8 types of female orgasms that you did not know

Female orgasms.

8 types of female orgasms that you did not know

Orgasm for a man is easy to understand. Just play, make love, finish and go to sleep! Most men can have only one type of orgasm after which they usually temporarily lose an erection, should take a little time before the partner can repeat sexual intercourse again.

Women can have many different types of orgasms. They vary from those that are barely noticeable, to a scream, squeezing the fingers, even absorbing nails into bed and jet orgasms. And unlike men, the type of orgasm in a woman is often 100% controlled by a sexual partner!

One of the first steps to give your girlfriend the strongest orgasms in her life is the recognition that a man controls her orgasms. It must be understood that only the partner is guilty that the girl did not finish. Always be honest with yourself and ask yourself whether you really sexually satisfy her.

How many types of female orgasm you know? You probably have never thought about it. More advanced will answer that there is a vaginal orgasm, clitoral and anal. And real specialists in sex matters will answer that there is also an orgasm of points V, U and G. There is also a jet orgasm, orgasm from touching nipples and combined.

Well, how do you like information?

Let’s talk about some types female orgasms – The most common.

Prelude and orgasms.

The prelude is extremely important for a girl. Competently start sexual intercourse with a girl, since they need a little more time to excite or “preliminary penetration”. It is at these moments that the first orgasms occur.

Each great lover should have the following preludes in his play:

1) Orgasm of the nipples:

An integral erogenous zone for both men and girls. Unfortunately, not all women can experience an orgasm only by stimulation of the nipples.

2) clitoral orgasm:

is an excellent warm -up and relatively easy to get. In its intensity, lighter than vaginal orgasms. The partner concentrates on the clitoris.

3) orgasm “Point G”:

It is achieved by stimulation of the corresponding zone, similar to a deep orgasm that the girl receives with normal penetration, but it is brighter. Female physiology allows you to experience more than one orgasm, but two or even three at the same time. Sex can be made unforgettable, knowing about various penetrations and their game.

4) vaginal orgasm:

is the most common of all and is familiar to everyone. This is a strong feeling when a man is inside a girl. The feeling is more intense than any preludic orgasm, but it is difficult to achieve due to the difficulty of selecting a posture. The partner must massage the upper wall of the vagina. It is much easier to achieve it after a prelude.

5) anal orgasm:

It occurs due to the penetration of the fingers or the device of the partner in that very place … it is easier to get after clitoral or vaginal orgasm. This feeling is very different from the usual pleasures.

6) multiple orgasms.

Multiple orgasms are when an orgasm occurred, and the partner receives another one at once. It is welcome to combine various zones, for example, clitoris and anal passage.

7) continuous orgasm:

This is when the partner already experiences the peak of sensations, but instead of allowing to lower sexual excitement, sexual intercourse continues. This forces you to start uncontrollably again and again to experience an orgasm. After prolonged ecstasy, the partners are inspired and will always say that they did not know how many orgasms they had.

8) Inkjet orgasm:

Inkjet, he is a squirt, it turns out to achieve far from all female representatives. But quite real. Such an orgasm is achieved after a long stimulation of the same point g. Such an orgasm is quite long up to 2 minutes. In fact, making your girl to experience one of these most intense orgasms is a whole “science”!

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