5 techniques helping to improve male orgasm

5 techniques helping to improve male orgasm.

5 techniques helping to improve male orgasm

How to make its pleasure even stronger? What can a woman use in sex to pamper a man? There are 5 techniques that can be applied to cause ecstasy from a partner.

He can like all ways, or maybe so that some option will leave him indifferent. Therefore, during use, you need to track the reaction of the partner. It will be better to get consent in advance to use some actions, for example, related to the caresses of the anus or prostate, so that there are no unpleasant situations.

5 techniques helping to improve male orgasm

Manual caresses of a member

Massage with the hands of the penis can very excite a partner. It is better to start making them better until the moment of penetration, and not limit yourself to the move alone, but use different. Stimulation is done with two hands, to improve sliding in the palm of your hand, you can apply massage oil. If you want to add oral affection, which can be an excellent completion, then you should use an edible lubricant.

Throughout the massage, it is necessary not to violate the rhythm of movements, do not stop them. A great option would be to study several massage methods in order to find those that cause him the biggest response among them.

Using vibration

To add vibration to sexual caresses, you can use a sex toy with such a function. Pulsation will give special sensations, they are even more sensitive than without the use of gadgets. At the moment when you feel the approach of orgasm, the power of vibration can be made stronger. This will give him a great emotional pleasure.

If you make a blowjob, you can use a regular vibrator. They touch the testicles or crotch, and the mouth and hands «Work» with a head and a penis trunk. So the partner feels pleasure from all sides at the same time. With ordinary sex, you can use sex toys for two. For example, the vibration massager is attached to the partner’s body, and the man also feels vibrating waves from the immersed part, which brings him additional ecstasy.

5 techniques helping to improve male orgasm

External stimulation of the anus zone

There are many nerve endings in the crotch and near the anus. Their stimulation brings a huge excitement to the partner. But such caresses can disturb a man. Therefore, movements should be neat, do not penetrate deep into the anus, so as not to scare it. It is necessary to caress easily and non -red, and for better gliding, use a special lubricant.

Massage of the anus and perineum will only be obtained with a mineral or manual affectionate of a member. For convenience, a man needs to spread his legs wide so that the woman has access to this zone. After the partner gets used to caresses, you can connect a sex toy with vibration to massage.

Prostate massaging

Prostate massage can give very strong orgasms. Due to the fact that the woman does not know the exact arrangement of the gland, it can push either strongly or weakly. Therefore, it is better to use a special massager. It has a curved shape for a point effect. It is better to choose models that have an additional vibration function. The man himself can manage, changing speeds and thereby adjusting the level and power of excitement. A partner at this moment can do a blowjob or anus massage.

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