, you need to make a reinforced, deep exhale through tightly compressed lips. In this case, the exhalation is made, as it were, in portions, the air is “pushed” from the inside.
    2. Here you need to cause “artificial” yawn.
    3. Opening the mouth as widely as possible, so that the tension in the lower jaw is felt, you should take a smooth breath, feeling the lungs filled with air. Hold your breath for 2 seconds, and then exhale measuredly and leisurely.
    4. Taking a full breath without holding his breath, air is released through an open mouth. In this case, the lips are folded in shape in the circle. Exhale is made portioned, shocks. The initial stage of exhalation is the longest, gradually coming out of light air should become less and less. After completion, you should wait 5-10 seconds and repeat the respiratory exercise again.

    Female orgasm: sensations and rhythm

    How an orgasm occurs and why is the correct rhythm very important for it? The fact is that the stimulation of erogenous zones occurs precisely due to fluctuations in the male member in the vagina. Before bringing herself to an orgasm, you need tune in to your body and try to understand which rhythm is most pleasant Given in the area of the bottom of the abdomen. Every man understands what happens with orgasm (they rarely have the problem of anorgasmia), so he will definitely support you and try to fulfill the request to move in one way or another.


    More precisely, this can be done specifically if a woman already knows how an orgasm occurs, and a man intentionally wants to strengthen him with protracting sexual intercourse. For those who do not yet know what the girl feels during orgasm, this method will not work – it will only move the approach of pleasure.

    Female orgasm is achieved by practice

    Female orgasm is a search for reference points

    To understand what a woman feels during orgasm, you will have to concentrate on one or more erogenous zones that the partner stimulates. If he caresses his chest, squeezes or kisses the nipples, try to catch these sensations and feel how they surrender in the depths of the body. Of course, it is difficult to get an orgasm from breast caresses alone: to experience it, you will have to concentrate on the clitoris or point g. If you know how the clitoral orgasm occurs, it will be much easier for you to get vaginal, because the scheme is essentially the same.

    Men do not always understand how the female orgasm is happening, and they know what to do for its appearance. Explain to him that female orgasm is first of all the correct stimulation, so let your partner read our guide “How to bring a girl to a stormy orgasm” or watch a video in which he will learn many secrets. It is on the correct stimulation that the sensations with orgasm you will have.

    By the way, some girls cannot get a vaginal orgasm without stimulating the clitoris – let your boyfriend mean this, but you yourself can masturbate in the process of a sexual act.

    Masturbation causes female orgasm without problems, however, what happens with vaginal orgasm, it’s difficult to figure out without a guy, except that you will use sex toys.

    How to bring herself to orgasm as a girl: training of intimate muscles will help

    Surely you regularly visit the gym to maintain your body in shape, but what about intimate muscles? The female orgasm of the sensation for which we love him brings it due to the contraction of the muscles of the vaginal and iliac-reference group. Pour the first and understand how an orgasm manifests itself, you can with ordinary Kegel exercises – squeezing and relaxing the crotch. The second group is trained to pull the pelvis forward and a little up.

    Before you bring herself to orgasm, you need to practice a little – the stronger the intimate muscles become, the more vivid sensations from orgasm.

    Before the female orgasm occurs, the muscles begin to actively contract – prepare them for such loads. Kegel exercises can be done at home, and if you want to get a quick result, buy vaginal balls – they really work! And better start to engage in our special 21-day training system of intimate muscles that you will find in the video tutorial on our website. By the way, about female orgasm homemade video is often shot – girls actively advertise vaginal balls that helped them understand what a woman was experiencing at orgasm. Do you remember what feelings during the first sex? It hurts, a little unpleasant, and certainly little pleasure. But the more you practice, the more emotions and sensations begin to bring sexual intercourse.

    Masturbation is, by the way, the best practice.

    Watch our video:

    Female orgasm: how it works at the level of psychology

    Female orgasm – Masturbation brings easily, but you probably dream of finding out why women experience a vaginal type orgasm and create a hype around this. Sexologists are sure: the orgasm with sex with a partner is easiest to get when you are excited before the start of sexual intercourse – for example, due to sexual fantasies.

    Do not pay attention to the description of orgasm and try to fantasize what pleasant sensations you would like to experience, connect the plot row to this. Before you bring themselves to orgasm, many women are actively fantasize and there is nothing wrong with it.

    It is important to finally understand what a woman is experiencing during orgasm, and for this all means are good. Why do women experience an orgasm? To survive maximum pleasure and get closer to a partner. Try to offer your boyfriend role-playing games, Just choose the plot that excites you and is of interest. Watch our special video course "Scenarios of an unforgettable night" And draw inspiration.

    Woman and orgasm: independent practice

    Puritan society is still negative about the phenomenon of self -satisfaction, since it does not even think about how many women are experiencing an orgasm and why it is needed at all. Physiology will tell you better about female orgasm: it is really real to get it only to those who have already awakened some erogenous zones. Engaged in self -satisfaction, you can activate them and start the pleasure mechanism, find out what is happening during sex when a partner caresses you.

    How to understand that you are an orgasm if it was not before? You do not have to know what a woman is experiencing with an orgasm, because each of us feels completely different. One thing is definitely clear. The girl received an orgasm if she feels a state of complete discharge and relaxation, pleasant emotions (this is due to the release of endorphins into the blood). The orgasm can be experienced as a strong electric discharge or explosion, or can pass quite calmly. You most likely will definitely recognize it, especially if this is the first orgasm.

    If a girl received an orgasm during masturbation, this is not a reason to abandon an intimate relationship with a partner. The first sex does not always bring pleasant sensations, but over time we learn to find more and more types of pleasure in intimacy, experiences become deeper. If at first you did not know how to understand that you are experiencing an orgasm, then over time it begins to interest you how a jet orgasm occurs. Sex with a partner makes it possible to survive more vivid and unforgettable sensations, to find a new level of harmony in a couple.

    Techniques of female masturbation

    The most common technology is not penetration into the vagina, but Soft circular movements on the clitoris and vulva. Often, girls use a completely “contactless” method – rub the pubic on bedding, furniture, or simply squeeze the hips in a lying or sitting position. Additionally, many connect the affection of the nipples, the anus. Of course, penetration also does not give up a position-an excited girl can enter into herself with the help of her fingers or a suitable sex toy.

    The correct technology does not exist – each girl defines it for herself, and experiments in this area are only welcome. The most important thing is not to use improvised products like vegetables or other non -hygienic objects for masturbation.

    Newcomers They can also experience an orgasm: for this you will have to learn how to relax and catch your body signals. It is best to lie on the bed, having previously undressed, spread your legs a little and bend them in your knees. After that, with the help of hands, study your body, stroking it and lingering in the most sensitive places. It is important not to try to bring yourself to orgasm, but simply to explore, compare the difference in sensations.

    If you want more, it is worth caressing the clitoris, then enter a finger in your vagina. With the other hand you can stimulate nipples, stroke the stomach or hips. It must be borne in mind that the clitoris is better to stimulate around, since its head itself is too sensitive.

    Point G It is located inside the vagina, so for its stimulation it is better to choose a suitable sex toy. This option is more suitable for experienced girls who want to expand the horizon of their experiences.

    Female orgasm is achieved by practice

    Female orgasm: as this happens from the point of view of experts

    If you still do not know why women experience an orgasm and how an orgasm occurs when stimulating different points is an occasion to study profile literature, get acquainted with the video on our website devoted to obtaining an orgasm. By the way, to find out what is happening during sex and how to understand that the girl experiences an orgasm, it can be interesting not only to you, but also to a partner – you can well study the issue and watch our video tutorials together. The course is suitable for you – "Wake up all 7 types of your orgasm",  And offer him to see "100% vaginal orgasm".

    How to understand an orgasm and make it brighter

    What happens during orgasm, you will understand as soon as you test it for the first time, but few people stop there! Female orgasm, as tantric oriental teachings understand this – a process in which you can delve into endlessly. Concentrate and try to remember what feelings you experience with orgasm – this will be the reference point. It is important not what sensations you received during the first sex, but pay attention to the orgasm.

    The deepening of their experiences begins with their attentive tracking in the process of sexual act. Regardless of what sensations with orgasm you experience, try to make them deeper, direct your attention to the place where something is brewing-the physiology of the female orgasm is such that this will make the sensations brighter.

    When an orgasm occurs enchantment, you will not have the question “how to understand that I received an orgasm”, and the experience itself will become a real bliss for you and your partner. No need to abandon such a wonderful gift of nature, because receiving an orgasm in your forces!

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