Oral sex for beginners

Oral sex for beginners.

Oral sex – one of the most beautiful and delicate types of sex. In the ancient treatise, it was said about oral sex: "If you want to give a man the most pleasure, show him your tenderness and do so!"

When you love and practice with your partner oral sex, remember that sex is pleasure for both. When a man tries to enjoy without thinking about his partner, this often leads to the saddest results. We tried in this article to answer the most frequently asked questions about oral sex. />
The first advice
Cleanliness – the key to good sex. Before intimacy, be sure to take a shower. For a partner, especially inexperienced, unpleasant will take a bad -smelling penis in the mouth. And the taste of the quality, as said in one culinary book, suffers greatly. So if you do not want your beloved to be sick directly to bed, take care of it in advance. A well -washed and well -smelling man is a dream of every woman.

One of my friends all her life recalls her first experience of oral sex. Her gentleman, a man much older than her, did not particularly think about what and how his partner would feel.
Therefore, the first experience of oral sex left the girl’s indelible impressions. So that she is not bad, she did it… Clutching the nose with a free hand!

You can imagine its attitude to oral sex in the subsequent?

The more pleasant to your partner to make love with you, the more tenderness and pleasant minutes he will be able or she will deliver to you. Everything is interconnected.

The second advice
Feel free to give advice. The site has repeatedly encountered and continues to encounter situations when in letters young people complain that the girl is very retreating to work, while having no experience. As a result, pleasant sensations do not work, and both find themselves in a stupid situation. After a few minutes of excessive efforts from the partner, the erection often disappears completely, and the man, as a suspile creature, begins to blame for this not a partner, but himself. He has thoughts of impotence, that he has a weak erection. And this in the future will only worsen sexual relationships – constant thoughts about this will only spoil everything.

Therefore, advise and inform your partner – how exactly it will be more pleasant, more tender or stronger, faster or slower, deeper, further, etc.D. Only joint actions, as in international politics, can lead to the desired result. And if everyone is on their own… Then nothing good will come out.

The third advice
Turn sex into game. Use condoms with different taste and aroma, use funny rings and jewelry, worn on the penis, drawings, flavors, lubricants with an unusual taste. All this will make oral sex more interesting and unusual.

Many couples often use food products for oral sex – coating the penis either with honey or jam, then sweet pastes or whipped cream, or even… black caviar! Who has enough imagination…

The fifth advice
Feel free to answer her the same. Many women and girls themselves are delighted with oral sex, and when men offer her this, they can give up a sense of bashful. Oral sex brings many girls to a much stronger orgasm than all other types of sex. />
The sixth advice
Threesome sex is also a good idea. Two people can give much more pleasure to the third. It’s just technically convenient. Suppose one girl is busy with oral sex, the other at this time caresses the man’s chest, biting him by the nipples or kissing him in the neck. At the same time, not a single circus actress can do, but the two can be brought to the young man (whose stressed erogenous zone is the chest and nipples or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck or neck…) to an enchanting orgasm that he will remember for life. Another issue of the moral plan – whether your girlfriend wants to participate in sex for three?

Seventh Council
Do not forget about security. Oral sex is no less dangerous in the sense of infection with various infections than ordinary, vaginal or anal. But few have oral sex in condom. Therefore, after oral sex, it is necessary to fulfill the same safety rules – go to the shower, rinse the penis with Miramistin or other liquid drug that kills pathogens and viruses. Go to the toilet – together with urine, many pathogenic bacteria are evacuated from the body on their own. If oral sex "did" You, not for you, then rinse your throat and brush your teeth after that. You can shade in your mouth and throat for complete safety "Hexoral" – This remedy for colds and sore throat kills most bacteria and even mushrooms. Or rinse the same solution of Miramistin.

Especially if a partner or partner was random. The fact is that the number of infection with oral sex with herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis and many other easily transmitted diseases is growing every year. Better to protect yourself in advance.

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