What to do if you quickly end in masturbation

What to do if you quickly end in masturbation.

What to do if you quickly end in masturbation

How to get rid of rapid ejaculation in masturbation

We have 7 effective methods of combating premature ejaculation during masturbation. The result will appear only if you use exclusively all the following methods. It all depends on your hands. In the literal and figurative sense.

What to do if you quickly end in masturbation

Do not watch porn

Pornography — The best friend of quick ejaculation. Viewing pornographic videos excites the imagination, starts with half a turn and delivers pleasant emotions.

The only problem — Fast ejaculation

Porn lovers know firsthand about how to look for the desired video on the site for half an hour, go to 300+ pages, but in the end to finish in 2 minutes. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

The first step to normal ejaculation in masturbation — Refusal of porn. It sounds like a terrible diagnosis, but if you want to normalize the balance of the seed, this is an important condition.

How to replace porn? Ideally, during masturbation, you need to fantasize, travel through the expanses of the mind, representing erotic scenes of a frank nature.

This is difficult, so for starters you can read erotic stories. In this case, fantasy works great, and porn gradually goes into the background.

Refusal of lubrication

The use of a lubricant or any type of lubrication during masturbation provokes rapid ejaculation. This must be abandoned.

Refusal of lubrication leads with him sensitivity and a pleasant sensation of sliding. Yes, you will lose emphasis on sensations, but this will help to balance ejaculation to normal.

Or use a lubricant, slowing ejaculation. Such creams allow you to last longer.

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