9 interesting poses for oral sex

9 interesting poses for oral sex.

The variety in oral sex is as good and pleasant as in vaginal. Why do this all the time in the same position, if you can try different options and experiment? We present to you our selection of very successful poses for the most successful oral sex.

Woman for a man:

1. Love on the side

Partners should lie on the side face to each other, or rather, the woman’s face should be at the level of the genitals of the partner. What is good for the pose: in this position, it is convenient for a woman to get to the buttocks of the partner and caress him «Point G» – prostate.

2. Near the wall

A man needs to stand near the wall, leaning on it and spreading his feet shoulder width apart. A woman needs to sit below, between his legs. A man can make movements back and forth, asking a pleasant rhythm and pace. In order to make a variety of sensations to oral sex, a woman can now rise a little, then fall below.

3. Top

A man needs to lie on his back and spread his legs, and his partner – get a job between his hips and get down to business. After some time, without interrupting and not stopping her occupation, she should cross the left side of the partner’s thigh. Then you need to groan his chest. And then move in such a way as to be at the right thigh. Continue to spin until the man experiences an orgasm. Such movements allow a man to experience new sensations from different angles every time. If desired, from this pose you can always transform into a pose 69.

A man for a woman:

4. Cunnilingus is sob

A woman needs to stand on all fours and bend her back, and a man get up behind and caress his partner with his tongue.

5. Beautiful coachman

In the classic pose for cunnilingus, you can use a tie or silk scarf if you throw it through the back of the head of the partner. Using a scarf how «rein», A woman can from time to time, if desired, attracting her partner’s head closer to herself, thus increasing the pressure and intensity of stimulation. This can be very convenient in order, firstly, to control the degree and power of exposure, and secondly – a little as a partner.

6. On the edge

Let the woman lie across the bed, bringing the pelvis as close as possible in her edge. A man will need to kneel on the floor near the legs of a partner, which she can either hold in the air, or put on his shoulders.

Mutual affection:

7. 69 in standing position

This pose can be called very extreme, for the most desperate and brave conquerors of sex verses. A man needs to sit on the edge of the bed, and then lie on his back, so that his feet continue to touch the floor. A woman needs to sit on a partner in the same way as with a classic 69. Then the man needs to sit down gradually, and the woman take his hands on his hips and wrap her neck with her feet.

After that, the man must clasp the partner by the waist with his hands and carefully stand up, continuing to hold the woman tightly. Although this is not necessarily, but a man should turn his face to the bed so that in the event of a partner falling, she lands on something soft. It is also worth calculating his strength, because a man may simply not have enough of them to hold a partner for a long time. The pose is really not very safe and it is worth it only if the partners are physically developed and observe all precautions.

8. Inverted 69

A woman needs to lie on her back, and a man stand over her on all fours. In general, and many people also consider this option a classic one for a pose 69.

9. 69 on the couch

A man needs to go to the trace of the sofa, so that his head is in the seat, and his legs are thrown onto the back. Wives9, you need to get ahead of him backwards, the man’s face should be just between her hips. In order to maintain balance, the partner can adhere to the back of the sofa. Well, then – The same as in the usual position 69;)

9 interesting poses for oral sex

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