The benefits of masturbation during menstruation

The benefits of masturbation during menstruation.

Many women feel more excited during menstruation, and masturbate at this time completely normal. In addition to sexual satisfaction, masturbation during menstruation brings much health benefits. This can help relieve unpleasant symptoms that many experience during menstruation. Read further to find out how to masturbate during menstruation, and what can be the advantages of masturbation in such a period.

Is it possible to masturbate during menstruation?

Certainly! Masturbation during menstruation is not too different from masturbation during the rest of the cycle. In fact, there are no reasons why you should not masturbate during menstruation. If you are afraid to stain yourself or bedding, just keep a towel nearby.

Studies have shown that some women during menstruation can feel more excited than usual, so masturbation during menstruation makes sense.

The reasons why masturbation during menstruation is useful

Now that you know that masturbation during menstruation is completely normal, it’s time to learn about its advantages. Masturbation is a healthy occupation at any time of the cycle, but masturbation during menstruation has certain additional advantages.

Masturbation is a great way to learn more about your body and what you like during sex. Orgasm releases hormones that will help you feel more calm and relaxed. Masturbation during menstruation also gives the same huge advantages.

After orgasm, endorphins are released. In addition to painkillers, these hormones can cheer you up. Thus, an orgasm during menstruation will help you feel happier and get rid of stress.

During orgasm, your body also emits dopamine and oxytocin. In combination with endorphins, they can have a strong analgesic effect. That is why many women suffering from menstrual migraine found that their headaches are reduced or disappeared after orgasm. These hormonal changes can also relieve other types of pain, for example, back pain that many people experience during menstruation.

If you have problems with falling asleep, you will be glad to find out that an orgasm can help you fall asleep faster.

As at any other time of your cycle, masturbation during menstruation is one of the safest ways to enjoy. Since you are not exposed to fluids of another person during masturbation, you will be protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. Of course, you can always masturbate with a partner.

IPPP to get pregnant or infected, although rarely, is possible without penetration. Some viruses, such as HIV, actually live in menstrual blood and are easier to transmit during menstruation. If you masturbate with a partner, be sure to use protective equipment.

Does masturbation help to alleviate spasms during menstruation?

It’s no secret that many women experience spasms and other unpleasant symptoms before and during menstruation. The good news is that an orgasm can help relieve menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps occur due to the fact that the uterus is reduced to get rid of the mucous membrane, which can cause pain. During orgasm your uterus will be reduced and then relaxed. This will help relieve cramps.

The hormones that stand out your body after orgasm can also help relieve menstrual cramps due to their painkillers. And since masturbation is a great way to achieve orgasm, you can facilitate cramps with this lesson. Women who experience spasms before menstruation can also benefit from orgasm, so masturbation before menstruation can also be useful.

Of course, masturbation can help everyone in such situations, and you should always talk to your doctor if you experience unpleasant menstrual symptoms. If necessary, a specialist can prescribe painkillers.

Womanizer clinical study: Masturbation helps from menstrual pain

In May 2020, Womanizer launched a menstruation study (menstruation + masturbation) – the world’s first clinical study to find out whether masturbation can help with menstruation. In total, 486 people with menstruation took part in the study. Research result: Yes, masturbation helps from pain during menstruation.

90% of women recommend masturbation. When asked what helps with menstrual pain – medicine or masturbation, an equal number of respondents spoke for each method: 43% chose medicines, 42% – masturbation. The most frequent answers of the remaining 15% were: the combination of both, heat, CBD oil, sleep and exercises. 90% recommend masturbation to relieve pain, and 85% plan to maintain their new masturbation regime after research.

Each month, participants recorded the intensity and frequency of pain on a standard 10-point scale. The results show that both parameters significantly decreased during the testing phase. And what is even more remarkable: even after the control month, the values were still lower than at the beginning of the testing phase. The average intensity in the source poll was 6.7 points, after the end of the testing phase – only 5.4. This corresponds to a decrease by 1.3 points. After the control month, this value amounted to 5.9 points – still 0.8 below the initial value. The same effect was visible in the frequency of menstrual pain. On average, the initial assessment was 7.4 points, but after the testing stage, the result decreased by 2.8 points and amounted to 4.6. After the control month, the value was 6.7, which still corresponds to a decrease by 0.7.

How to masturbate during menstruation

This is normal – to be nervous about masturbation during menstruation, if you think that you can easily stain everything around. In such cases, it would be nice to hold a towel at hand. If you masturbate lying down, put a towel under yourself to protect the sheets. Try using a dark towel, as it will be worse visible on it.

For additional hygiene, you can try to masturbate immediately after the shower. Thus, you will minimize the probability of stain formation during masturbation. You can also masturbate in the shower.

You can use wet wipes nearby to use them when you finish. Remember that fingers, sex toys or any other objects that you use must be washed after masturbation, even if you have no monthly. Do not use vaginal douching to avoid blood stains;This can cause irritation and increase the risk of vaginal infections.

You can masturbate alone if you want solitude, or talk with your partner about mutual masturbation. Masturbation of each other can be a great way to enjoy intimacy if you do not want to have sex during menstruation, but still want to experience an orgasm with your partner. If you masturbate with a partner, do not forget about safety. If you have menstruation, you can still get pregnant. You should also take care of protecting yourself and your partner from STPP.

How to masturbate with a swab or menstrual bowl inside

Using a swab or menstrual bowl does not mean that you cannot masturbate during menstruation. You can still reach orgasm by stimulation of the clitoris, and a swab or bowl will help not to get dirty. You can also try to stimulate other parts of the body, such as nipples.

Keep in mind that although menstrual blood can act as a lubricant, this will not happen if you use a swab or cup. On the contrary, these devices can absorb natural lubricant and cause dry vagina. In these cases, try to use additional lubrication to prevent irritation. You must also check the position of the menstrual bowl after masturbation, since the contractions caused by the orgasm can shift it. Now that you know about the wonderful advantages of masturbation during menstruation, you can try it! Masturbation for menstruation can help improve mood and reduce pain. It will not be surprising if after it you feel and more relaxed.

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