Why Fleshlight has become the best -selling toy for masturbation? | Questions about masturbation

Why Fleshlight has become the best -selling toy for masturbation?.

Why Fleshlight has become the best -selling toy for masturbation? | Questions about masturbation
Fleshlight is the best -selling brand of masturbators around the world. More than 7 thousand devices are produced every day, and all of them are in demand on the market. But why is Fleshlight choose masturbation for masturbation? Which is special in the sex toys of this brand?

Advantages of Fleshlight masturbators

Fleshlight Steve Shubin, founder of the company, tested a lot of toys before producing the first model. He revealed all possible shortcomings and eliminated them in his goods. And today they differ from models of other manufacturers in the following parameters:

  • Appearance. The masturbator looks like a flashlight that is very convenient to hold in his hands. It closes so that dust does not get inside. Just keep it, it does not attract attention. But at the same time it remains very convenient.
  • Material. Fleshlight texture is special, it resembles living skin. To the touch seems tender and warm. All models of the company are very realistic.
  • A special relief. Many masturbators make the genitals of famous porn actresses. This allows you to feel what their partners experience. Such reliefs are always unique and unusual.
  • Maximum realism. If you add a little lubricant to the masturbator, enter it and close your eyes, it will seem that penetration is happening into a living body. The sensations are so similar that users always remain delighted.
  • Great size. Fleshlight are different. The average weight of the toy is 400-500 g. But the form is designed so that the “flashlight” does not slip out of the hands, does not tire the owner. Balance of size and weight taken into account. At the same time, the masturbator is not short, suitable for men with any size.
  • Without smell. No extraneous smells are waiting for the buyer Fleshlight. Nothing distracts from receiving pleasure, since the quality of the models is excellent.
  • Safety. All products of the company go through a lot of tests for quality. They can be used regularly without causing irritation or allergies. The materials do not contain harmful components, they do not affect health.

Masturbators Fleshlight in the market since 1998. And this is the most famous brand in dozens of countries. And although many competitors appear today, fans always prefer to someone who was the first to make a perfect toy for masturbation.

What do Fleshlight masturbators look like

The creator of the Fleshlight brand worked as a police officer, and he often had to take a flashlight with him. He hung on a belt and did not interfere with the movement. Flashlight called such a flashlight from English flash (flash). But it was worth replacing one letter and Fleshlight appeared from Flesh (flesh).

Most Fleshlight models They resemble a flashlight. Outside a plastic case, and inside a soft sleeve. The case is closed with twisting lids. One is removed before use, the second is regulated by internal pressure. She closes the hole at the base of the toy.

The inside is easily extracted. This is necessary for convenient cleansing the masturbator. Washing any part is very simple.

The special series Lager or Sex in a Can has a different shape. Masturbators are not similar to a flashlight, but On a beer jar. This thing is easier to hide from prying eyes.

Quickshot is a compact series with a through canal. In size is much smaller than the classic “flashlight”. Designed for travel, because it is such a thing to just take with you.

Materials for Fleshlight

For many years, the materials of Flashlite have been revolutionary. The composition kept secret so that competitors would not repeat it. Its name is Superskin. Today, many companies are already using similar components.

All masturbators are created from TPE (thermoplastic rubber), it is safe for a person, pleasant to the touch. Special additives allow you to make it delicate and supple, and it is their composition that is always unique in each brand. But at the same time, the material perfectly holds the form, which is why it massages the body.
.Why Fleshlight has become the best -selling toy for masturbation? | Questions about masturbation
The external case is made of plastic. It also meets global quality standards.

All materials are suitable for frequent use. They are suitable for contact with genitals, do not cause allergies or irritation.

Series Fleshlight

Fleshlight masturbators are classics. But at the same time they will constantly improve. Each year, new models appear that allow users to experience something new. Today, several collections are presented on sale:

  • Fleshlight Originals. Classic models with a black case and pink insert. Well -drawn contour inside, a perfectly thought -out design. These are models that love and appreciate all over the world. And this is what has made the company popular.
  • Fleshlight Girls. Copies of the body of famous porn actresses. Vaginas, butt completely repeat the bends of the body of their favorite star. The masturbator has a convex autograph from the actress. Blondes and brunettes dream of becoming a model for a sex toy, so every year the choice of girls is increasing.
  • Ice Crystal. A series of transparent masturbators to get pleasure. Through the toy you can see how the penis slides inside. Realism is maintained, but visual images are also connected. In such models, both tubes and sleeve are transparent.
  • Turbo. 4 masturbators that perfectly imitate oral affection. At the entrance, light resistance, then like a touch of the tongue, followed by a palate and a ribbed throat. A series with pressure control, so you will get a sucker. Models in gold and blue look stylish.
  • Fleshjack. The bold series that imitates the male body. The man’s anus looks elegant and interesting. There are models with a relief that repeats the body shape of specific porn models.
  • Quickshot. New compact models are created for those who do not want to take a large “lantern” with them on travels. This is a through sex toy with a special relief. It is placed in a plastic tube. But when using the tube is not used, its goal is only to preserve the product from pollution and damage.
  • Fleshskins. In the series, there is only one masturbator so far. This is a compact model that is completely different from a flashlight. This is a flexible massive nozzle that it is convenient to hold your fingers. It is through, it stretches easily, so it is suitable for men with any form.
  • Flight. New design Fleshlight compact. The shape of the flashlight is changed, it is less than the original option. Designers, designers worked on it, it has become smaller, but no less convenient.

Each series of sex toys has its differences. This is not to say that one is better or worse than the other. To appreciate the brand goods, it is worth trying different models.

Which masturbator Fleshlight choose?

There is no single recommendation when buying a sex toy, because each person has his own goals. Therefore, it is worth answering several questions to reduce the choice:

  • What kind of affection do I want? Imitation of vaginal, anal or oral sex?
  • Do I need to hide a toy or carry with me? If so, it is better to buy a compact model.
  • Do I want to try sex with porn stars? Someone dreams of this, and his choice is obvious. If not, it is better to buy classic models that most buyers like.
  • Is saving important? Sometimes Fleshlight models fall into the sale, but the probability that the toy that I wanted will be there is small. But it is important to monitor the shares, they happen on Fleshlight.

Understanding answers will allow you to find the best option. And if you can’t choose, ask the consultant questions, employees will tell you exactly what is right for you.

How to use fleshlight for masturbation

To get a maximum of pleasant sensations, you can use several simple tricks.Why Fleshlight has become the best -selling toy for masturbation? | Questions about masturbation

A lot of lubrication

Lubricant It is necessary when using sex toys. Without it, the desired realism will not be achieved. In this case, the amount of lubrication can be adjusted. When there are a lot, the process is supplemented and also Smooth sounds, Which is very funny.

Replacing grease with saliva is not recommended. Firstly, there are a lot of bacteria in it, they can get into the urethra, cause inflammation. Secondly, saliva evaporates quickly, so it does not give the desired slip and does not protect the delicate skin of the genitals from injuries.

Heating before use

If you want more heat, the sleeve from the “flashlight” of the flashlight can Heat. It is lowered into hot water for 2-4 minutes, and then taken out and inserted into the body. This gives the feeling of “heat” inside, and on cold evenings it can be very entertaining.

Separately, you can buy an electric heater for Fleshlight, this is a rod that is inserted inward for 5-15 minutes before use before use. Then it is extracted and the sex toy is used for its intended purpose.

It is important to understand that Need a special heater, Designed for masturbators. It is forbidden to use other models, this can lead to damage to the device.

Pressure control inside

The back cover is created to control the pressure. If you open it, enter the member inward, and then close the lid, the sensations will change. There will be less air inside, and with movements A special craving will appear. It is unusual and very exciting.

Control pressure Just. You can remove all the air or part to change the force of exposure. In combination with massage, it will be very entertaining.

What lubricant is suitable for the fleshlight masturbator

To make Fleshlight for a long time, you can use it only with water -based lubricant. Silicone or oil will destroy the surface, it will cease to be so tender and pleasant.

It is ideal to use the lubricant that Fleshlight itself produces. But you can replace it with any water composition from a sex shop. Moreover, it can be neutral, or can exciting, prolonging or even edible.

How to preserve the integrity of Fleshlight for many years

All fleshlite masturbators require special care. Only with correct use and storage, the surface will remain in perfect condition. That is why you should not ignore the recommendations that the manufacturer always attaches in the package.

  • Correct purification. Wash the masturbator after each use. Even if there was no ejaculation or it did not occur inward. You can finish the masturbator, but only then it should be washed. To do it is simple: under warm running water. The sleeve is removed from the tube and substituted under the crane. It is forbidden to use soap, only a special cliner for toys.
  • Proper storage. After washing the sleeve, you need to dry. It is not recommended to clean it in a tube immediately. Perfect – lay it out on a towel until completely dry. Then spray the surface with talcum and only then – put in a flashlight. If the toy is not used for 1-2 months, you need to sprinkle it with talm every 4 weeks. Without it, the surface will lose its properties.

.Why Fleshlight has become the best -selling toy for masturbation? | Questions about masturbation
Without the correct cleaner and powder, Fleshlight will last much less time. Therefore, when buying it is important not to forget to purchase them. It will not be superfluous and water -based lubricant.

Questions about the best masturbators Fleshlight

Fleshlight is an American company. All models are produced in the United States. And transportation imposes its restrictions. But the price of this brand is not the highest. But the quality is exactly one of the best.Channel length in classic models 23 cm. The device is created for massage of the entire member, not just heads. But if the penis is more than 23 cm in length, then it will be close inside. The channel is stretched in the width, there will be no problems with penetration even with a wide member.Masturbator can be used without a condom. And you can finish inside. The design is thought out so that the inner sleeve can then be easily cleaned. But it is important to understand that a masturbator is an individual thing, another person should not use it.You can use the masturbator under water jets
+ Or in the bathroom. But you need to ensure that soap does not get on the delicate material.

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