Whether infections are transmitted with oral sex? | Oral sex

Whether infections are transmitted with oral sex?.

Whether infections are transmitted with oral sex? | Oral sex
Oral caresses seem safe compared to vaginal or anal contact. But during them, infections are possible. How to protect yourself from diseases, what measures will help prevent negative consequences? And what kind of sexually transmitted diagnoses should be afraid?

Infections transmitted during oral sex

During a blowjob, cunnilingus or anilingus, you can pick up several dozen different diseases. Among them are HIV, hepatitis, herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and many others. The severity of these diseases is different, but everyone requires treatment.

Part of the infections can be completely cured. Others will remain in the body forever, will manifest only with weakening immunity. Others will require constant therapy and will become a threat to life. Therefore, the threat does not need to be ignored.

How the infection is transmitted

If there is a defeat of the genitals, and a person touches this site with an mouth, the transmission of infection is possible. The probability of getting less than when the genitals contact, for example, with vaginal sex, but it is still there.

If there are some wounds in the mouth, and often a person does not even suspect them, then the probability of infection increases. It is through them that the virus or bacterium enters the body.

And some diseases appear immediately, while others can be invisible for a long time.

How to find out what the infection occurred

If only oral sex was unprotected, you can find out about infection with sexually transmitted diseases by sore throat. So manifests itself, for example, gonorrhea or syphilis. By symptoms, this is similar to a sore throat, but only when taking tests can I find out the exact diagnosis.

It is especially worthwhile if there is an inflammation of the lymph nodes. This is a bad sign that should not be ignored. And the doctor must say about the possible infection with oral affection.

Rashes in the mouth, sores, white plaque or an unpleasant odor – these are also symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in the mouth. If at least one of these signs is manifested, it is recommended to take tests.Whether infections are transmitted with oral sex? | Oral sex

How sexually transmitted sexual diseases

Many diseases are treated in 7-14 days. It is enough to take tests, make a diagnosis and choose drugs. So it will work to cope with the fees, chlamydia. Hospitalization is not required, there are no serious restrictions in life.

But infection with syphilis requires longer treatment. And in the hung of the stage, a person can be isolated from others. The disease is curable, but dangerous, transmitted not only through sex.

Hepatitis is also treated, but part of the sick remain carriers of the disease. This negatively affects childbearing, can cause a number of side effects.

HIV is not treated. There is a therapy that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. But the carrier takes the drugs all his life.

How to protect yourself with oral sex

The only protection for oral sex from infections is condom. It prevents direct contact of the mucous membranes, and that is why it protects. You need to use it not only at the time of ejaculation, but with the beginning of sex.

How to make cunnilingus with condom? It is stopped into a latex napkin, cutting along and cutting off the tip. And already through her they caress Vulva Girls.

To make it more pleasant to give pleasure, it is recommended to use flavored condoms. They are created specifically for such caresses, and do not push the smell of rubber. The lubrication of such models is safe when it gets into the mouth, it can be swallowed.

You need to do any kind of sex with a stranger. The transmission of infections is possible through any mucous and genital discharge. It is important to always remember the protection, and if a partner is against her, then refuse sex for his own safety.

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