What is forced masturbation | Questions about masturbation

What is forced masturbation.

What is forced masturbation | Questions about masturbation
Many people don’t like it when they are forced to do anything. But when it comes to violent masturbation, this has some kind of perverted attractiveness. A kind of exception to the rules. That is, for those who have a pleasure from it.

How does this happen? What types of it are, and whether it is necessary to somehow correctly get out of this unusual practice? We will talk about everything in this article.

What is forced masturbation

Such an action is often practiced In the BDSM community, For example, in sexual role -playing games. This is a form of erotic humiliation, when one partner in the role of a submiss is forced by the dominant to masturbation.

It is interesting that such a practice can be arranged not only at home. There is such a thing as Public forced masturbation, which in this version is still a source of public humiliation.

Wherever forced masturbation takes place, in fact, this means that one partner during sex refuses to control, and transfers him and power over himself to another.

But it is important to note that in fact, coercion to self -satisfaction is not forced and violent. Both partners must first discuss their interests, sympathy and antipathy, restrictions and stop words before any game, And this will further indicate that the subordinator gave his full agreement to the actions that the dominant will require.

Why forced masturbation is so attractive

Like other actions in the relationship of dominant-sabersive, forced masturbation acts way of playing with power -Someone has it, someone does not have it.

This is suitable for those people who have a very busy and tense life filled with decision -making, and wish to refuse at least for a while from control. Or for such a person who feels very powerless in life situations and, conversely, dreams of taking control of everything.

Another reason for the attractiveness of such a phenomenon may be that it is excellent Method for clamped people relax and just follow a partner’s orders. Some may seem to be frightening to masturbate in front of another person, and therefore “coercion” is an opportunity to feel more liberated and free.This practice can also be an element of the prelude, increasing sexual desire. In addition, forced self -satisfaction can contribute to emotional and mental excitement, when the very thought that you or another will be forced to masturbate is an absolute causative agent.

What is forced masturbation

There are many ways to use forced masturbation. Of course, there are simpler options when one partner orders another to masturbate. But there are other methods that can be considered even more intense.

  • Slave training – when the dominant trains the subordinator to regularly masturbate;
  • Erotic humiliation – Masturbation occurs during a public game, in front of other people;
  • Award and punishment – the submissive is engaged in compulsory masturbation as encouragement or punishment, depending on the desire of the dominant;
  • Fantasy of the kukold -One partner is forced to masturbate, at the same time watching how the other has sex with someone else;
  • Role-playing game -For example, a person cannot pay for some services and therefore is forced to engage in masturbation as compensation;
  • Physical restrictions – handcuffs or ropes to hold the submissive, and vibrator to touch his erogenous zones.

Forced masturbation with sex toys

And the most common type of forced masturbation, in which you might even participated, but did not know about it – when a person wears vibrating panties, anal plug for wearing vibration, and the control panel at this moment is located with a partner.In this case, a person cannot control the stimulation, and it does not matter where this happens – at home either on the street, and thus is forced to engage in masturbation.What is forced masturbation | Questions about masturbation

It is necessary to get consent

As mentioned above, discussion your scenes, desires, restrictions, safe words and what you consider to be a punishment or reward is absolutely necessary before the start of the process.

And let the term “forced masturbation” leads to the idea that the one who is “forced” has no control over this, they have all the power, as they should have agreed to this before the start of the game.

Subsequent care

At the same time as everything needs to be discussed in advance and consent to, on time and then, subsequent care It is also very important when it comes to forced masturbation.

Submissive after the end of practice may experience negative emotions, for example, guilt, shame, sadness. Subsequent departure is important because it brings to subordinate comfort and comfort, providing its physical, emotional and mental well -being.

The same applies to the dominant, since he can experience something like “falling from above”, that is, there is a feeling of depression, guilt or grief after the game.

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