We answer the most popular questions about masturbation | Questions about masturbation

We answer the most popular questions about masturbation.

We answer the most popular questions about masturbation | Questions about masturbation
Masturbation can be a daily occupation, and in a normal, harmless way to find out your body, or someone else, have fun and relieve the accumulated sexual tension. Nevertheless, specialists are asked the same questions about self -satisfaction, equally exciting both men and women. We will consider the most popular in this article.

How much masturbation is already too much

There is no correct answer to the question – how often you should masturbate? But there is an answer to the question: how much masturbation will be a lot?
By asking the first question, you can draw an analogy with chocolate – how much you should eat it? Moreover, it can be the best food for you, but if they abuse it, certain health problems will appear.

In the same way, a strong passion for masturbation can cause temporary side effects, for example, soreness or a decrease in the sensitivity of the genital organs. This can negatively affect work or family relationships. If, due to masturbation, you ignore everyday affairs, refuse sex with a partner, this can be considered a sign of obsessive sexual behavior. And this is already a problem requiring the help of specialists.

Someone is afraid that sexual exhaustion may develop from frequent masturbation. In fact, how many orgasms a person should experience for some time interval, nowhere is defined anywhere. Thus, there are no restrictions to masturbate and at the same time have sex. But with a negative impact on your life, this can be considered obsessive masturbation, and you are too fond of it too often.

Are there any pros and cons of masturbation for health

There are many studies of scientists about the effect of masturbation on the body. They found that in the process of self -satisfaction, a person experiences the same emotions as during full sexual intercourse. And this is not reflected in the negative in the psychophysical state. Masturbation does not worsen health, does not stimulate hair growth on the hands and is not associated with sexual impotence.

Interestingly, with the help of masturbation, you can increase your self -esteem. Some people in this way learn to “love themselves” in the literal sense. They better recognize their body, learn to control and listen to it.

In addition, self -satisfaction is a great way to combat insomnia. After a hard day, full of workers and household worries, the body cannot fall asleep: it is interfered with light, street noise, and even a pillow. As well as stress, anxiety, excitement and experience. Masturbation will help the body relax, switch from problems to pleasure, and sleep comes much faster.

What are the advantages of masturbation for women’s health

  • The mood improves when obtaining an orgasm, thanks to the production of the hormone serotonin, it is also called the “hormone of happiness”;
  • A positive effect on relationships with a partner, since engaged in masturbation, a woman will better recognize her body and ways to quickly achieve orgasm;
  • The most affordable and easy way to relieve physical and mental stress;
  • Masturbation has an analgesic effect.

What are the disadvantages in female masturbation

  • If you do not comply with hygiene rules, masturbation can harm. For example, if you do not carefully clean the sex toys after use, pathogens can multiply on their surface, which, when it hits genitals, in turn, lead to infectious diseases.
  • According to a number of sexologists, frequent masturbation can lead to some difficulties in achieving orgasm during intercourse with a partner. This is due to the one that a woman knows her erogenous points better, what needs the speed of exposure to obtain discharge T. D. But does not know how to explain it to his chosen one.

What are the positive aspects of male masturbation

  • The risk of developing prostate cancer is reduced;
  • Less chance of erectile dysfunction;
  • Helps to learn how to control the speed of an orgasm;
  • Supports the tone of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the blood vessels of the penis.

What negative points are there in masturbation for men

  • Excessive masturbation can negatively affect the state of the psyche, provoke problems with erection and ejaculation.
  • With sexual excitement, the adrenaline hormone is released, burned by physical activity. But with self-satisfaction, it is minimal, because of which the hormone is not excreted from the blood, and the body remains in a stressful state even after an orgasm. Too frequent masturbation leads to the formation of chronic stress, which, in turn, negatively affects human immunity.

With the help of masturbation, you can easily get discharge, for this reason, many people “sit down” on this method. Many, starting to masturbate in order to fall asleep faster, then get used to it and do it already because of easy pleasure, with a loss of self-control.

Can vibrators reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris

Vibrators are created in order to help develop, increase sensitivity, and most importantly – bring to orgasm. They bring stronger and more diverse sensations than caresses with hands or stream of water. There are hundreds of variations of movements, and each will cause its own response. The scale of experiences is several times higher, this cannot be compared with other actions.
But, as in any business, “overdose” can happen using a vibrator. If you turn on the strongest modes, or use vaginal vibrators for caresses of the clitoris, its sensitivity may decrease. Such a feeling also arises if a woman is very often, at least three times a day, satisfies herself a sex accesser. Then, during intercourse, simple caresses can bring little pleasure. But the effect does not last long, it is enough for two to three weeks not to use the vibrator, and the sensitivity will be restored.This question is also found – whether the use of the vibrator will affect the achievement of orgasm during sex with a partner? Of course not. You do not stop walking on your feet if you start driving a car. So here. The vagina, nipples and other sensitive zones will also respond to caresses from a partner, as with the use of a sex toy. Only personal sensations can differ in this case, but the reaction will necessarily appear, since the same nerve endings are involved in these two processes and the same excitation mechanisms work.

There is an opinion that a woman may have a dependence on the vibrator. It is not true. Some women, perhaps over time, can give preference to stimulation from a sex toy than a different way of self-satisfaction. But this is only a personal choice, not the formation of “dependence”. And many representatives of the stronger sex, for example, like to use the vibrator not only alone, but also in joint erotic games with a partner.

Is it possible to masturbate if there is a permanent sexual partner

We answer the most popular questions about masturbation | Questions about masturbation
There is often such a conviction that a person is engaged in self -satisfaction only when he does not have a constant intimate partner. In fact, people who have regular sex life masturbate much more often. Couples are also engaged in mutual masturbation to know each other better. This action often becomes part of the prelude. Observation of a masturbating partner is a very exciting effect.

For example, a woman can caress herself right in front of a man. This not only excites both, but also helps him better understand what touches bring her more pleasure, what and how to do to bring her to orgasm.

Experts advise masturbating in those moments when full-fledged sexual intercourse is impossible for some reason. For example, with diseases or certain physiological restrictions. In this case, the process will become a kind of substitution, but will also bring intimate discharge.
You should not expect that the sensations from masturbation in pairs and alone will be similar. Most often, everything will be absolutely different. It is from the emotional side that everything happens unusual. And with mutual caresses, something can go “imperfectly”. But, in spite of everything, this is a very unusual experiment that should be conducted.

Therefore, to masturbate, being in a relationship, is a completely natural phenomenon. In intimate stores, you can find many sex toys that are controlled through the application on the smartphone. And even being far from a loved one, you will be able to give him an unforgettable pleasure! It is enough to install a special program and surrender to pleasure.

Is it possible to masturbate during menstruation

Experts believe that it is not only possible to engage in all types of masturbation during menstruation, but also needs. It’s all about one of the so -called hormones of happiness – serotonin, produced by the body when obtaining an orgasm. And also self -satisfaction on critical days brings the female body a lot of useful things:

  • the abdominal muscles relax;
  • Pain is less felt;
  • the mood improves;
  • The quantity and intensity of the discharge becomes much less;
  • swelling passes;
  • The pain in the spine and joints leaves;
  • orgasms are intensified, obtained with full sexual intercourse with a partner after the end of menstruation.

But not every woman on such days may even think about masturbation. Of course, if health is not very, it is better to postpone an orgasm for a while. If there are no health problems, nothing will stop you from getting a discharge.

Can masturbation improve sexual life

There is no 100% guarantee that this will happen, but masturbation can make your sex life better for several reasons.

  • With self -satisfaction, if you treat this with attention, and not just mechanically perform movements, you can learn a lot about your body, how it reacts to different types of influence. Then you will apply this knowledge not only to gain more pleasure from masturbation, but also to share it with a partner, to help him strengthen your excitement.
  • Mutual masturbation, regardless of whether you do it just before a partner or at the same time caress each other, can raise your relationship to a new level. You will learn how a partner satisfies himself, watching this, or he will show and tells what exactly needs to be done.
  • If you are worried that due to masturbation, you will not be excited by your partner, this is not so. The more often you satisfy yourself, the more sexual desire becomes. Your body learns to receive pleasure and then you will quickly achieve an orgasm.
  • Searching themselves before a partner or together with him can become an element of a sexual game. This will bring a pleasant variety in intimacy, add liberation to the relationship.

There are couples in which one of the partners can regard the masturbation of the other as incorrectness. For example, a man can be jealous of his chosen one to the vibrator. But in fact, there is nothing in common between real treason and self -satisfaction. Even if, caressing himself, a person plunges into sexual fantasies, this does not mean that he will bring them to life and change their partner.

Self-satisfaction for people of any gender is a good opportunity not only to easily and quickly get an orgasm, and not even one, but also to establish relationships with a partner, and various sex toys for masturbation help to improve and make a brighter intimate life.

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