Feissitating full guide

Feissitating full guide.

What is Feyissitting? There is no hidden meaning in the termsitting term. This is this: to sit on the partner’s face so that he can orally stimulate a partner. It can also be squatting or kneeling over the partner’s face.

In the BDSM community, where the dynamics of power acts, the face is called the face "Queening". The reason for this is that "queen" (dominant partner) sits on his "Tron" (person of a subordinate partner).

In this position, a woman can saddle the face of a partner, rubbing her vulva, a clitoris, and if desired, her anus, along the mouth and nose of a partner. In this position, not only the capabilities are expanding, but the achievement of an orgasm is also facilitated.

For people who really like to give pleasure to their partner, there is no better way to show this than oral sex. Most women need an orgasm to stimulate the clitoris, and there is no better way to stimulate this part of the body than sitting on the face of a partner.

Regardless of whether you are interested in sitting on the face of your partner, or he himself asks you about it, the consent should be an important part of the conversation. During this conversation, you should tell you why you want to try it and why you think that it can be pleasant for both of you, and how to physically approach this.

You can find that your partner is not at all interested in trying this specific type of sex, and this is his decision. You should never try to convince your partner to do something that he does not want, or push him to change his opinion. Listen to it instead. Lack of interest can be based on fears, uncertainty or other factors. Having really discussed this, you can find the middle ground that will suit you both.

Although "Traditional" The position is a sitting on the partner’s face face to his crown, this is not the only pose for faceiting.

1. Turning away from his partner

One of the best options is to turn away from his partner, as he stimulates your genitals, and when he looks up, he appears before him a beautiful view of your beautiful buttocks. This is also a great way to add anilingus (Rimming).

2. Squat

For those who are afraid that the weight of their body can be too large for the partner’s face, instead of leaning with one knee on the bed (or any other surface that you use) on both sides of his head, you can try to squat. Squatting, you have more opportunities to tease a partner, hanging with your genitals over his face. Although it should be borne in mind that not all muscles are strong enough to hold this position for a long time. If so, then take a break. Better yet – change places.

3. Leaning against the head of the bed

Some positions in sex require support. For example, very few people can make sexual intercourse standing without relying on the wall. Of course, you can try, but in the end, the attempts end in falling on the floor. The same can be said about Feissitting. If the balance is not your strength or you do not want to transfer all your weight to a partner, the use of the head of the bed or wall as a support will not only help you remain in an upright position, but will also give you even more control over what weight you want to transferOn the face of a partner.

The importance of a stop word

It doesn’t matter if you yourself are "vanilla" a couple or the most perverted, safe word is always important. When we pronounce the stop-word, everything should stop immediately. When you decide to try facial, make sure that you and your partner know Stop Slovo, and you both clearly understand how to use it. You may also need a safe signal. If you sit on your partner’s face with the whole severity of your body, it is likely that he will not be able to pronounce a stop-word. And if you can, then you most likely will not hear him. Therefore, the presence of a signal, for example, tapping on one of the hips is a need for overall security.

The technique of sitting face

In addition to positions, sitting on the face also allows you to use various techniques that you can study with your partner.

1. Cunnilingus

Although cunnilingus may be the first that comes to mind when it comes to faceytination, this is not the only stimulation that can be done.

2. Anilingus

For those who love anal stimulation, position "sitting face to face" – The ideal position to get close to the anus, stimulating it with lips and tongue, or you can supplement the oral stimulation of the genitals with the stimulation of the anus with the help of fingers.

3. Using sex toys

Turning away from a partner, you can use sex toys to stimulate his genitals.

4. Interested in the comfort of your partner

Regardless of whether you are from above or below, it is important to check how comfortable the partner feels. Ask if it is convenient for him whether he has enough air for breathing, does he like it, is it better for him to have a different position, or ask other questions. This is also the best way to make sure that sensations are equally amazing for both of you.

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