Sit a face partner! Feyissitting

Sit a face partner! Feyissitting.

Sit a face partner! Feyissitting

Feyissitting – oral-genital or oral-anal contact, during which one partner sits on the face of another. This practice carries both satisfaction of sexual desires and moral humiliation (for example, in BDSM practitioners).

1 position. Face to face.

The one who is affection is sitting on the partner’s face, turning his face to him. Such a pose is more suitable for oral caresses, in particular, for cunnilingus. Sitting from above, a woman can control the penetration of a partner’s language into the vagina. The eye contact is also important, which can be installed in this position. The legs are placed next to the partner’s head, his mobility is limited – it is better to bend his legs, then the head of the one who is below will not experience a huge weight load.

2 position. Facing the legs.

This position is better suited for anilingus – you need to sit down with a full weight on the partner’s face, turning face towards his legs. But it is not necessary to distribute weight like that. The main weight may fall on the chest of the one who is below. With such caresses, you can move the pelvis, and the partner can also raise your head and also control the situation. Since the hands of both partners are free, additional stimulation or partial control of the pelvis using hands can be carried out.

With faciting, there may be another “chip”, which, of course, must initially discuss with a partner – farthing. Farting is the departure of intestinal gases in the mouth or nose of the partner.

Feyissitting with BDSM practitioners can supplement something else-there may be underwater practice, with binding or even with breathing control.

Do not forget Prepare for Feissitting – it is necessary to wash yourself, most often also shave. Also do not forget about the risk of infection with STDs, so use latex napkins. If there are no napkins, then you can cut a condom, and when moving from anus to another intimate area, be sure to change the barrier product. It is worth considering that latex napkins are practically not sold in the world due to low popularity.

Never forget About security, And especially with this practice:

Listen to your partner and the movements of his body;

Start slowly and carefully;

Make sure that one who is below could breathe normally;

Set the stop action to which the partner will be able to tell you that something is going wrong.

Sit a face partner! Feyissitting

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