What is masturbation?

What is masturbation?.

Masturbation people often understand a certain shameful action, which is a manifestation of the inferiority of the personality and its sexual perversions. Sometimes those who resort to masturbation are considered lonely, unattractive and unexpected. For these reasons, as others think, a person does not have a sexual partner and he has to do everything with his own hands. All this is because not everyone to end understand what masturbation is and what is its purpose.

Yes, of course, to tell everyone about this completely, as well as ask, but it is extremely incorrect to be a deviation from the norm of mental and sexual health.

Masturbation is the effect on the genitals and erogenous zones in order to get pleasant psycho-physical sensations and/or orgasm, often even squirt.

Ways of exposure hundreds, as well as exposure objects. It can be hands, masturbators, vibrators, other sex toys.

Sometimes, unfortunately, people use objects for masturbation, created completely not for this. Such a lesson can easily end with a hospital or injury. Therefore, approaching the act of self -satisfaction should be seriously and use only the products of trusted sex shops.

What is masturbation and why it is not always associated with the lack of a sexual partner

Surprisingly, masturbation rarely has something in common with loneliness. According to social surveys, from 20 to 43 percent of men continue to masturbate, being in a relationship. Women who practice self -satisfaction are slightly less, but they also have.

This is due to the fact that the partner is not a slave and cannot be, which is called at hand, around the clock. Sometimes sexual excitement overtakes at the most inopportune moment and a person decides to dump the tension with his own hand.

The lack of full understanding between partners is not rarely ended with some incompatibility in bed. The partner does not do something or something at all.

As you know, often a man does not make cunnilingus, and a woman does not have enough impact on the clitoris during standard sexual intercourse. Then it can save it with a clitoral vibrator with which it masturbates during intimacy with a man or at another time.

There are situations when it is impossible to engage in full -fledged sexual intercourse. A girl can store virginity before marriage or does not allow the situation.

Then a phenomenon as mutual masturbation comes to the rescue. This is when one partner affects the genitals and erogenous zones of another, and he, at the same time, does the same.

What is masturbation and what it happens?

Now it is more or less clear what masturbation is in general, but it is not clear what types of masturbation are there. First you need to know that people are engaged in self -satisfaction throughout their lives, based on this, we divide this phenomenon into three groups – children’s, teenage and adult.

Children do not realize what they do, but a person begins to study his body from an early age. And the erogenous zones finds very quickly.

Children’s masturbation does not carry any semantic load unlike adolescence. Sharply increased sexual energy finds a way out with the help of masturbation, since there is no sexual partner yet.

In other age groups, the causes of self -satisfaction may be different, we have listed the main.

Methods for achieving pleasure are divided into mechanical, psycho -emotional and mixed. In the first case, the genitals act mechanically, using hands or sex toys. In the second, an orgasm is achieved with the help of fantasies, images, thoughts. The third combines mechanical and psychoemotional.

It is the mixed method that is the most common. With him, a man or woman represent sexual intercourse mentally, fantasize and create some erotic pictures in her head, while stimulating the genitals and erogenous zones, as a result of which the highest peak of pleasure is achieved.

Self -satisfaction does not lose its relevance, because a person himself determines the rhythm and power of stimulation, chooses those points of his body that are most prone to pleasure.


As we found out, masturbation does not need any reasons. This is an attempt to enjoy, lose tension. The reasons for the lack of this very pleasure is probably worth looking for, but here are the causes of masturbation as such.

However, there is a measure. And if masturbation has become too frequent and brings more pleasure than sexual intercourse with a partner, or completely replaced it, then it is worth analyzing for some deviations in the nervous system. For example, such as:

Neurosis or depressive disorder. Complexes and fears. Sometimes a man or woman simply complexes, considers himself not attractive/she, as a result of which he refuses contacts with the opposite sex, and compensates for a lack of sex with masturbation.

Dissatisfaction with sexual life forces to seek pleasure with those who allow any imagination and will not condemn any action. This person is himself.

The tendency to sexual practices that the partner rejects or condemns will ultimately force to resort to masturbation, and it can replace the usual sexual intercourse.

Erection disorders in men often lead to the inability to commit sexual intercourse. Misunderstanding with a partner only exacerbates the problem and then he finds a way out resorting to masturbation.

Prostate stimulator is able to give a man pleasure without requiring an erection from him. Unfortunately, often a man destroys family life and remains alone with sex toys, ignoring a visit to a doctor. In this case, masturbation is of short -term benefit, causing serious harm in general.

Hypersexuality is expressed in a too high need that the husband is not able to provide. Then the woman either finds lovers or very often masturbates.

The second option is certainly more correct, because it does not lead to the deception of its second half. But the problem should be solved, since hypersexuality itself will not pass.

Feminine frigidity can also lead to masturbation. She wants sex very rarely, maybe the problem is not even in her, but in the partner. But in any case, erogenous zones are available and self -satisfaction will occur, even if very rarely.

What is masturbation, harm or benefit?!

And so we figured out what masturbation is and dispelled some rumors. However, we do not give a clear answer, masturbation is useful or harmful.

But we know for sure that self -satisfaction occurs in all, with different frequency and for various reasons, but from early childhood we have been looking for, studying and stimulating our erogenous zones.

Many women say that they do not need manobludia, but at the same time, water masturbation has become part of their life.

It is worth figure out the true causes of your masturbation. If this is only an addition to sexual activity or an alternative for a short period of time, then everything is in order. If self -satisfaction completely replaced intimate contacts or gives more pleasure than an act with a partner, then you should contact a sexologist for advice. All the best!

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