Oral lubricant: what is oral lubricant and how to use?

Oral lubricant: what is oral lubricant and how to use?.

Oral lubricants are designed to diversify the sensations and impressions of this form of proximity. They have pleasant and quite strong taste and smell that will bring new shades to sexual games, and will help to cope with the sometimes arising rejection of oral-sexual contacts.

The composition of the lubricants is quite simple, often, it is just water, glycerin and natural flavors and extracts.

In addition to taste and smell, oral lubricants can have additional effects, somehow excitingly warming or cooling prolongatingly. Some taste lubricants include sugar – in this case, lubricant is not recommended for vaginal -anal penetrations.

At the same time, many sweet lubricants taste boast of the lack of sugar – manufacturers replace it with one or another sweetener. Sugar products do not have restrictions on use. All modern high -quality lubricants are created on water -based, taking into account intimate use and undergo a mandatory check for quality! All oral lubricants are edible, that is, safe when swallowing. When choosing an oral lubricant, first of all, it is worth relying on the tasty-aromat and price-quality.

The average price range of high-quality lubricants is approximately 450-550 rubles per bottle of 30 ml. To get acquainted with all pleasant capabilities and effects from the use of lubricants, it is recommended to purchase two-three-four different products at once. Then there will be an opportunity to try each of them separately, and even experiment a little with erotic cocktails.

Taste and aromatic lubricants are suitable not only for directly oral-genital games, but also for applying to any other parts of the body! What part of your body would you like to attract the attention of a partner? Nipples, anal rimming zone, toes… Some especially delicious products can be used even to add coffee or other drinks.

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