Oral sex. How to do it correctly. What grease and condoms to choose

Oral sex. How to do it correctly? What grease and condoms to choose?.

Oral sex. How to do it correctly. What grease and condoms to chooseOral sex is one of the most important components of sexual activity. For some, this is an obligatory part of a sexual act, for others a rare opportunity to make a pleasant one in a half.

Many girls disdain or shy about to have oral sex and is very vain. According to statistics, oral caresses do or want to receive 98% of men. If a woman disdains picking up or caressing her partner’s penis with her tongue, then this creates big problems and misunderstandings in sexual relations. These problems most often lead to the fact that quarrels and mutual claims arise between partners, leading to a deterioration in relations, treason or breakdown.

The penis for a man has a special value and a neglect or disgusting attitude towards him will lead to the appearance of coldness against a partner. Therefore, if you want to be close and desirable for your man, then oral caresses should be tightly entered into your joint sexual life.

It is oral sex that will help you show your man not only your desire and love, but also the respect of his sexuality. Having shown him how pleased you to caress his cock, you can take your relationship to a new level. There will be more trust and warmth between you, and the man will become a real relaxed lion near you.

How to have oral sex correctly

In order for oral sex to go perfectly, remember some tricks that will definitely help you:

  1. Be as affectionate as possible with a penis, all your movements with your hands and tongue should be gentle and caring.
  2. Oral sex. How to do it correctly. What grease and condoms to chooseChoose the right pose. Choose a position in which a man is relaxed and lies on his back. Thus, you can regulate the depth of penetration of the penis into your mouth. This is perfect for those girls who are just learning to make a blowjob and are afraid to make sudden movements. Another popular and extremely exciting position is the knee pose. Your man stands right in front of you, and you are on your knees, while his cock is on the same level with your face. In this pose, a man will occupy a dominant position and help you in choosing a tact and a caress speed.
  3. Control your face. Many girls forget about it and absolutely vain. Your face should be relaxed and express the enjoy. No need to show with all your appearance that it is unpleasant for you and you do it just for him. Such a blowjob will cause only negative emotions of both of you. Try to get sincere pleasure, just close your eyes for this and relax.
  4. Combine hands, lips and tongue. Gently change your caresses, accelerate and lower the speed. Make sure that not a single member area is left without attention. Particular attention pays backs that are a strong erogenous zone in men.
  5. The most daring can master the technique of deep throat blowjob. It is this technique that is the most common male fantasy and it is for it that many women conquer themselves of respectable lovers. In order to learn how to fulfill it, you can first practice the phalloimitators. It is this preparation that will help to avoid unpleasant vomiting and injuries.
  6. If you still have not allowed your man cum in your mouth, then urgently correct this misunderstanding. This literally drives men crazy and he will remember such oral sex for a long time.

In order for oral sex to pass without problems, we advise you to choose special lubricants and condoms in advance. This will help protect you from the possibility of infection with various infections, as well as facilitate and significantly improve the process itself.

Which lubricant is better for oral sex

Currently, every girl should understand the selection and selection of lubrication, because they will make the process of sex, including oral, much more pleasant and comfortable. We recommend that you carefully approach the issue of choosing a lubricant, the main thing is that it be of high quality and gives you and your partner.

Lubricants are on water and silicone basis.

Oral sex. How to do it correctly. What grease and condoms to chooseWe advise you to try Gel-somasic oral-vaginal with taste and aroma «Melon» from Eroticon Luber. It is made precisely on water -based and has a large number of advantages. This lubricant does not roll and retains its properties for at least 10 minutes.

Thanks to this, you can apply a lubricant on its penis and easy to carry out all manual techniques of oral sex. This lubricant can be swallowed, it is absolutely harmless and quickly completely removed from the body. A big plus is that the implementation of a deep throat blowjob will occur more comfortable and soft for you. After all, the head of the penis will very easily slip into your mouth and throat, which will drive any man crazy.

Starting to use a lubricant for oral sex, you and your partner will feel new emotions, it will aggravate the sensations from stimulating erogenous zones on the penis. Your hands will easily slide and make any movements, and the man will feel the entire possible fullness of sensations.

What condoms to use for oral sex

The use of contraceptives is necessary not only with ordinary vaginal sex, but also with oral including. They will allow you to protect yourself from infection with various infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms for oral sex differ from the classic wall thickness and quantity

Oral sex. How to do it correctly. What grease and condoms to choose

lubricant applied. Thanks to this, they retain maximum sensitivity for a man, and they provide you to complete comfort and protection.

We recommend trying condoms Ganzo Juice No. 3, having a sweet taste. They will make the process of caressing the tongue and mouth of the penis more tasty and pleasant. This is especially suitable for those girls who experience a certain disgust and have an increased vomiting reflex. Using such barrier contraceptives, you can easily avoid this and please your man with a high -quality and long blowjob.

Try and experiment in bed with your man, and goods from the online store will help you with this as much as possible. There you can choose lubricants and condoms for oral sex, as well as various phalloimitators for working out throat blowjob technology.

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